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Spoken For

Exciting news! I have two new books to tell you about. The first is a non-fiction book for young women titled, Spoken For: Embracing Who You Are and Whose You Are.

I co-authored this book with Alyssa Joy Bethke, let me tell you that Alyssa is a delightful young woman. We met when my husband and I moved to Hawaii and that first meeting was definitely a God thing. Over the past three years Alyssa and I have shared lots of memorable moments and even dared to dream about co-authoring a book someday. Soon after Alyssa got married last autumn we put our heads together and started working on Spoken For. We are so happy with how the book turned out and can’t wait for its release in April of 2014.

We have a small dilemma, though, and this is where your vote will help us. Our publisher, has presented us with two options for the final cover and we can’t decide which one we like best. Have a look and let us know which cover you prefer by Tuesday, October 8th.


I’ll post the winning choice on the blog by Thursday, October 10th so be sure to check in then to see which one you liked the most.

Earlier in the year I blogged about Alyssa and how she was one of the women in a summer study I led on the book Praying For Your Future HusbandAlyssa wrote about their love story in Spoken For and I think you’ll be amazed at how God worked in Jeff and Alyssa’s lives to bring them together. It’s just one of the things that makes Spoken For a timely, tender and soul-nourishing book.

I hope you’ll get acquainted with Alyssa via her blog. You may have already seen some of her husband’s spoken word on YouTube, including “Why I Hate Religion, but Love Jesus” or read his new book.

Now for those of you still reading, you’re wondering when I’m going to reveal details on the second book mentioned in the opening line. Here’s the happy news. A new novel about Christy and Todd during their married years is in the works! Yes! It’s true! At last!

Did I just hear a squeal? Oh, wait. That was me. I get giddy every time I talk about this new series! I promise I’ll tell all as soon as I’m able to share details.

Let me just say that I have loved being back in the “lives” of Christy and Todd as I’ve been writing and finding out all the latest about them and their Forever Friends. You won’t believe what Aunt Marti decides to do! Watch the blog for more details including the release date of the first novel in this new series.

And for those of you who have been praying about a possible production of the Christy Miller series, keep praying. We have had some really encouraging meetings but we know that it will have to be the Lord who opens all the right doors at the right times. Pray!

  • Karen H

    I just voted on the covers, but I wanted to explain my decision. I prefer the orange cover. On the blue one, the only orange thing is the sub title. There needs to be something else orange on there I think to make it work. On the orange cover, there’s the blue subtitle and the blue flower so it works better.

    • I thought the same.

    • Debbie

      I agree with Karen H.

    • Nikki Beange

      I also thought the same. As well with all the blue, it gave me more of a cold feeling whereas the orange one was a warmer feeling and the blue flower popped out a bit more.

    • Heather Young

      That is exactly what I was thinking! I’m so excited for your new books as well as hopefully the production! Keep writing! Your works are always so encouraging! :)

    • Theressa

      I thought the same thing as Karen H. (before I saw anyone’s comments)
      I’m so excited about a new Christy and Todd book and possibly a production. :) Thank you Robin for writing them.!

  • LaKenya Jacobs

    Oh my gosh! I just legit squealed with you! I love Christy/Todd and I’m pretty pumped that you’re bringing out another series! I’ll be soo looking forward to it! I also voted for the blue cover :)

  • Christina Gohn

    I am so exited to hear this! I just introduced another friend to Christy and the gang. So hearing that you are releasing two new books, well, my day is going to be a happy one. :)

  • JoJo Byrd Sutis

    Sooo excited about this news!!! I just discovered Jefferson Bethke and am thrilled to hear that his new wife is co-authoring with you ***exciting***! Party around the world for more Christy & Todd!!!

  • Loved the news! Can’t wait for more about the books.

  • Susan Delk

    Day made! :) so excited about the new Christy and Todd books!! It never fails God always seems to give me these when I need them most. The Christy series helped me through some tough times in high school, Katie series came along while I was in college in need of them. And now I’m married as well. Can’t wait to see what God has to show me :) plus just can’t wait to see my favorite fictional characters again!

  • urmum

    My day has been officially made. I have goosebumps I’m so excited!

  • Beth H

    Blue one! Can’t wait for the novel!!!

  • Dawn

    The loud squeal was actually me! I would LOVE to catch up with my old buddies, Todd and Christy and Aunt Marti and Katie and well. . .just everyone!
    And I agree with Karen H. about the covers. The blue one was cute but too much blue. The orange cover had a better balance so I voted for that one.

