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Blue Cover Winner

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Taa daa! The winning cover for Spoken For is the blue one!

Let me tell you, it was close between the orange and the blue at every step in the process. This cover is actually the fourth or fifth cover option Alyssa Joy Bethke and I considered for our new book that comes out next spring: Spoken For – Embracing Who You Are and Whose You Are.

The fun part was that Alyssa submitted the background image. It was a photo taken by a friend of Alyssa’s and we loved it. Our wonderful publisher was willing to consider using the photo and showed us several renditions. One of us liked the orange and one of us liked the blue so we asked our agent to weigh in. She leaned toward one of them but really liked both and wasn’t able to break the tie.

Our solution?  We posted the poll two weeks ago to get your input and the results were close, close, close. Both Alyssa and I received a lot of comments on our Facebook, Twitter, emails and blogs but we couldn’t count those. We only counted the votes that came in on the official poll.

On the poll the blue cover nosed ahead. We gave a cheer and said, “Okay! Blue it is!”

But first we needed to turn the results over to our publisher since by contract they have the final say. Their team went into deliberation and it was a tie right down the middle. The decision was made to go with the winner on the poll.

And that, my faithful reader friends, is why Alyssa and I are so grateful for your valuable input. You influenced the final decision in a big way. I won’t say which one of us like which color best but I will say that it came to our attention that the blue is going to make a nice companion book on the shelf next to Praying For Your Future Husband.

As soon as we’re able to share details on the release date and pre-orders we’ll let you know. Be sure to check the blog and you’ll be among the first to know all the upcoming book news. Good, good, fun, fun projects are in the works!

  • Brittney Everett

    Can’t wait!!!!!

  • Diana Stilwell

    How exciting! You’re going to bless so many ladies again in this world very very soon!

  • LaKenya Jacobs

    so excited! can’t wait to read this one and your new Christy and Todd book also!

  • Nancy Loren

    Awe YES! I picked the winner!!! Beautiful, cant wait to read it! Congrats to both you and Alyssa!!!! XOXO

  • Shanna

    Robin I was wondering if you ever come to Ohio to speak. I would love to hear you. You’re my favorite author.

  • AstridFan

    Im so excited!! :) Love your books!

  • Alyssa Calhoun

    I cannot wait to read this book and the new Todd and Christy book too! Thank you so much for writing these. You and your books have been such an inspiration to me!