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I’m living a new dream right now. And it is true springtime bliss!

For many years I dreamed of writing more stories about Christy and Todd. Every time I moved that direction I was redirected and the dream went underground into a winter season. The dream was still there but it was put aside. Hibernating. Waiting. For many years I repeated this verse to my anxious little heart:

Surrender yourself to the LORD and wait patiently for Him. Psalm 37:7

I surrendered and waited. Then I waited some more. At last the next season of writing began to blossom. And now it is here. Oh, how it is here! The dream is alive and in full motion. I am writing a new book about Christy and Todd and daring to dream even more about how this first book might launch a new series of stories about these memorable characters in their married years.

The experience has been euphoric. It’s like being back at the best sort of summer camp with the best sort of closest friends, sharing the best sort of secrets.

I am so eager to share their stories with you. Hopefully this new book will be available before the end of 2014 (squeal!).

But first, I have a question for you. Well, I have several questions, actually. I’ll start with this first one and then post more questions here on my blog under the Christy & Todd Forever category as I continue to move ahead in the writing and publishing process with this new book.

Here’s my first question:

If you were to buy this new book about Christy and Todd, in what format would you prefer to purchase it? E-reader? (Kindle? Nook? iTunes?) Paperback? Both e-reader and paperback?

Please share your reply in the comment section below. It will help me a lot in deciding how this new book will be published.

I have to say that sometimes I can almost feel the invisible breath of you eager readers standing over my shoulder as I write. Please believe me when I say that I am going as fast as I can and with as much prayer-infused delight as my listening heart can muster. Some of you know what this sort of deliberate writing journey is like. If you do, you know how to pray. I’m so grateful for those prayers. And I’m so happy to be back in the world of Christy & Todd.

I do believe that waiting such a long time for this dream has made it all the more sweeter and enlivening.

For those of you still waiting while your dream is hibernating, keep surrendering yourself to the Lord and keep waiting patiently for Him. He has not yet finished doing great things in your life. How do I know that? You’re still here, aren’t you? Your life is filled with oodles of dormant possibilities of ways in which He might still fulfill His purposes in you and through you.

So, go ahead. Dare to dream again.

“We were like those who dream. Then our mouth was filled with laughter, and our tongue with singing. Then they said among the nations, ‘The LORD has done great things for them.'” Psalm 126:2



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  • Jill

    Paperback. Otherwise kindle. But paperback is definitely my preferred way to read. :)

  • SueD


  • Heather

    Paperback :) can not wait to read it and add to my collection!

  • Amber


  • Alissa

    Paperback! I’m collecting all your books for ministry purposes! The books changed my life in high school and I want to change as many lives with books too!

  • Disgusted and sad for you

    defenately paperback. please please please. I love the feel of a good book in my hands. (i own every one you’ve published) I can’t wait (and yes, I squealed!!!)

  • Kate

    Kindle is first choice, but I would buy it in paperback if I had to. So so so thrilled to read more about Christy & Todd!!!!!

  • Megan Ledbetter

    Paperback. My Christy collection (as well as other books written by you) is very precious to me and I would still like to have the physical book so that I could place it on my bookshelf along with my other Christy’s. I do have an eReader however and would still purchase the book if it were only available in that format, but I still would prefer a physical copy. Thank you so much, Robin!

  • Jessica

    Paperback!!!! I have all the others and would like to continue sharing and saving them all!!! :) super excited!!!!!!

  • Terri

    Paperback!!! My daughter and I are soooooo excited!

  • Renee Richards

    Paperback, like so many before me, my whole collection is paperback and I would like to complete the set. :) I wouldn’t mind a kindle version as well though!

  • Hilary

    E-reader and paperback

  • Kilikina67

    Yay!! In so excited. I would buy both paperback and ereader.

  • Amy

    Both :)

  • I’d love to have the new book on Kindle, because I live in Brazil and I’d have to wait almost a month until have the book on my hands. But I also would buy a paperback, because I’d like to have it in my bookshelf.

    I’m so glad that we’ll have another Christy and Toddy book to read! I hope we get to see some of the other characters too. Specially, I’d love to read more about Rick and Nicole, and Doug and Tracy.

  • Hannah

    Paperback!! I love to be able to share the books with my friends!

  • Deb

    Paperback! Need it to add to my collection!

  • Ashley

    Paperback! I love to share books with people and paperback makes it easy to do that.

  • Dawn Janis

    Paperback! Because I OWN all of your books in paperback. Though I’d probably eventually get it on Kindle at some point.

  • breadwoman

    :) I was just talking to a friend at church yesterday She is in 26 and Im 33, she just finished reading Christy series (she was wondering which of your other books to read next) I mentioned the fact you are writing new Christy & Todd book. Been thinking about Christy and Todd all day… then I log on and see your info. SOOOO EXCITED! paperback definitely! Keeping you in my prayers.

    • Really appreciate the prayers! Thank you! And say hi to your friend at church for me. :-)

  • Amber

    Paperback for me and ebook for those who own the technology for it :)

  • Jennifer Melnyk

    Kindle edition

  • Lynne

    I would choose “both”! I read mostly on my kindle these days and love the easy access to books. I would also buy a hardback or paper back especially for my daughters. We would add it to their library and be able to pass it along so we can share our love for these books with friends!

  • Lorri

    Paperback! I would pay extra to ship it internationally.

  • Kerri

    Both paperback & e-reader! Sooooooooooo excited!!!! Can’t wait!

  • Jill Anderson

    Paperback for me, I don’t have any electronic reader and like others I like to share books of give them. A new SisterChicks book would be great too! Keep following your dream.

  • Rebekah Porter

    Both! I have almost all the paperbacks, and I’m also working on getting all the ebooks! :-)

  • Beachibb

    paper back please!!! i own every book you’ve published. there’s just something amazing about the feel of a good book in one hand and a large coffee in the other, feet propped up, and reading all day long. Not much else better in the world than that!

  • amanda


  • Carol

    I would definitely say paperback, but since I live in Brazil and it´s so hard (and expensive) to get your books to come all this way, I say e-reader!! I’m really happy with this new series of books (- please make it a serie and not just one book!) Can´t wait to read them!

  • Carolyn R

    Paperback! So excited!!

  • Jen

    Paperback :) and thanks for the encouraging message. I needed to “hear” that this morning. Blessings on your writing.

  • Hadassah

    Definitely paperback!!! :)

  • Linsey Sutton

    I would prefer both. But mostly ebook. My lifelong friend, Amy, and I started reading the Christy books when we were 11 year old little girls. Now she is in Africa being a “missionary woman” and I am in florida and we share a Nook account and read and talk books as often as we can. The Christy books hold special places in our hearts. I am so excited! I can’t wait to tell her about this!