  • Laurel Honeyford

    Yep. I just cried. At work. I can’t even express how excited I am about this! Todd and Christy are so precious to me. Thank you Robin!

  • Jennifer Layman Rivera


  • Samantha Methvin

    Very excited about the new series and the possibility for movies. I was wondering if Hallmark was involved? My only thing is please keep it close to the book I would crushed if it strayed like Love Comes Softly was. If God does make a way for everything to work out can I audition please?

    • Tanya

      (Tanya’s teenage daughter) Yes exactly! Please please keep it as close to the book as possible! It would be really disappointing if it wasn’t…:)

  • Tera

    YAY for Christy and Todd! I grew up with those books. I will definitely read them!

  • Gerri Wright

    I’m so excited that you’re writing more about Todd & Christy! Over the last year or so, I’ve been wondering what kind of a dad Todd would be. Maybe we’ll get to find out. :) Even though I didn’t read the books until I was an adult, they have been such an encouragement to my faith. And I tell my teenage daughters, to wait for a guy who loves God like Todd does. By the way, I was at a store on Tuesday, buying one of the Todd & Christy books, and my checkout lady said, “I read those books when I was younger. I loved them.”

  • Kati’s mom

    Orange, agree it’s more balanced. Excited about Christy & Todd. About 10 years ago a young woman introduced Christy into my daughter’s life. My daughter had about worn her Christy & Sierra books out so I bought her the 3 in 1 volumes for Christmas a few years ago. She loves them & is hoping you will do the same with the Katie & Glenbrooke maybe 2 in 1 for the even number series. She visited Newport (a long time goal) for the first time this summer as a 22 year old & said it felt like going home thanks to you. Now she is hoping to cruise with you. Thank you for ALL your books. Please keep writing.

  • Emily Page

    Yay!! I am so excited to hear about the new series continuing Todd and Christy’s lives :) Can not wait!! I did squeal in fact LOL!!

  • Jenna Botts

    I am praying. I really hope it comes true. The books have a great message about life & your faith in God. It needs to be shared in a production series!!

  • Charissa

    Todd and Christy have had such an influence in my walk with Christ – I can’t wait for more!!! Thank you. Also I think blue is best!

  • Frodo Lion Montreuil

    Awesome awesome news! Def prefer the first orange cover.

  • Barbara K.

    I voted for cover A. There is too much blue on cover B. Cover A is much more pleasing to the eye and the colors are more balanced.

  • Debbie

    I like the orange cover. So excited for the Todd and Christy book too. Can’t wait.

  • Marianne Barkman

    Todd and Christy? How can I wait patiently? I grew up with them! They were the ones I wanted to be like! But, sadly I’ve lost touch with them. I guess that happens

  • Stormy

    A new book about Christy and Todd, how am I supposed to wait patiently for that!

    • Kaylee Joy Luce


      • Jess Dowling

        I agree. I’m so excited!!!!

    • hazel

      I cant wait

    • beth

      I can NOT wait. Honestly I don’t know how I can wait patiently for that. (:

  • Melissa Smith

    Hi Robin, Spoken for sounds like a really great inspirational read! But any reader of yours knows that , that is what we receive no matter what book we read by you. I’m always inspired and encouraged by your books. I’m currently reading “Victim of Grace” and I’ve already been touched by it. I’ve read the Christy and Todd books since the beginning and I have to tell you that growing up in a home where my dad was quite different, you helped me see that Godly men can be kind, gentle and nourishing to those around them. It was like a Balm to my soul! And every other title like the GlenBrooke Series. All unique men but with hearts for God that mattered more than anything. I’m now married to a man that Seeks after God’s heart and I’m thankful everyday that God and you taught me that there were men out there like that who really exist. Just felt I needed to share my story with you. :)
    And I’m very excited to read more about Christy & Todd and Friends!

  • Val Bles’

    Blue and orange are complimentary colors, and as such, will make each other “pop” in a composition. I voted for the cover with the dominant orange because of the visual balance it gives it, and the warmth from the orange. The other feels “cool,” without the pop of the orange, and if it’s a love story, it should be about warmth. This is just your artist friend’s opinion, but I hope it helps to understand my rationale. Congratulations on the new books!

  • God Lover

    I love the one on the left. It’s beautiful! Orange as the main color.

