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Wildflowers came to me after a humbling disappointment. I’d written 7 books in the Glenbrooke Series¬† and finished the 8th book on deadline. I turned it in to my new editor at the publishing house and never expected her response.

“I know you have something more in you. I want you to start all over.”

She spoke the words with gentleness when she called to say that the 7th Glenbrooke novel I’d just turned in would not be published. But I still felt devastated. She said she believed I could write from a deeper place and wanted to give me the opportunity to do so.

After a rather fancy pity party with tea and scones and chocolate truffles, I took her words to heart and went back to work.

“Faithful are the wounds of a friend.” Proverbs 27:6

My editor challenged me to write about a woman who was a bit older than the other Glenbrooke women. The character who immediately came to mind was Genevieve. She first appeared in Sunsets and I was curious to know more about her.

Wildflowers became a story about being humbled when your dreams are destroyed and how to dare to dream again. Some of the portions of the story felt intensely personal. My editor had challenged me to write from a deeper place and I did.

Wildflowers was nominated for a Christy Award for excellence in fiction. Soon after that the Women of Faith invited me to write a novel for them. That story came from the same deep place in me as I explored mother/daughter relationships in Gardenias For Breakfast.

Then a life-changing result of this new writing focus happened.

My publisher said they wanted to publish the first Sisterchicks novel, Sisterchicks on the Loose. They liked that I’d written about Genevieve and wanted more stories about women in midlife who are finding a way to dream again.

The 8 book Sisterchicks Series was launched  on the heels of a humbling disappointment and rejection. While I wrote that series I experienced the biggest dream of my life. I was paid to travel around the world and research all the locations in the Sisterchicks novels; Paris, Venice, London, New Zealand, Australia, Mexico, Holland, Hawaii and Finland.

Sisterchicks in Gondolas won a Christy Award.

God used all the hurt of the rejection to reshape me and shepherd me along a new path. I am so, so grateful that my editor spoke the truth to me in love.

Are you facing some discouraging hurts right now?

It will be okay. Have your pity party (preferably with good chocolate) and then get up and go back at it. Dream again. Listen to advice. Humble yourself in the sight of the Lord and He will lift you up.

For some added inspiration read about Genevieve in Wildflowers and find out how she came to open her heart once more and dare to dream and love again.


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  • Stephanie

    Wildflowers is one of my favorites of the Glenbrooke series (just reread it recently!), and it’s made an impact on my life, so I love hearing your humbling story as to how Wildflowers came about. Thanks for sharing your heart!

  • Rebecca Jo Cannon

    Wow! That is really amazing. And that is God. Thanks for sharing that. That is so encouraging on many levels. I will look forward to reading that a long with the others. That is just a really cool God story. I love when He does things in our lives like that!

  • Cranky Canadian

    I also loved Wildflowers – my favorite of the Glenbrooke series. It was so appropriate to where I was at that time in my life. And to think the lovely Sisterchicks books came out of that experience too! So many blessings to so many people came out of what could have been your hurt feelings. You know that is a good reminder – that our hurt feelings, when we allow them to lead us to a humble heart – can lead to tremendous bounty and blessing beyond just ourselves. Thanks for your heart Robin and for allowing us to be blessed through you.

  • So amazing to hear the backstory and the beauty that can come from a closed door. We’re thankful you’ve had a number of open doors thereafter that have blessed us with your words.

  • Rochelle

    I love the story behind this book! I’ve read and re-read the Glenbrooke series multiple times over the years, and this book inspired me to perform a blessing on our home years ago. I blogged about it here:
    Thank you so much for this beautiful idea!