Springtime Dreams

IMG_6577I once heard my grandmother say,

“Every spring God says to His creation, ‘Okay. One more time.’”

That memory keeps falling on me like pink blossoms as I head out this week to be on set for the filming of the third Hallmark movie based on my Father Christmas novels. The third movie!

In a hidden place in my heart, (the cozy corner where God and I share secrets), it’s as if He is saying, “Okay. One more time.”

After the Hallmark project I fly to Los Angeles to work with a different producer on a different film project. What will come of it? I don’t know. But I’m showing up and praying lots and hoping with all my heart that God says, “Okay. One more time.”

This morning I put aside the two binders of scripts and notes and schedules and printed emails. I stopped thinking about what to pack and I sat quietly before the Author and Finisher of my faith. I consecrated myself to Him anew. Apart from Him, I can do nothing. Yet, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

What a mysterious balance is found in these two truths in John 15 and Philippians 4. That balance has kept me going over the past few years as I have faced of many obstacles. My continual prayer has been for wisdom and direction.

Here’s what I wrote in my journal today. I hope it brings you courage as you live out the same mysterious balance in your life regardless of the obstacles.

Do it again, God

Speak to me

I, too, am Your creation

Say the words, One more time 

Create something out of nothing the way You did

In the beginning

Send Your Spirit to brood over the deep

Plant a garden in the Eden of my soul

Awaken the springtime blossoms hidden in winter darkness 

Make something new in me, of me, through me, in spite of me

Leave Your fingerprints on everything You touch

So it will be evident

You are the Author and Finisher of it all

For more encouragement from my Mama Robin heart to yours, read A Pocketful of Hope. Available now at

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New Gift Book – A Pocketful of Hope for Mothers


This new gift book is especially for you, Beautiful Readers

I partnered with Tyndale House Publishers to create this special collection of personal stories, heartwarming quotes and favorite verses that will bring hope to mothers of all ages.

You’ll find copies available for Pre-Order NOW in my Robin’s Nest BookShop 

Release Date March 20, 2018

If you read Sunset Lullaby you’ll recognize A Pocketful of Hope as the book from which Christy read the vignette, “More Than”. I included that piece in the Christy&Todd Baby Years novel because I wrote those words for my own daughter as I was watching her become a “More Than” mama.

To be honest, I feel pretty vulnerable sharing this new book with you. It’s because all the stories are personal. They were lifted from my journals and drawn  from conversations I’ve shared with many young moms. I didn’t include names of the women who inspired the tender thoughts but I think you will recognize your own life on these pages. I pray that this book, written from my Mama Robin heart, will bring you renewed hope.

Here’s a sample of the whimsical design you’ll find in A Pocketful of Hope.

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Christmas Traditions


When our children were young our Christmas Eve tradition was to gather before bedtime and listen while my husband read Luke chapter 2. One year when the cousins were visiting we gave them five minutes to pick a role, find a costume and assemble in their own version of a Nativity. This picture still makes my heart smile. They are now grown, married and have children of their own.

As you can see, the bridesmaid dress from my sister’s wedding made a beautiful blue gown for Mary. Our daughter’s ballet tutu and a hand towel transformed my oldest nephew into a solemn wise guy. I mean, wise man. Add a couple of bath robes, an angel gazing adoringly, a stuffed lamb and a bottle of canola oil (hidden behind Joseph in the pink pillowcase head dress) and the reenactment was complete.

The true story of Christmas is this simple. Unto us, a child is born.

And yet that heaven-come-to-earth moment it unimaginably complex. God’s intervention changed everything forever.

The Word became flesh and moved into our neighborhood. God kept His promise and sent His Son to redeem us.

Emmanuel – God is WITH us.

My prayer for all of you this Advent season is that you would sense God’s presence more than you ever have. He is with you.  Come as you are. Adore Him, Christ the Lord.


Sunset Lullaby

I’d like to tell you a story.

BABY YEARS - Presale Sunset Lullaby - Wide Banner

When I was writing Sunset Lullaby, the 3rd book in the Christy & Todd: The Baby Years series, I had serious back issues. I finished the last few chapters lying on my stomach with my arms extended to the laptop keyboard.

One afternoon my husband heard me sobbing. He ran into my office to see me stretched out on the floor. I couldn’t stop crying. He was about to dial 911 when I finally caught my breath and said, “I finished it! The ending of this book . . .” I gave a quivering gasp “I didn’t see it coming until I typed the last three pages. It felt like it really happened.