  • Brittney Everett

    EEEEKKKKK!! You just made my morning! My day! my MONTH! I can’t wait to read them, you better believe I will pre-order the book the day it’s available!

    • God Lover

      So will I!

  • Joanne

    Love the orange one – It just stands out more :- )

    • God Lover

      Totally Agree!

    • Kadee

      I agree with Karen H. My favorite is orange. I’m so looking forward to the new Christy and Todd series!

  • Sarah Peer

    I like the Orange cover. With the blue one, the orange subtitle line doesn’t stand out at all. There’s so much blue already in the picture, that the orange breaks that up. I’m SOOOOOOO excited for the Christy and Todd book! Can’t WAIT!

  • SCBluCatLady

    I prefer the one with the blue. Matches the flower and brings a feeling of serenity to the whole cover. Orange does not work- yuck!

  • Nichole Trexler

    All blue

  • Shelly

    Awesome news about Christy & Todd. I’m not a christian but that series of books meant a lot to me growing up and you don’t have to be a christian to learn from them. I have the whole collection :)

  • Wendy

    Thank yoooouuuuuu! I love you Robin. Thank you for the courage and God given gift of writing about my long life friends. It’s amazing!

  • Diana Stilwell

    Oh how exciting! I’m so eager to read these new books that will be coming out soon! Thank you Mrs. Gunn for keeping up with your passions and blessing us women who need as much direction and wisdom as possible.
    Hugs from your Oregonian fan,

  • Carrie Courtney

    I like the orange cover, actually. And I squealed too!! I’ve been dying to read more about Christy and Todd!!!

  • Monique Hanson-Keeler

    Pretty sure the squeal was over here in Wisconsin about the new Christy & Todd books!!! CAN’T WAIT!!!!!!! :)

  • Tammy Sinclair

    I prefer the one in blue….it does bring a sense of serenity to match the cover, the font, the photograph. I’m very excited that you co-wrote a new book, and how lucky is that young woman that she would not only meet and get to know you, but be able to co- author a book with you! I am still waiting to hear an announcement some day day that you wrote another Glenbrook series book. Sigh…:)

  • bkennedy3815

    yeah!!!! I am so excited for the new Christy & Todd book!!! I’ve read every book that you have about them!!! I will keep praying for a production series! That would be great!!!

  • Leslie Leonard

    Of the two I would say orange because it stands out more. Hoping for some new sisterchicks books or single novels or short series for middle age. Thx. Love your work!

  • Jenny S

    So excited to read that Christy and Todd will be back!!! :-D:-D:-D Definetly made my day!!! I relate so much to Christy and I found my Todd 4 1/2 years ago standing right in front of me! I also agree that the bue looks best for the cover

  • Keyria Lockheart

    I really like both covers. However, I would have voted for the blue but the one little orange writing made it seem off, where as the orange book had a bit more balance to it. The blue is like calmness and the orange is like nature so both books were nice, it is just that one small orange words that really just did not go well for me. :)

  • Candace B

    I literally just teared up with excitement over the fact that there is going to be
    a new Christy & Todd book.

  • EmilyJ

    I voted blue, it looks way better.
    Super excited, it’ll be fun to read about Christly again!

    • Katie Hoyle

      I’m excited for the Christy and Todd book too, but I desperately want another book about Katie and Eli!!!!!!

    • kitty

      Maybe they will be included. Kalie is my favorite couple aside from Christy+ Todd!!!!

      My friends is name Christina so sometimes i cal her kilikina.

  • 1002mama

    SO excited for the new Christy and Todd book(s?)!! This completely made my day!

  • Ruth

    Orange stands out better.

  • Christina

    OH MY GOSH I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS NEW SERIES! Can’t wait to read it! Will keep praying for ya!

  • Elizabeth Hosmer Wiegelt

    Love the blue. And so excited to hear about the new novel with Christy and Todd!

  • Mel

    My vote is for the blue cover, but would suggest moving the orange box with your names in it to that cover so it matches the subtitle.

    Yahoo for Christy & Todd!!!!!!!!

  • Kathy

    I love the blue one.

  • leslie J aka Mauimum

    All blue

  • Diana

    I like the blue cover best.
    And YAY!!! for new Christy & Todd stories!! I’ve been reading about them more than half my life!

  • Cindy H

    I prefer the blue one.