    • You two sound like a real life Christy and Katie! Tell Amy “hi” for me. Or should I say, tell her “jambo” for me!

  • KARA


  • Stephanie Evans-Miller

    Paperback, please!

  • Bentley

    Both e-reader and paperback?! I am literally so excited so read this book or series!? Be inspired!

  • Diana

    paperback — I collect them all!!

  • Rachel Beth


  • Carahd

    Kindle! My sister and I are so excited about the prospect of catching up with our old friends! :-)

  • Chasity

    It’s nook for me! I’m so excited to find out what’s been happening with Todd and Christy!!

  • Gabrielle

    I would like both. I have the original Christy books in my bedroom at my parents home for my daughter to read this summer when she is 12. I read the college years on my Kindle. So both will for me.

    • I love the thought of those original copies just waiting for your daughter to turn 12 and spend her summer with Christy at grandpa and grandma’s house!

  • Holly

    Definitely paperback. But I also might get the ebook.

  • Tabatha

    Sooo Exciting!!!! I get most of my books as e books now from but a paperback would be ok too as long as i get to read it!!!

  • Jessica

    I much prefer paperback to e-reader. Maybe someday I’ll change my mind but right now, definitely paperback. Thanks for asking!

  • Jessie

    Thank you for your words about dreams lately. My dream has smoldered with in me for over 13 years… I thought it was going to take flight last year but then it came to a screeching halt. Thank you for talking so much about it. It has given me peace. Thanks for writing another book about Todd and Christy! I Reread these books about once a year! While I like hard copy I would probably prefer an option for a kindle.

    • The LORD has His hand on your life, Jessie. Trust Him. This might be the perfect time for you to read “Victim of Grace”. You’ll find lots of helpful insights in that book on how to trust God during the winter seasons.

  • Amber Irving

    Paperback for sure! It will join all of my other Christy Miller books that have lined my shelf since I was a young teenager. (I’m 34 now!) IM SO EXCITED!!!

  • Katie

    Ahhh!! I’m SO excited!! I’ve been missing my friends :) I hope you publish in paperback and e-reader! I don’t have anyway to read an e-reader, but I’m sure that’s the only one some women have. CAN’T WAIT!!

  • Becca

    I would buy the paperback books. I’m so excited for these new books!!!!!

  • Carol

    I prefer paperback. Not everyone can afford e-readers yet. I also buy these for my 3 nieces who do not have e-readers either. Thank you. Have a wonderful day!

  • Becky

    For iPad, with a nursing baby, it’s easier one handed . Second choice, paperback. So excited! I hope they have great marraige advice, kids, and good parenting woven through.

  • Danyelle


  • Missy

    I prefer paperback! I can’t wait to read!!

  • Bekah


  • Renee M

    Paperback, so when I’m finished, it can join the rest of my Christy collection on my shelf

  • Kim McCauley

    I have been using the Todd and Christy series in our Summer Book Club with our youth at church for years, so I am voting for paperback. Almost all the girls want their own books (even sisters). We all LOVE Christy and Todd!!!

    I have heard SO many testimonies of how Christy’s life has influenced their decisions in the heat of the moment and it is just incredible how God is using your books to make straight their paths.

    I am SO EXCITED!!!!

    • Kim, please say hello to all those “Peculiar Treasures” for me. And may the LORD bless you doubly for all the ways you are a blessing to those young girls.

  • Abbey

    Paperback so I can add it to my collection :)

  • mellie


  • Karmin Hibbard

    Paperback! Nothing, nothing compares to a real, physical book… Our e-reader came and went within a month!

    A real book goes anywhere, never needs “recharging,” sits on the the shelf begging to be picked up, and can be passed with love from a mother’s heart into her daughter’s tender, sweet hands.

    All of your past books are gently “in waiting” for my daughter to reach the precious tween years. Just as Christy accompanied me through my teen years and influenced my heart during that roller-coaster season, I pray my daughter too will find a kindred friend and mentor in Christy Miller…

    So yes, paperback please! May your joy know no bounds as you continue on with the Christy and Todd adventure…

    Much Love~Karmin H.

    • Becky

      Like yours, my book were safely tucked away until my daughter reached junior high…then started on their way among the junior high girls in my SS class. By the time my daughter was ready, we just bought the series for her. Long before the 10th friend read hers, we knew it had been an investment in the spiritual growth of many, watching as some friends began to make wiser decisions – all from fictional characters? Clearly, characters birthed through prayer for just such a purpose…. (If you haven’t read them yet, Sierra Jensen, Katie Weldon, and Glenbrooke are also amazing!)

    • I love your term, Karmin, “in waiting”. :-)

  • Erika Clink

    Paperback and e-reader

  • curlyq45

    Paperback!! I highly prefer to actually keep these books on my shelf over an e-reader. And I am so excited!!

    • Madilyn

      Same! I have a Christy Miller collection :)

  • toshasimpson

    E-reader for my kindle and paperback!! Prayers going up for you that everything turns out as it should ♡♥

  • Teresa

    Paperback!! Have to add it to the collection!

  • Jordan

    Both!! I’m soo excited!!! Christy and Tod are my Favorite series!!!

  • Monique

    I think it needs to be both! I love paperback because I too have a collection but for the newer readers, the e-book would be good too!

  • Nicole Pierskalla

    Please publish in Paperback… I love to turn the pages and see how far I have read!!!I can’t wait to see Christy and Todd in their Married years!!! How fun is that!!

  • hanaboss

    Paperback! Yay, I’m so excited!

  • Dianen46

    I still prefer holding a book in my hands but also am enjoying reading books when I’m traveling on my iPad So I would say both

  • EmilyHornburg

    I love reading on my iPad because I have all of my books with me and it’s easy for travel. However, I still love my paperbacks and all of my books by you are in paperback and I’d love to have them all sitting on my shelves

  • Charlotte

    Both!!! Im so excited, I’ve been praying and praying for more Christy and Todd :) Your books changed my life and I thank you so much!

  • sandy

    Paperback and kindle!!

  • LaNette

    I would say both.

  • Agatha

    Paperback!!!!!!! I love the feel of pages and also the collection on my bookshelf. This is so exciting!!!

  • Jess

    Probably paperback unless the kindle version was significantly cheaper.

  • Britt

    Paperback. Live having the physical book in my hands while I’m reading.

  • SadieGirl

    I would prefer paperback. :)

  • Gretchen

    Yes! I also love my collection of paperbacks!! Greatly looking forward to adding another Christy & Todd book. Thank you, Robin!

