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4 Survival Tips for Young Moms at Christmas


When my daughter-in-law sent me this picture and wrote, “It was worth a try” I smiled.

Every young mom has moments like this at Christmas when their reality

Here’s what I’ve learned, dear young mamas. This is what really matters at Christmas.

  1. Take delight along with your children in all the twinkling silliness of the season. Then do this.
  2. Tell your wee ones that Jesus is the best gift God ever gave to us. Tell them that at Christmas we celebrate Jesus’ birthday in lots of fun ways and also in some special and quiet ways.
  3. Take your children on YOUR lap and sing to them. “Away in a Manger”, “Silent Night”, “Joy to the World”, “O Holy Night”. Let them feel the wonder of the holy reason for Christmas when they hear the truths coming from your lips.
  4. Now lean in close and whisper, “Thank you God for baby Jesus.” Your heartfelt act of simple worship will make your children feel as if you just told them the ancient secret of what all this means. That’s because you just did.

Truth slices like an arrow. Truth cuts through all the tinsel. You hold the bow, little mama. Take aim at your child’s heart and let the sacred arrow fly.