He sat beside me and asked me to read the end of the book to him. Then he started crying. It was the hee-hee laughing sort of crying he does whenever he sees a God thing happening. We both laughed and cried. Such a journey.

I have been writing about Christy and her Forever Friends for 30 years. Christy was 14 in the first book. She celebrates her 30th birthday in Sunset Lullaby. There are a total of 45 books about these characters. I’ve included the complete list below.

All I can say is what an adventure it is when you trust God step by step. You never know how He will lead you or how He will use the work of your hands to bless others and expand His kingdom.

Complete List of Books

by Robin Jones Gunn

Featuring Christy Miller and her Forever Friends

Including the Main Characters that Appear in Each Book

Christy Miller Collection

Volumes 1,2,3 and 4 – 12 books total

(Christy, Todd, Katie, Sierra)

Sierra Jensen Collection

Volumes 1,2,3 and 4 – 12 books total

(Sierra, Christy, Katie)


(Christy, Sierra)

Christy & Todd: The College Years

Until Tomorrow

As You Wish

I Promise

(Christy, Todd, Katie, Sierra)

Katie Weldon Series

Peculiar Treasures

On a Whim

Coming Attractions

Finally & Forever

(Katie, Eli, Christy, Todd)

Christy Miller’s Diary

(Christy, Todd)

Christy & Todd: The Married Years

Forever With You

Home of Our Hearts

One More Wish

(Christy, Todd, Katie, Sierra)

Christy & Todd: The Baby Years

Sandy Toes

Salty Kisses 

Sunset Lullaby 

Glenbrooke Series


(Teri Moreno’s love story – Terri appeared in Christy Miller Vol 2)


(Alissa Benton’s love story – Alissa appeared in Christy Miller Vol 1, 2 and in One More Wish)

Standalone Novels

Love Finds You in Sunset Beach, Hawaii

(Sierra Jensen’s love story)

Canary Island Song

(Todd’s dad’s love story)

Cottage by the Sea

(More of Sierra’s story)

Forever Friends Journal

(currently out of print)

Please know, dear Peculiar Treasures, that I pray for you each time I write a new book. You can be sure that I’m praying for you now because yes, I’m writing a new book. Page by page, prayer by prayer. I hold you in my heart.


Engaging Father Christmas Behind the Scenes

File Jul 09, 9 58 35 AM

Engaging Father Christmas

A Hallmark Movie

What an honor it was to be on set during the filming of Engaging Father Christmas with these wonderful actors!

Photo Jun 21, 12 53 33 PM (1)  Photo Jun 20, 8 19 14 PM

Photo Jun 22, 5 19 15 PMPhoto Jun 22, 12 35 44 PM

Finding Father Christmas

broke the network record by being the

#1 Most Watched and Highest Rated film for 2016.

Thank YOU, dear Beautiful Readers.

Your support made this film successful and paved the way to the sequel, Engaging Father Christmas.

I have a few important viewing dates for you but first I want to tell you about a special moment on set. Wendie Malick was running lines before they started filming inside Rose Cottage. She turned toward where I was standing in the background, pointed at me and said, “Robin, I love the way you write.”

Photo Jun 20, 5 23 44 PM There were at least two dozen crew members busy doing their jobs in the crowded space. They took turns glancing at me curiously because they had no idea who I was or why Janet and I were there getting in their way. The director spoke up and said, “Treat her like royalty. She’s the reason we all have jobs.”

I saw once again how important it is to tell good stories. It’s essential that writers do the hard work and write credible tales of love and reconciliation and redemption. This art form of writing stories, scripting them and seeing actors bring the truths to life is essential in our culture.

Books and movies are mirrors. When we look into them and see a reflection of what has gone awry in our own lives we find courage to extend grace, right a wrong and chose to love.

Engaging Father Christmas airs

November 12th

on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Channel



Finding Father Christmas

will be available in DVD on October 2, 2017.

When you join in the fun of sending out a tweet or post about the new movie be sure to include #EngagingFatherChristmas. For more updates, be sure to sign up for the Robin’s Nest Newsletter!



A New Hallmark Movie — It’s Happening!

Hallmark is producing Engaging Father Christmas as one of their 2017 Christmas movies! This is what my desk looks like right now and it feels like a huge God-thing.

The principal actors from Finding Father Christmas all signed on and I’ve been invited to go on set for three days later this month.