  • Lauren L

    I like both paperback and e-reader. I know for sure that the day it comes out I will be buying it in paperback if that option is available. I can’t wait for the book to come out!

  • Stormy

    Definitely paperback! I don’t own a Kindle and never will. I prefer the feel of the books in my hand. I can’t wait!!!!

  • Christina

    Paperback. Nothing like adding another book to the Christy Miller series. This is so exciting!!

  • ProvWoman31

    I will buy it in any version but I prefer paperbacks! :) Can’t Wait!!!!!

  • kmchissus

    Paperback!! Must add to my collection!

  • Tentmum

    Paperback please!

  • Angie Hicks

    I would buy an e-reader copy for me and when my daughter is old enough to read them (she’s 4), I will probably buy the paper copies too.

  • Amy

    I would like it in both paperback and kindle. I love to keep my Christy & Todd collection growing but would also love to have then with me where ever I go!

  • Krista


  • Ladonna

    I cannot tell you how excited I am for this new book!! I prefer it on NOOK :)

  • Emily


  • Victoria

    Totally Paperback – I, too, am so excited to read more and I can feel your excitement that God has opened this pathway, once again!

  • Natalie

    I have been waiting and praying for this moment for years! I’m so excited that “The Married Years” are in the works! :) I would buy the book in paperback.

  • Cori Oliver Crews

    I prefer paperback for sure. I like to put my hands on the pages and keep it on the shelf for years to enjoy.

  • Lindsayw

    Paperback please! I will always love holding and reading an actual book. :)

  • Heather

    paperback and e-reader.

  • Deborah

    Paperback for me since I don’t have an e reader I have an iPod only. Thanks Robin!

  • Liz Gentry

    Both :)

  • Tera Lewandowski

    I would do both! I would probably buy paper back to give them to my future girls (Lord willing!) or grandbabies!

  • ivy


  • Alyssa

    Both ereader and paperback!!

  • joshnrach1998

    My daughter and I are soooooooo excited!!!!!! :) We would do either book that was available….or both! Kindle or paperback are our choices! We will be praying for you through this journey!

  • Becca

    I’ve moved mostly to kindle reading, but for books like these, which I’ll treasure forever, nothing beats a paperback! So my vote is for ebook and paperback!

  • Tricia

    Paperback….much easier to flip back through the pages to re-read all my favorite parts! So excited!!

  • Abigail

    Paperback please!! Oh I am so excited!!

  • Meg

    so completely excited for this! It will be wonderful catching up with some old friends :) And paperbook & ebook!

  • Ansley

    Paperback please! Nothing beats pulling these books off the shelf and re-reading them every year!

  • corinne

    Paperback please. :) SO EXCITED!!

  • Liz

    I am so excited about this new book! I grew up with Christy and Todd, and I can’t wait to read more about them. I would love to read this book in paperback form since I don’t have any access to an e-reader of any kind.

  • venissajean

    Yea!!!!! I have been waiting and hoping for this day to come. I grew up reading all your books, especially Todd and Christy ones. I am now a 6th grade teacher, and my students are a new generation of fans!!!!
    Format: I would rather paperback to add to my collection, but I think it would be beneficial to have an e-reader version also. Please know that I am praying for you as your continue to create the adventure of “Our Friends”. Thank you for using your God given gift to bless so many!!! :)

    • And may the LORD continue to bless you as you teach those 6th graders!

  • Teal12282

    Paperback. So excited for the new books!!!

  • K

    Paperback please!!! I love owning them, sharing them and allowing others to borrow them!

  • Rachael

    Paperback because I already have the other books I’m the series in book form. I am so excited for this! Christy and Todd were always my favorite.

  • Linda

    I love reading on my Kindle but I HAVE to have this in paperback!!! There’s nothing better than new book smell :-)

  • paula


  • Gabrielle

    I would definitely buy it as a paperbook version! I cant wait for more Christy and Todd books!

  • Jen C


  • Tweaked

    Paperback-us 30’s Todd and Christy fans could not be more excited!

  • Ana Paula Horta

    Paperback, PLEASE! I’m so excited!!!

  • Marianne Barkman

    PAPERBACK, please! It will go on my Christy and Todd shelf with the others!!

  • Randi


  • Tonya

    Paperback, please!!!! And hurry, I am eagerly awaiting catching up with good friends! I read these books when they first came out, I was in jr high. Now I am so excited that my jr high daughter is loving them as much as I do.

    • I love hearing about moms and daughters who share these books. Wow. The next generation.

  • jhjumper

    I love reading with the book actually in my hands – especially Christy and Todd books! I will read them on the kindle if its all I’ve got, but I would so much rather read the paperback version. My sister reads them too and doesn’t own an e-reader at all.

  • Eva Nell

    Paperback, please. I’m a church librarian with many Christian fiction readers–and yours are always a hit. Paperbacks are a must, especially for smaller libraries.

    • I’m so grateful for church librarians and all they do to get good books into the hands of readers. Thank you for your ministry, Eva.

  • Valerie Campbell

    Paperback please…I have all the others in physical form and live pulling them off my bookshelf to reread them :)

  • Lorissa Christiansen

    Paperback and e-reader

  • Chloe

    I would love it in Paperback. I’m so, so excited! The Christy series is my absolute favorite!!

  • Kristin

    Paperback please! I want to add to my collection :)

  • Kelsey Ray

    Paperback please! I am not really a dan of ebooks. I like to actually hold the book in my hand when I read it. :) thank you so much for writing more about Christy and Todd! Their story has been a favorite of mine all through my elementary and high school years and now I am so excited to see what you have for me in college! You are wonderful! Love, Kelsey

  • wtng4todd

    Paperback always!

  • Tina

    Paperback! The best way to read;D

  • Hannah

    Definitely paperback! I prefer these to e-readers and I want to display it with the rest of my collection! Can’t wait!

  • Ella

    Paper back!

  • Lívia Donaire

    Paperback please! It feels like we’re closer to them!! And thank you so so so much for making this beautiful dream come true, it was one of mine too! God bless you and lead you now and then!!

  • Kateprov20v11

    Both please, but I personally prefer Paperback. I’m old school. LOL! Thank you so much Robin! And to God be the glory for writing stories through you. Thank you for being obedient to God so He can use you as a vessel to bring positive words of love, romance, grace, and forever love into the hearts of millions. God bless you on this writing adventure.

  • Katie

    I think it’s a good idea to have both

  • Tiffany Hover

    Paperback – I have two shelves of your books and can’t wait to add more books to my bookcase!!

  • Melanie

    Paperback. And yay!!!