  • Rachel Gillan Allen

    Orange. It just grabs me. I love all of your books and reread them every now and again. I would love to hear how the Glenbrooke girls are holding up! Thanks for doing what you do. It blesses my soul!

  • Sarah

    I like the mostly orange one. And CHRISTY AND TODD MARRIED YEARS?!? I AM SO EXCITED!!!!

  • BeachGirl2911

    The blue cover looks nice. :) And I am so EXCITED that you are writing more about Todd, Christy and their forever friends! The christy miller, Sierra jenson and Katie Weldon series were my favorites in junior high/high school and are still my favorites. Your an amazing author and I just want to say thank you for writing books that encouraged me in my walk with God and also encouraged me to wait for my Todd.

  • Megan

    I love the blue one!!! I am so excited for another Christy novel!!!! I would love to see a series on Christy

  • L Wright

    I would love to see the Christy series made into a tv show. What a wonderful way to reach young people. I read the series with my now 29 yr. old daughter when she was a young teen. We even took her to “The Quiet Women” for lunch one day. We lived in the area for many years so many of the places in the books were familiar. I came to love Christy and Todd.

  • Alexis

    I really like the blue!

  • Alexis

    Oh my goodness! I love the Christy Miller books, I could not have gotten through my teenage years without her!

  • Marisa

    I am sooooooo excited to read both books! Your writing has changed my life- and definately go with the blue cover :) I can’t wait to hear about Todd and Christy- and hopefully a little about Katie, too :) Praying!

  • Elizabeth

    What you said was true “eeeeeeeeeeeee”. I can’t believe it I always wanted wanted to know what wil happen after Christy and Todd got married, but like everyone else is saying how can I wait. Because I read all of the series except the newer ones. I am going to be so happy when I read the book and see what they are doing now.

  • Aimee

    Ahhhhhhhhhh new Christy books!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!

  • Nena

    Love the blue!!!!! :) (oceans, skies, cornflowers!)

  • Anonymous

    Yayaya So Happy about a new Chrisy Book!!!!!!

  • Traci

    I like the blue on best.

  • Guest

    I like the blue cover one.

  • Grace Lane

    I like the one on the left/

  • Stephanie

    A new Christy book!!!!!!!! SO EXCITED!!

  • Kaylee Joy Luce

    I prefer the orange one. The reason is is that it is just alot more balanced out than the blue one, eventhough the blue looks amazing too. I prefer orange.

  • teresa1

    I think the squeal was from me :) I’m SO EXCITED about the Todd & Christy sequel!! Can’t wait to hear about when it will be out!!!

  • Cathy Clark

    The blue stands out better, but the orange font beneath the title disappears. Maybe try it in black? Plus the author’s names should be shrunk 90% to allow a bit of air around them. (Never ask a graphic designer for her opinion…)

  • Ilinca Scalco

    I am just sooo exited about the new Christy Miller book!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you please tell us where and when the auditions are?

  • Socorrinha Silva

    I preferred the orange color, too beautiful. It was perfect with the background details in the tree, and floress are already blue with the orange color was gorgeous! But the important thing is the same book, his “soul” is beautiful! heheheh
    I love you Robin! very much!

  • Makaehla

    So excited for the Christy and Todd book! Wearing my RCU sweatshirt right now actually! Cannot wait! Hoping next is an update on Katie and Eli!?

  • MRS. Truckers wife

    the one on the right side has more blue very pretty <3

  • MacKenzie Graham

    super uper duper excited for the new christy books ! eeeek i may have had a little freak out when i read that. 😀 i’ll definitely be praying for a movie. !

  • Michelle

    Can’t wait for more books about Todd and Christy!

  • Nataly

    Cannot say how excited for Christy & Todd’s married years! Seems so unreal. I just can’t believe it! SO HAPPY! And for the movie, EEEEEE!!!

  • Kim Gormley

    This is really cool news. I’ve been hoping for some new books from you, especially about Christy and Todd. Hopefully there will be some news about Sierra and family in there? Love that girl too!

  • Emii

    A new Todd and Christy book? Gah, my breathing’s gone all funny.
    Thankyou for this bout of happiness, Robin. (Is that even a thing, a ’bout’ of happiness? It just popped into my head.)
    And both those covers up there, they match your blog rather beautifully.

  • Emily Rice

    Blue! :)
    Excited @ the Christy and Todd series coming up!… but what about Sierra Jensen… what happens to her?