File Jun 09, 7 05 33 AM

I’ll be posting lots of photos and video while I’m on set. Be sure to join my Instagram account and sign up to receive the Robin’s Nest Newsletter. I want you to share all the fun moments on set with Niall Matter, Erin Krakow and Wendie Malick.

Summer Reading

Some of you have read, How My Book Became a Movie and you know how difficult it was for me to write “Engaging Father Christmas”. You read how I almost gave up and never finished writing this story.

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever guess

Engaging Father Christmas

would one day become a movie!

Do you need encouragement in the midst of something difficult you’re going through? I hope you’ll read How My Book Became a Movie. You’ll find yourself ready to dare to dream again and you might even #AskForTheMoon. Best of all, you’ll be supporting LittWorld, a wonderful ministry that provides training for writers in difficult places in the world.

Are you curious about how my husband and I ended up moving to Hawai’i almost seven years ago? I shared all the vulnerable details of the painful circumstances that brought us here in my book Victim of Grace. This book is also available at You can listen to me reading about my favorite women in the Bible as well as sharing glimpses of the writing life I’ve experienced over the past thirty years.

Summer Contests

My clever team is putting together some lovely FREE giveaways, downloads and drawings that will be announced over the next few months. Be sure to stay connected on my social media and watch for the next Robin’s Nest Newsletter with all the details.

For those of you who have been so faithful about praying for me, especially in the area of film productions, please pray during the next few weeks while I’m traveling and on set. My prayer is that my life would radiate God’s irresistible love and grace in every situation.


Spring Babies


April brought two babies into our lives.

Our son and his wife welcomed this precious bundle of Sweetness – our first granddaughter! Their 3 year-old is enraptured with her and so are we. A 7-hour plane ride separates us so we’re counting the days until we can go visit.


BABY YEARS - New Release Salty Kisses - Wide BannerThe second baby of April is a book-baby.

Salty Kisses released April 28th and the reader reviews have been terrific for this 2nd book in the Christy & Todd: the Baby Years series.

It’s crazy to think that when I started writing about Christy Miller and her Forever Friends our own two children were babies. Now our children are married and having babies of their own. It seems fitting that these imaginary characters are having babies, too.

I hope you enjoy catching up with Christy in the new Baby Years series!



Salty Kisses Presales

BABY YEARS - Presale Salty Kisses - Wide BannerPresales for Salty Kisses begins March 15th!

As always, I like to bless the first 100 Beautiful Readers who order from Robin’s Nest BookShop by including a signed peel and stick bookplate.

100 Presale - Salty Kisses - Wide Banner

Salty Kisses, Book #2 in Christy & Todd: The Baby Years kicks off with a spur of the moment visit from Katie who has come all the way from Africa. It’s going to be a great! Just like old times. What could possibly go wrong?

The story scoots along with Christy and Todd jumping into Gussie the Bussie and taking the Surfin’ Safari trek up the California coast Todd has been waiting for. They go all the way to Glenbrooke, Oregon where they reconnect with Sierra, Alissa and Doug and Tracy, as well as Christy’s little brother, David. Wait a minute. Who is this girl that David wants them to meet? And when did he grow up and turn into such a likable guy?

Has life changed much for Christy and Todd now that they have an active toddler who keeps them on their Sandy Toes all the time? You’ll find out when you read Salty Kisses.

You’ll also find out what’s happening with Katie and Sierra, your favorite characters from the Katie Weldon and Sierra Jensen series.


Best of all, Glenbrooke fans will love revisiting their favorite small town and hearing all the latest news as well as visiting Camp Heather Brook and the Wildflower Cafe.

Preorder your copy of Salty Kisses from Robin’s Nest BookShop now.

Release date is April 28th.



Come to Glenbrooke

Glenbrooke Series Sale - Wide Banner

The Glenbrooke series started with an invitation. A phone call from an editor I’d never met. Would I be interested in writing a romance novel for the Christian market?

I remember how the rain was making silver polka dots on the upstairs window of the 100 year old Victorian bungalow we called home. We’d only lived in Portland, Oregon a few weeks and our family of four was still getting used to the single bathroom with its original claw foot tub and the sound of squirrels scampering across the roof.

“Set the story in the Great Northwest,” she said. “Write about what you see out your window.”


At the time I was finishing the last Christy Miller High School novel and had signed a contract to write the Sierra Jensen series.

“It’s just one book. Pure romance. The market is ready for stories like this.” She was convincing and I’m so glad she was. (Thank you SO much, @LisaBergren !)