  • Joy

    Paperback. I read on kindle now but I have all your books in paperback because they will always be favorites which I reread!

  • Heather

    Paperback is always great. I use my kindle when I don’t have access to paperback books. This is exciting stuff!

  • Jessica B.

    I definitely would prefer paperback. I love being able to hold a printed book when I’m reading.

  • Ashley

    Paperback! My whole collection is in book form! I must have a physical copy!

  • Sydney

    I love having my books in paperback! All of the Christy Miller series, College Years, Sierra Jenson series, Katie Weldon, and “Under a Maui Moon”, and the latest Sierra Jenson book are all in my class covered shelf. I love seeing them in there, and will one day share them with my daughters!

  • Lia

    So exciting! I would have to say that paperback is my paperback. Just because I will be able to put it on the bookshelf with the rest of the collection and also be able to take anywhere(not really a good idea to use public transportation with something like a kindle on hands in here)
    I love the series, so happy to know this 😀

  • Debbie

    Definitely paperback! I don’t have a kindle, nook or e-reader. I like my books in my hands and I collect your series.

  • Lia

    Paperback! Not very safe to use public transportation with a kindle on hands in here. Also it would look nice with the rest of the collection on my bookshelf 😀

  • Kyra

    I would definitely say paperback. I love having a collection of books on the shelf plus who doesn’t like the feel of turning real pages!

  • Rebecca

    Paperback and iTunes and Kindle…..yes to everything!

  • Ashley

    Definitely paperback. I love REAL books. And this is so exciting! Can’t wait to read it!!!

  • noonespellsmynameright

    Paper back please!

  • Kelli

    Paperback. I have all the other books in the series and would love to keep going with it that day to one day pass on to my daughter.

  • Bella

    Ebook please! I would prefer paperback, but it takes far too long to get to my country.

  • Barb Wohlford

    I love buying your books in paperback, because once I have read the book I love to share it with others that can not afford your books, or place it in our church’s library for others to read and enjoy, just like I do when I read your books. I would love a New Sister Chick Book. Hint, Hint!!!

  • momawake

    Paperback gets my vote, but I could also see doing both ebook and paperback.

  • Courtney

    paperback!! I am so excited!!!

  • Melissa Thurston

    Both, but I would definitely prefer paperback. There are few things more exciting than receiving a new book, opening it up for the first time, and knowing that unless you’re clumsy with a drink or lend it to the wrong person, you’ll be able to treasure it forever. Ebooks just don’t induce the same thrill.

  • Kacie.taylor


  • Rachel Vollmar

    Both! I love having a paper copy for at home use, but I need to be able to purchase it on my nook too…. I’ve read all of the Christy books over vacation before. And I can no longer pack an extra suitcase for books!

  • Melissa from Canada

    Paperback, definitely paperback! I just love the smell of actual paper pages when opening up a book and the sound they make as they flip taking you deeper into the beauty that lies within those carefully written lines! :) God bless you Robin! Looking forward to your upcoming “newest addition”! 😉

  • Victoria

    I love the feel of a paperback! Most of my todd loving friends don’t have ereaders, so I would prefer to have it in paperback! :)

  • Katie

    I’m so excited! Your books are a blessing to me. I would prefer paperback as well, so that I can add to my collection.

  • Grace Wolf

    Paperback Please

  • Bobbie Nail Mosher

    Paperback!!!! I love seeing all of your books lined up on the shelf! I still have issues with feeling like “ebooks” are actually “books”. I guess that will come in time but I love to hold the book in my hand! Praying for you to be overwhelmed with stories and ideas about this family! SOOO excited to see how they have been doing!!!

    • Thanks for the prayers, Bobbie. I loved your term “overwhelmed” with stories. I feel that’s exactly what’s happening so keep praying!

  • Jackie Smith Merrill

    I grew up reading these books in high school and now I pass them on to the teens I mentor. So paperback it is!!

  • Alyssa C.

    Paperback! Actual books are so much better than electronic books!

  • anniej09

    I much prefer paperback, but I also have a Nook e-reader, so I’d read it either way. There’s nothing better than feeling the weight of a book in your hands, turning the pages through the lives of the characters. I’m so glad that you’ve been led to continue Christy and Todd’s story! Many blessings!

  • Ashley

    Paperback! So I could put the new book with my Christy miller collection

  • Lacey Clemmensen

    Paperback! I prefer to have my books sitting on a shelf, plus I have all of the others! I am so excited!!!!

  • JK

    I hope it will be available for the Kindle as well as in paperback form. I love, love, love your books, but I have no room for more physical copies so always buy digitally now. Can’t wait to read about what’s been going on with some of my favorite characters! Thank you for being sensitive to God’s leading! May He bless you as you write for Him!

    • Jan

      I agree with so many of the other folks. I hope it’s available in both paperback and Kindle. I’m out of physical space, but I’ll get rid of other books to make room. Plus, I want to Kindle so I can always have it with me. I’m so excited!!!

  • Brittney Everett

    Paperpack! I have all your other ones so I need it in my collection! I also don’t have an e-reader device.

  • Stephanie

    Paperback… then I can put them all together and see them all in the same place! E-reader would be fine too if done with the paperback.

  • K

    Paperback for sure! This is one book I will definitely pre order, or buy it the first it’s available. I can’t wait!

  • Maggie McMann

    Ahhhh! I’m so excited and happy to read about this!! Sooo excited I screen shot the the email and texted my best friend the next second!! Can’t wait to read it!! :)

  • Jourdan

    Paperback, PLEASE! I can add them to the rest of my collection. Plus, I have no form of e-reader.

  • Erika Fox


  • katie

    Both! :)

  • Kyle Bednarski Green

    E reader! I am too impatient to wait for a book to be mailed to me! haha

  • chelsea

    This news fills my heart with joy! I would prefer both a paperback and a kindle version. I do read a lot of books on my kindle but would also want a physical copy to add to my collection of your other books!

  • Allison Green Martin

    Paperback please, please, please. Todd and Christy deserve a real, hold in your hand, flip the pages book! :)

  • NASCAR99fan

    So excited to read more about Todd & Christy! I love the feel of a paperback book. To me these books need to be read that way the first time. But I have also purchase many of them for my Kindle, so I always have them with me. Can’t wait!

  • Beth

    paperback! although I would buy an e-reader for this!

  • Mirelly

    Paperback !!

  • Halima Kringen


  • Candace B

    Eeeeeekkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so excited!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait to read the next chapter in Christy and Todd’s life!!!!! I prefer paperback!!! I love keeping my copies on my bookshelf so whenever I need a good trip into “Christy land” I can pick it up and flip to my favorite parts!