  • Jen

    I like the orange one, it stands out more. Todd and Christy!!!!! I can’t wait, thanks Robin.

  • Elizabeth

    I am so excited :)

  • Debbie Selfridge

    I am drawn to the blue cover! Would loved it if they had made the background all black & white, except for the flower and title (I like them the color they are)!

  • denisej91

    I like the blue. :)

  • Agatha

    I love the orange colour, it definitely makes the blue pop out so gracefully. Lol so excited for Christy and Todd, they definitely needed to be revisited. Now I know an item I can add to my wish list!!!!!!!!

  • Megan Ledbetter

    I’ve been waiting in so much anticipation for the day that you would start The Married Years. I’m so excited! I cannot wait! Thank you, Robin, for writing them! <3

  • Jenny Picha

    have been waiting for another one about Christy and Todd. how exciting…

  • Christina George

    I like the orange. It looks really pretty, in my opinion.

  • Laurie Gross Newman

    I like the blue cover. Very nice and inviting!

  • anita

    Prefer the blue

  • Anna

    A NEW CHRISTY AND TODD BOOK!! I am SUPER excited, and yes, I squealed!! I can’t wait to see the updates and finally read the book when it’s out! (Can’t wait to see if Katie pops up anywhere, too)

  • Grace Jackson Brown

    The blue on blue is pretty bt I find that the tan and blue catches my eye.

  • Shanna

    I love the orange cover! And I can’t wait for a new Todd & Christy series!! I didn’t know it was possible to be this excited about books?!! Robin, never stop writing-I look forward to all your stories :)

  • Kylie

    My entire year has just been made! I’m so excited for the new Christy and Todd novel! I also can’t wait to read “Spoken For”

  • LifeVictory Coaching

    Ok, so orange is my favorite color, but not in this case – the blue one for sure!

  • Kittykazoo

    I was so sad when I finished all the Christy and Todd books! Theres a saying that “Women think marriage is the main goal like, but thats really when the battle begins.” Just because they are married doesn’t mean its over and done; happily ever after. I’m ssoooooooooooooooo glad you’re making a new one!!!!!!

  • Tammy

    I like the continuity of the blue. It just looks sweet and tidy. It makes the focus of the photo and the title stand out better.

  • Alison Stanley

    This is fantastic news! Can’t wait to hear more about Christy and Todd. They are like old friends to me :)

  • Jon Hollingsworth

    Hi Robin, I like the Orange cover better. It’s brighter & stands out more. Jon :)from NZ (I’m the guy on the left).

  • Toni B

    I prefer the blue one too. I think it works better as a whole and is more aesthetically pleasing. The orange looks ok, but I think the blue one looks more stunning. So excited about the movies. Will they be available in the UK too though? :)

  • AstridFan

    I like the orange one. I think it makes the blue flower stand out more.

  • Charlotte

    OH MY GOSH!!! Yes I love the Christy Miller series!! These books changed my life. I am not going to be able to wait I’m so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Emily

    Orange! :) I love the orange…it looks different, and I would pick it up sooner than I would the blue. Just saying – but I’d pick up any Robin Jones Gunn. 😀

    EEK! So happy about Todd and Christy – I’ve been thinking about them…and how much they have influenced my life for the better…while I was eating peas with my chili on this fall afternoon I remembered Todd eating peas on his salad…good times!


  • Hannah H.

    I like the blue one.

    And oh! that squeal you heard WAS actually me! I can’t wait for the new Christy&Todd series!

  • Sarah

    😀 I’m soooo excited for the new Christy and Todd book!! I’m excited for the non-fiction book, too but I’m crazy ecstatic for the novel

  • Kinsey

    New Book for Christy and Todd?!! SOOO excited. This made my week!

  • C

    I’m so happy and excited that there’s going to be more Christy and Todd- a whole new series!! I thought at first it was just going to be one new book, but an entire new series– Yayyyy!!! Thank you so much for writing the original series and for beginning this new one!!!

  • Lisa Sauer

    So excited about the new series. Can’t wait :)

  • Nicole Shilling

    I love the blue cover. But you were not the only one to squeal, I did too. So exicted for a new Christy and Todd book. I hope some of our other friends show up too.

  • Natalie

    I like the blue one too:) and I CANNOT wait for the new Christy books!!! You might have heard my squeal too;D I’m super excited!!! and I will keep praying for the production of the Christy Miller series! Yay!!!