I dove in to the new novel as a flurry of autumn leaves released their golden grip and fluttered to the earth. Secrets was the title fixed in my thoughts. Jessica met Kyle. She was shown kindness from strangers in a small, Oregon town with the made up name of Glenbrooke. Friendships formed, romance blossomed and Jessica’s secret came to light. The story grew.

Secrets became Book #1 in the award-winning, bestselling, 8-book Glenbrooke series. Each story welcomes readers with the same invitation  –

Come to Glenbrooke

A quiet place where souls are refreshed.

I’m delighted to let you know that the entire series of gentle love stories is now offered to you for 3 days only for the special price of $88 for all 8 books. That’s only $11 per book! I hope I can be as convincing as my editor was. Just one book, and you’ll want to read the entire series. The offer is available exclusively through Robin’s Nest Online Shop and ends at midnight EST on Sunday, January 29th.

If you’ve already completed your set of Glenbrooke novels, get excited because you’ll be able to visit Glenbrooke once more when you buy Salty Kisses, Book 2 in Christy & Todd: The Baby Years series.  Presale for Salty Kisses starts March 15th in the Robin’s Nest BookShop.


You’ll remember all the feels when you join Christy and Todd on their summer road trip to Glenbrooke. You’ll read about what happens when they connect with old friends, dine at the Wildflower Café and meet a young woman who just might change their lives forever.

Release date for Salty Kisses is April 28th but we’ll have a special offer for all of you who preorder from Robin’s Nest BookShop on March 15th. Watch for the next Robin’s Nest Newsletter for all the details and sign up today if you don’t already receive the Newsletter in your email.

Enjoy your visit to Glenbrooke, Beautiful Readers!


2016 Ponderings

2016 Ponderings

Aloha, Beautiful Readers
Earlier this week I posted these words on Facebook:
Selah week begins for my ruffled spirit. Time to pause, ponder and quietly praise God as the year wanes. My journal is full. Much to share.
A Beautiful Reader asked:  What is Selah week?
I replied: Selah week is what I call the week between Christmas and New Years. You won’t find it on any calendar. Just mine. The word Selah is included in some of the Psalms. It means “pause”. Take a moment to consider. Absorb the deeper meaning. For me it means instead of being in such a hurry, stop, look, listen. Don’t rush into the next year without taking wisdom from all that happened this year.

Have you found time to pause and ponder yet this week? I hope you do.
I’d like to share a few dream-come-true moments that happened here at Robin’s Nest during 2016.

Swam in the ocean with our wee grandson, BabyBoyBlue and wrote my little heart out
Spoke at Point Loma University Writer’s Symposium by the Sea
Spoke at the HIM Conference, Oahu, with my husband
Took AmTrack to Colorado to celebrate GrandBabyBoy turning 2
Re-release of Christy&Todd: The College Years Series with gorgeous new covers
Spent 3 delightful days on set in Vancouver BC for the filming of
Finding Father Christmas starring Erin Krakow

Visits from lots of friends, lots of writing and lots of conversations with publishers and producers
Release of How My Book Became a Movie and
Re-release of Finding/Engaging Father Christmas in one book

Release of a new novella, Kissing Father Christmas

Premier airing of Finding Father Christmas on
Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Channel on November 13th. The movie broke the network record by being the most
watched and highest rated Christmas movie!
Release of Sandy Toes, Book 1 in the Christy&Todd: The Baby Years Series
Gunn Clan gathering in Newport Beach for Grandpa’s 90th birthday. Spoke at 3 Christmas events.
Ended the year with Robin’s Nest BookShop offering an exclusive Collection Sale
Sale runs from December 28th-31st. 
A highlight of my time in Los Angles this month was a lovely dinner with several producers and my agent that involved . . .
plans for a future movie!
Details coming as soon as I can share more with all of you! Until then, may I share with you several verses that resonated in my heart throughout 2016?

Ask for a sign from your GOD. Ask anything. Be extravagant. Ask for the moon! Isaiah 7:11

Not to us, O Lord, not to us, but to your name give glory, for the sake of your steadfast love and your faithfulness!  Psalm 115:1

I know your works. Behold, I have set before you an open door, which no one is able to shut. I know that you have but little power and yet you have kept my word and have not denied my name. Revelations 3:8

Wishing you a quiet time this week when you can pause and ponder the happenings of 2016 in your own life and then dare to dream about what God might desire to accomplish in you and through you and for you in the year ahead..