  • Betsie Nel


  • Valerie

    Def Paperback!

  • Waiting on The Lord

    Paperback please! I hope to give these books to my future daughter(s) Lord willing as well and I want them to see any notes, comments, or underlinings that I want them to pay attention to that they would not get through an electronic copy.

  • Emily

    Paperback! Best birthday present ever! 😀

  • Kami

    This just made my day!!! I’m so excited!! I would say paperback, considering that I don’t have an e-reader. :)

  • Alisia Jacobsen

    Definitely paperback. I have every Christy, Sierra, and Katie book in print, and I would like to keep it going. I can’t wait until you release the new one! Christy and Todd are my absolute favorite!!

  • Sunshineyda

    Paperback!!! Sooooooooo excited for the Christy and Todd stories to come!!! They’re such a blessing in every way and I definitely want my future kids to read them!!! Best books ever!!

  • Sarah

    I’m am so excited! I’d definitely prefer paperback! I need to hold the book in my hands as I dive into the story of Christy and Todd once again!

  • Savannah

    I love paperback! Holding the book in your hand is a good feeling. Can’t wait for the new books!

  • Sandra Faith Tress

    I would prefer to purchase the new Christy & Todd book in paperback format. There’s just something about holding a book in your hands and having that smell of a brand new book. :) Can’t wait! So excited!

  • Name

    I will definitely want a paperback copy to add to my collection but I would also purchase an e-reader copy to have with me while I travel! Sooo excited!!!

  • green

    Paperback Please! I love to hold the book and characters right in my hand. I know how it is writing a book–it is very tiring yet exciting and I hope that someday I can be a published author. Thank you for that verse…I will keep that in my mind because it is in His timing when I shall write an epic novel. Please write more of Christy and Todd. I never thought of the kind of man I wanted until I found Todd. Happy Writing!

    • Keep writing. Keep listening to the Lord. He will direct your steps.

  • abbysnews


  • Elisabeth

    Ebook and paperback!

  • Kelsey

    While I’m a kindle reader, Christy and Todd have a special place on my bookshelf so I will definitely buy it in paperback. :)

  • Ashley

    Paperback!!! I don’t even have an e-reader.

  • Green

    Paper back please! And don’t rush through it, take your time. 😉

  • ddeezzii

    I really prefer a paperback but I also have kindle. I like books better so I can display it with all my other Christy Miller books. :)

  • Pina

    Paperback please…to add to my current collection!!! :)

  • Amanda

    I really like reading books on my Kindle, but I would prefer anything in the Christy Miller series (and her friends) be in paperback. I like to keep them on the shelf & save them for my daughter.

  • Sarah

    Paperback! I am so excited that you have decided to write more books about them!!! I love the Christy and Todd books! I can’t wait until they come out! I am rereading the series and I must say I enjoy them very much! It’s been too long. So excited that God has put that on your heart!

  • Bethany Bennett

    Hardcover or nook. Cause i have a lot of your books on my nook.
    Can not wait.

  • lyndi

    paperback, I don’t own a kindle

  • Katrina

    Oh my goodness! I am so excited about new Christy & Todd adventures. I grew up loving these books; my vote is paper back. Because of how special Christy and Todd books are to me, and all of their friends’ books, I love owning their stories in paperback. They are a treasure :)

  • Mary

    Paperback, because I have a church library to put books into-
    no easy way to share digital books

  • Kyra

    Paperback to add to my collection!!! :]

  • Holli Hagerstrom Carroll

    My daughter just said she’d buy both the Kindle e-reader version and the paperback.

  • Emm

    Paperback!!! I own all of the Christy and Todd books and I’ve always wanted to share them with the daughter I’ll have some day God willing. Nothing is quite the same as paperback. :)

  • Katie

    The books about Todd, Christy, and Katie in their college years have been my favorites, because they were in the same place in life that I was. And now that I’m married, I’m so excited that you’re writing more!! I would buy either ebook or paperback, whichever I could get my hands on. God bless you as you write!

  • Mindy Byerts

    I would like paper book and iTunes. I read ebook snow but I would really treasure having paperback for this series! :-)

  • Jolene

    Paperback and I am thrilled to see you are writing about them again. Your books have been a wonderful tool to help me communicate with my teenage daughter and I THANK YOU!!

  • Julia

    Please paperback paperback paperback! I much prefer a physical copy of any book but feel that I NEED one for a book about forever friends! Thank you for asking our opinion!

  • Kat

    YAY!!!!! I am overjoyed with this announcement!!!! I would prefer paperback! I can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!

  • naners0606

    Paperback!! I have them all and would hate not to have a physical copy of the new ones.

  • Laura

    Paperback and Kindle. I’m so excited that you are writing about Christy and Todd again!

  • Jeanette

    Paperback. I am so excited for this!!!

  • Angie Patterson

    Definitely paperback. I love my Kindle books, but for the Todd and Christy books, I love having a physical book. I love having the opportunity to share them with others, which I have done quite often. These books have been ones that have frequently left my shelves and will continue to be as I continue to re-read them or pass them off to another person to hopefully be a blessing in their life as well. Can’t wait for the next one to come out!

  • Pamela

    Oh my gosh! Yes! I’ve been waiting for years for this! I’m so glad God has made it happen again! :) I would buy it in paperback. My dream is to have all of the Christy miller series including now all of christy and Todd’s story in hard copy to give to my future daughters 😀

  • Tara

    I am jumping up and down! I am beyond thrilled to read more about my favorite characters of all time!

  • Bre


  • Christine

    Paperback! So excited for this new book, Todd and Christy have been my friends for the past 10 years now!

  • Virginia

    Paperback! That way the new book can join all its friends on the bookshelf.

  • allboys

    I would prefer paperback, but both ways would be great as well. Yay! I cannot wait to read these!

  • Cori


  • Angie


  • Dae Johnson

    Absolutely paperback! I’m 31 years old now and I still love pulling those books off the shelf over and over again and reading my favorite parts!

  • Victoria

    Definitely paperback. :)

  • Wende Wildridge McGraw

    I would have to say both. With the wide variety of people who love this series and would love to read more about them, I think they need to be available in both paperback and e-reader form!!!!

  • stephanie1258

    Paperback for my future daughter’s enjoyment!

  • Anna

    This is AMAZINGGGGG!!!!! Paperback is preferred! :)

  • Stephanie Bruhn

    Paperback definitely I look forward to this I know what my daughter and I are getting for Christmas. squeal squeal Do I see babies in the future? And a trip to Africa for a certain wedding before by Gordon.

