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New Gift Book – A Pocketful of Hope for Mothers


This new gift book is especially for you, Beautiful Readers

I partnered with Tyndale House Publishers to create this special collection of personal stories, heartwarming quotes and favorite verses that will bring hope to mothers of all ages.

You’ll find copies available for Pre-Order NOW in my Robin’s Nest BookShop 

Release Date March 20, 2018

If you read Sunset Lullaby you’ll recognize A Pocketful of Hope as the book from which Christy read the vignette, “More Than”. I included that piece in the Christy&Todd Baby Years novel because I wrote those words for my own daughter as I was watching her become a “More Than” mama.

To be honest, I feel pretty vulnerable sharing this new book with you. It’s because all the stories are personal. They were lifted from my journals and drawn  from conversations I’ve shared with many young moms. I didn’t include names of the women who inspired the tender thoughts but I think you will recognize your own life on these pages. I pray that this book, written from my Mama Robin heart, will bring you renewed hope.

Here’s a sample of the whimsical design you’ll find in A Pocketful of Hope.

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