  • Abigail Grace

    I am so excited to hear about the new book in the Christy Miller series! I really did squeal when I read that part of this post. I am so hoping it contains clues as to how Katie and Eli are doing! Eagerly awating :) (with as much self control as I can muster…hehe!)
    Also, I prefer the cover with more orange; I’m not a huge fan of oragne, but it makes the blue flowers pop and makes a bigger statement.

  • Katie Hoyle

    The squeal was me too!

  • Kitty

    My ex- bestfriend got me into christy miller. A first i wa slike “ug another love dovy book”, but all that changed when christy said she had a ugly green bathing suite like mine! Truely happy that this is happening!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  • Jenna V

    Gah!!! Starting reading The Christy Miller Series when I was 13…. I was never much of a reader so my mother was amazed when I whipped through all 12 books and all 12 Sierra books in a matter of weeks. 😛
    I just got married to the most amazing man of God this summer. Since I was a young girl these books have blessed me sooo much! I cannot wait to get immersed in the world of Christy and Todd again! Yay!!! 😀

  • Mandi

    A new Christy and Todd book?! I’ve been waiting for one for so long! Can’t wait to hear more details and a release date! Also excited for your book with Alyssa, her blog is so uplifting and fun. I like the cover with the blue best, it’s more cohesive and just looks prettier :)

  • Tanya

    Hi! This is Tanya’s teenage daughter writing:) I am soooooooo excited for the new series on Christy and Todd!!! I literally just squealed at least 10 times! haha! I can’t wait to read it!! – Lanie

  • Hanna V

    A New Christy and Todd book! AHH! I’m beyond excited. I can’t thank you enough for not letting their ‘story’ end so soon! I can’t wait to hear when the book will be released and order it. Christy and Todd have been such an inspiration, along with their ‘forever friends’. I’m forever grateful. It will be nice to see their story go beyond the high school years and their wedding, and into their marriage and ‘forever friendship’.

  • Hanna Nicole

    A New Christy and Todd book! AHH! I’m beyond excited. I can’t thank you enough for not letting their ‘story’ end so soon! I can’t wait to hear when the book will be released and order it. Christy and Todd have been such an inspiration, along with their ‘forever friends’. I’m forever grateful. It will be nice to see their story go beyond the high school years and their wedding, and into their marriage and ‘forever friendship’.

  • AstridFan

    I am SO EXCITED about the new Christy and Todd book! I love the Christy series( I finished the Christy series, the Sierra series and am working on the Katie Weldon series) Its so hard to find a good book to read when you’re a teen. Your books are so inspiring! Keep up the great work :) I cant tell you how much I appreciate your books!

  • Kathy Ware

    AHHH!!!! I am so excited! I was just thinking about that today as I was taking a break from my grad school reading, and rereading some of the Christy Miller books. I grew up with Christy Miller, and a lot of the devotions and references from the books helped shape my teen years. I am so excited that we will get to experience the life of christy and todd in the married years. My poor hubby thought there was something wrong when i squealed from the news.

  • I literally got chills reading Christy and Todd’s name together! Yipppeee!

  • Rachel Dougall

    Hi Robin! There was definitely a squeal heard around the world! You made so many ladies’ day! I too am so excited to hear from our forever friends! I really appreciate how you open your heart to us in your books, include us in all your news and even let us help with decisions. :O) I count you as a friend, especially since I got to hang with you at the Sisterchicks’ Getaway. ~Rachel

  • Stephanie


  • Victoria Bianoski

    OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A NEW CHRISTY AND TODD BOOK! U DONT UNDERSTAND HOW CRAZY I AM GOING RIGHT NOW. I LITERALLY CRIED WHEN THE OTHER SERIES ENDED. AND WHEN U SAID THERE MIGHT BE A POSSIBLE PRODUCTION OF THE SERIES, I ALMOST STARTED HYPERVENTALATING! sorry for all the caps, im just so excited. oh, and by the way, i am a 14 yr old girl and i LOVE acting and the series. so, u know, HINT HINT. i literally came on the website suggest that there should be a movie about it, and then i read it and almost fainted. i will defintitely be praying. I love u so much! thank u for writing theses books. my email is in case u ever want me in ur production. haha i am such a dreamer, but u never know. i really hope u read this. bye!

  • AstridFan

    *Squeal* I am SUPER EXCITED!! I love the Christy series! Now, I just have to be patient, lol

  • Alo-13

    Better start saving my money! :)