  • Angelina

    Paperback for sure! (:

  • Brooke

    Paperback I have all of the christy and Todd books and Sierra and Katy in paperbacks and I don’t want to change that when I have a full series in one form or the other I like to keep them that way! So I would prefer paperback so I will always have them and be able to keep them together!

  • Jerran

    Paperback for my collection! There’s nothing like holding a physical book in your hands!

  • Emily Ciz

    I agree with an abundance of readers; paperback. I like to hold these books. Man oh man! I’m so excited. I went to the library yesterday, hoping that for some God reason, I’d find a new Robin book. Nope. :) Soon though…thank you, thank you, thank you!

    • Sooooooon, Emily! My next book releases in April. It’s titled, “Spoken For: Embracing Who You Are and Whose You Are”. I think you’ll really enjoy that non-fiction book as you wait for the first Christy and Todd book.

      • Emily Ciz

        I am definitely going to read that one when it comes out! :) Thank you Robin – you are such a sweet-heart. (I think of Tracy when I say that term)…ooh, right now I’m reading the Katie series over again, as I await your April release. Much love Robin!

  • Emily Raine

    Paperback! I am totally excited about the next Todd and Christy adventure! In a way their adventures (and the adventures of katie) have helped me in my walk with Christ. Thank you so much for sharing with us!

  • Kelly DeHart

    I would love paperback!! That way it can sit on my bookshelf with the rest of my collection and someday my daughter can read them all. This seriously made my morning!!!

  • LexisL

    Paperback!! Im so excitedd!!

  • Shelley

    Paperback please. My daughter and her friends are so excited to continue to read about Christy and Todd.

  • Susan


  • Sara

    Paperback is a must!

  • Jan McGill

    I say both!! While it may be cheaper and more convenient on an e-reader, some books have to be treasured forever… Just like the rest of the Christy and Todd series sitting on my bookshelf!

  • unmistakable1

    I like the option if both ereader and paperback. With a pretty nature-inspired cover like the College Years series… please? :-)

  • Rebekah

    I would LOVE Paperback and E-reader!!!! I would definitely own both!!!!

  • Rachel

    Paperback! So I can add it to my bookshelf!

  • Natasha

    Paperback! There’s just something comforting about sitting down with a real physical book :) I love the smell of a new book! Plus I love having a bookshelf full of good books. I can’t wait to add this one to my collection!

  • Bethany

    Paperback please, so I can pass it down with my others in my Christy collection :) I’m so excited!!

  • SAC1

    Paperback and kindle, but if I had to pick, nothing beats holding the pages of these stories in my hands…

  • Laura Smetak

    Definitely a paperback!! I have a whole “Robin Jones Gunn” shelf in my library, and I am saving all those books for my daughter when she grows up (she is only 7 months right now :)
    Who knows where technology will be in the next ten years, fifteen years, twenty years… but I always know I can pass on my paperback Todd and Christy books to her because they won’t change with the times :)

  • Paloma

    That is good news!!! My vote is for ebook and paperback!

  • Holly B

    I would like a paperback! That way I can keep it, re-read it, and pass it on!

  • Jesika Davey

    paperback paperback paperback paperback paperback paperback!!!

  • April Joy

    Paperback! I haven’t joined the ereader crew! I like having my books in hand :)

  • Sylvia M.

    Yay! I’m 33, but still re-read the teen (and all the following) books and am very excited to read this new series! :) Paperback would be my preference over e-books. I think e-books should be available, but I’m more likely to read the paperbacks.

  • Rebecca

    Paperback for sure

  • Julia


  • Madison Carroll

    I prefer both e-reader for the kindle and Paperback!!!! I love having my favorite books available in both formats so that no matter what I always have a copy of it!!!

  • Ashleigh D.

    I have all of my Christy & Todd, Sierra, and Katie books all lined up on a shelf dedicated only to them. These are books that I treasure and have read over and over since I was 13. I would be heart broken if these new books on their life were not paperback. I know some people do prefer e-readers so it could be published both ways but definitely more important to be paperback. I can’t wait!!!!!

    • Well, we certainly don’t want to see your heart broken, Ashleigh!

  • Jean

    I would buy it on an eraser because my bookstore has a very small Christian section and it would be difficult for me to get otherwise. However, I don’t want anyone to miss out on this story and lots of people don’t have dressers or smartphones. I’d hate to see anyone not be able to get it. Thank you for letting us know about it though! I’ve been a fan for… 6 years? :)

    • This made me giggle, Jean. I’m not sure we’ll be able to offer it on an “eraser”. :-)

  • Kristen

    Paperback. It must be added to my collection! :)

  • Becky

    Paperback! I squealed along with you!

  • Katie

    Paperback! I really want to continue in buying my collection of Christy Miller books, and to have it in only e-reader format would kind of defeat that collection just a little. SO excited!!!!!!

  • Forever friend

    Paperback for sure! Long live print!

  • Beth Werner Lee

    Both. I read Christy books in paperback, but Katie on Kindle…I think I’d like the option.
    I’m so excited for you (and for me, anticipatorily) and yes, I have dreams that lie dormant; one of which is coming true this May as we prepare to lead a study tour of college students to England (husband the professor, me the organizer help).

    • What a beautiful dream about to come true, Beth! May the Lord fill your adventure with constant reminders of His presence and His unfailing love for His people all over the world.

  • Jolena

    Paper back I love having all of the books on my shelf. I read them over and over again. I am so glad to read the next book I love your books.

  • Rose

    I would buy it however it is available!

  • L.


  • NatyB

    To Be honest I’d buy both, and read it in each format :)

  • Springeatx

    E-book and paperback!!!

  • Elwin

    Hard cover as I have all the previous books in hard cover

  • Jamie

    Paperback, Hardcover, or Nook would be best for me. I still need to read the collage years. But I am very excited and happy for you that this dream is a reality.

  • Meghan

    I usually read kindle, but I have print copies of all your books so I would probably buy paperback. I’m so excited though!!!! I’ve been waiting and hoping you’ll do more!!!

  • brooklyn

    paperback or kindle

  • Allison

    I would definitely buy the paperback!!

  • Brookesierra21

    I too like to keep the books on my shelf and I like to hold tem in my hands and get lost in them so I would prefer paperback! I was so excited to hear that Christy and Todd were coming back and I can’t wait to read about their married life!

  • JillYD

    paperback 1st, e-reader definitely 2nd

  • Amanda

    Paperback, please! (:

  • Emilee Clemons

    Beyond excited, Robin – I will definitely be praying for you! Also, I would buy a paperback for sure.

  • libby towse

    ereader kobo and paperback!!

  • Jessica Bradish

    both e-reader and paperback

  • Bonnie Michel

    ereader of paper back and cd

  • Miranda V.

    Paperback or Nook! I can’t wait to read more of Christy and Todd! I love your books!

  • Anna

    I’d say paper back I’m so excited to read this!! My mom introduced me to christy miller and I introduced it to my friends and one them introduced it to their sister who introduced it to the grade and I can’t do that on my I pad and stuff. I’m SO excited can’t wait to read them!

  • Kayla

    Paperback!! I need it to sit right with the rest of my Christy books where it belongs!

  • Carrie Wiley

    Kindle and Paperback! Kindle because it will be in my hands faster, Paperback because it will last on my shelf forever :) EEK! So excited!

  • Tracy Ober

    Paperback for sure! It brings a smile to my face that so many others want paperback too! It’s a different kind of read when you hold the book in your hands and flip through the pages

  • Hannah

    A classic paperback!! so we can enjoy it again and again

  • Hilary Dorst

    Paperback! I can’t add anything more to that that hasn’t already been said. :)

  • jme

    I’m just starting to get used e-books and love the convenience, but when I think of Todd and Christy, it just has to end up in paperback on the bookshelf with the rest of them!

  • Breann

    I love the actual books. I love that new book smell. hehehehe. i also would rather hold a book in my hand while I’m reading it.

  • Jeannie Montognese Cloninger

    Paper back for me!

  • Amber Nicole Cory

    Paperback!! I grew up reading their stories in paperback and I’m going to finish them in paperback!

  • Actual books are so much better! I like to hold a real book in my hand.

  • zoe

    paper back :)

  • Em

    Paperback :) I like to keep them on the shelf. Exciting!!

  • Noel Webb

    Paperback! So excited. These books got me through high school

  • Sarah

    Paperback! They are best for re-reading over and over!

  • I am SOOO excited about your new book! I love the Christy Miller series! Keep up the awesome work Robin! :)

  • jackie

    paper back….. some of us don’t own e readers and i myself have been collecting all the books i love them all

    • I agree. I don’t have a e reader either. I prefer paperbacks to e readers anyday!

  • Liz Miller

    Paperback, most definitely! Although, I know how much people enjoy carrying a full library with them on their e-reader, so having it available in both formats would be fantastic. =)

  • Erin


  • RambleSAHM W.

    I still prefer paperback!

  • jennifer

    I would like electronic to read on my kobo

  • Bekah Davis

    I would say if would be great if you offered both options. I prefer my e-reader because I won’t lose it (haha) but some prefer paperback. It’s more sentimental :)

  • Emilie

    Paperback, definitely :)

  • Heather Wendorf Johnson

    I prefer both. That way I have the book at home (love the feel of the pages) and I can take the book with me on the Kindle when I travel.

  • Esther

    Paperback, please!

  • Rebecka

    Paperback for sure! There’s nothing like actually holding a book in your hands.

  • Melissa

    I like both!

  • jenny

    Paperback please! Nothing beats the feel and smell of books while they are being read!

  • Danyelle

    I travel a lot so I would buy the iBook or Kindle version. Which is nice because I can’t take books traveling and I can’t always buy a physical book internationally when it comes out. But eBooks can be purchased from anywhere!

  • jess

    love e-reader but i have all the paperback copies of these books so i’d like to continue to add to the series! AHHH SO EXCITED!!!!

  • Steph

    Paperback! I love having the actual books in my hands. Plus i don’t have an e-reader.

  • Jenny


  • Jess

    I prefer paperback…much easier to share them with the girls in my youth group if they are in paperback!

  • Lindsay

    Definitely paperback!!!

  • Tasha Frye

    Paperback! There’s just something about turning the pages of a good book! : )

  • Katie

    I use a kindle, but only for books that are “second class”. Books that I anticipate wanting to read over and over, and share with others are always still bought as books. I would want paperback, ah, so exciting!!!

    • Your comment made me think that Christy and Todd have just been moved up to “first class”. Nice! Thanks, Katie. (Love your name, btw)

  • Jenn

    Paperback for sure! I have all the other Todd and Christy books and would love to add any new ones to my collection. My daughter is almost to the age of starting to read these and I am so excited to share these stories with her that helped me through my junior high and high school years.

  • Ruby Guida Love


  • Cheryl Lynn Caterson

    i will be the last person to switch to technology even with so many e-books available.

  • Jo

    I am so incredibly excited to see where you take Christy and Todd! That series is so special to me. I would prefer paperback, but since I’ll be moving out of the country again, and packing space is limited, eBook would be great, too. So I’ll vote eBook and paperback. :) Thank you for writing these books! <3

    • Safe travels, Jo. The Lord goes with you wherever you go. May your new dwelling place feel like home right away.

  • Melanie

    Paperback! Really excited about more Christy and Todd stories!!!

  • Mandalyn

    Paperback, especially because I already own ALL the Christy and Todd books in paperback (and a few in hardcover).

  • Jen

    To be honest I only purchase books through my kindle any more. I LOVE Christy and Todd grew up with them! Cannot WAIT to read about them again!

  • Bella Carolina


  • Jennifer Caskey

    I love a good paperback. For my favorites that I read over and over I prefer a paperback and usually try to get it on ebook too in case something happens to the paper back.

  • Jessica

    Paperback! Like so many others, I treasure the bound copy that I can pass back and forth with friends. So excited for Christy and Todd’s next adventures! Thank you!

  • Melody

    I love having the actual book in my hands. I collect them and prefer to have them in hard copy.

  • Kristen

    Both! I would love to have it on both my kindle and in paperback, that way it goes with me everywhere! I am so thrilled for more Christy and Todd and the lessons that they will teach me and many women/girls around the world. I’ve been hoping and praying for more and it is finally coming! Our God is an “Awesome” God! I can hardly contain my excitement!

  • Julieanne

    While I love eBooks on my Kindle, I’d definitely prefer the option to also have a paperback or hardbound book. :)

  • Emily C.

    Today is my birthday and this made my day! I’m now 21 and I grew up reading all of the books, and they were my constant companions in a world where I needed a bit of an escape. For that reason I would buy it in print. Correction, I would by it in any format you chose, but I would love to have it in print, because of what it means to me. Charge as much as you need and I’ll still pre-order it. Thank you for being a true witness for The Kingdom and it’s King.

  • Elizabeth

    So excited to hear there will be more of Christy and Todd!! I prefer kindle books

  • Rachel M

    Paperback!!!!! Love holding those books and wanting to add to my collection for my daughter!!!

  • Tiffany L Walker

    I would probably read them on both, and maybe on audible as well :)

  • Rebecca Dewey

    I prefer to actually hold the book in my hand. I do read a lot of books on my Kindle, but mainly because I get them free or at a huge discount. If I had my choice I would definitely choose paperback.

  • Samantha

    Definitely kindle, but I would also buy the paperback because I love christy and Todd that much!!!

  • Ashley

    Paperback! Can’t wait to have another Christy and Todd book in my hands!

  • Kat

    Paperback please!!!

  • Kristin S

    Paperback! So excited for more Christy and Todd!

  • Joy Day


  • Rachael5439


  • RaeanneV

    I’ll probably buy it first on kindle, as I don’t have a lot of space for paperbacks right now (my husband and I move frequently and try to keep our inventory down, kindle is so handy for this). However, I definitely want a physical copy someday. I love real books.

  • Sarai Torres


  • ALF

    As an avid reader I do have have an e-reader (kindle) for the simple fact – I would run out of space otherwise :) My favorite authors are always a paperback purchase!!! The new Christy n Todd book would b a paperback pre-order to add to my RGJ shelve :)

    • Alissa

      I totally love the horizontal books on the shelf. Glad to know I’m not the only one that fits the books in any way possible… They just have to be together. :)

      • Chanel v Niekerk

        Looks very familiar!

    • Karly

      I Love this! I have all the same ones too, …old school!! LOVE RJG

      • Guest

        Hmm, looks a lot like my shelf too!

    • Jessica

      I too have all of my RJG books on one shelf in my room!!!! They are stacked similar to these — in numerical order, of course!

    • Hey, your shelf looks a lot like my shelf, Alf!

    • Shelby

      This looks oh so familiar! Hehe. You know what they say about ‘birds of a feather’… 😉 (yes, that was a shameless sisterchicks pun! lol)

    • Hannah

      This looks familiar… 😉

    • Heather Beffort

      Looks like my shelf too haha!

    • Kirsten

      Yep… just like my shelf too!!

    • petra

      looks like my shelf to!

  • Jlott94

    Paperback! I like to have all my books on a shelf. I love my book collection and its easier to get others to read the books if I have a hard copy of it!

  • Helène Gama


    And I’m from Brazil!And I want the book

  • Doris Howell

    Prefer e books but still buy a few paperbacks.

  • Heather Raquel

    I love both paperback and ereader! I love the feel of having the paper back books in hand. I also love how quick it is to find the books in the ereader. I have all of the Christy Miller series in Paperback and i’d love to say that I have the new one coming out in paperback as well. :)

  • Lauren

    Paperback, please!!

  • Alissa

    Oh, paperback, please!!! I can’t stand the thought of reading books from a screen instead of from a physical book…

  • Halsey

    paperback paperback paperback!

  • kate

    Paperback!!! But you should make it available for both!

  • Heather Frei

    Paperback!! :)

  • Jonna

    I would prefer paperback to add to my Christy collection.

  • Brittany

    Paperback!!!! NOTHING can replace having a real book in your hands!!!!!!!

  • tripleEEE

    Paperback! I like to carry a book with me, that way people ask what I’m reading and I get the hooked :)

  • Whitney Parsons


  • redhead8581

    Paperback :)

  • Kendyl

    Paperback please; I love holding an actual book in my hands. I’m so excited!

  • Lisa Medeiros

    I do love my ereader… but paperback make it so much easier to share with friends and family! :)

  • Bethany Gentry

    Paperback! I enjoyed many happy afternoons (and still do on a rare occasion) reading these. NOTHING beats holding a good book in your hand being able to feel the paper beneath your fingers as you read! Plus, I want my daughter to be able to read these just as I did. I know the new generation is all about technology, but I think it’s good for them to take a break for a while- go back to the days of a paperback book!

  • absohio

    paperback…especially for Christy and Todd…will match the rest of my series on my shelf. :)

  • rer3890


  • autumnpaige

    Paperback! So excited to read the new story!

  • Lissette

    I would definately get both the e-reader and paperback :-)

  • FanofChristy

    Both, Mrs. Gunn!!! My mother recently gave me a NOOK because I carried all my books with me wherever I went. So the NOOK made it much easier BUT I still use physical books because there is nothing like turning the page from a book. It is, “awesome!” But then again no body uses that word anymore.

    • Ha! If he could, Doug would be giving you a hug right now, Samantha.

  • Christy

    My vote is paperback. There is nothing better than having a treasured character in real book form to have on a shelf as a reminder of all of the adventures.

  • Sara Giannetti

    Definitely paperback! There’s something about being able to hold the book in your hands and turn the pages! Plus it would be an addition to the already overflowing shelf just for books by my favorite Robin Jones Gunn! You can’t even know how excited I am for this new book! :)

  • Marisa

    Paperback to keep my collection complete, and pass to my daughter. :-) So excited!

  • Bekah

    Paperback! Nothing beats the feeling when you open a brand new book and hear the pages crack and the smell just makes you feel relaxed :)

  • Anna D

    I own all the other Christy books in paperback (as well as almost every other book you have written!) I would definitely want this book in a paperback. So excited!!

  • Lisa Bouwman

    Paperback please!!!! Possibly an ereader too, but I know I would be extremely disappointed if it didn’t come out in paperback. I have collected each book on these characters as they were published. The set would feel incomplete if there wasn’t an actual book to add to the shelf with the others.

  • Amy


  • Caitlin

    Paperback, please!!!!

  • Teresa

    Paperback is always nice, but because I live in Germany getting it on Kindle is so much easier for me.

  • Holly B

    Paperback would be my version of choice for a book that I plan to keep FOREVER! This one would definitely be a forever book! Can’t wait to read more about Todd and Christy!

  • Nicole

    I prefer paperback for books regarding Christy and Todd! :) I keep them and crack them open every so often. I like the ereaders for convenience but I’ll still buy a paperback book that I care about vs. an inexpensive read.

  • Joy

    AHHHHH!! I’ve missed Todd and Christy! I’d love it to be in a paperback.

  • Gina

    I am so excited!! Definitely prefer paperback :)

  • amanda

    Paperback please! Boy, I’m so excited! Can’t wait

  • abby

    I can hardly contain my excitement!!! Either format would be amazing!!!

  • Jeremy Jeanna Echols

    Paperback!! I have all the other ones in paperback and I’d love to add to that collection.

  • Ana Clara Rezende

    I prefer Paperback

  • Karly

    I prefer paperback! But I also know that many would like/prefer e-reader, so I think both would be a good option. I have SO many paperbacks of yours already I can’t imagine not being able to add to my other books with more paperback. :)

    SO thrilled to hear the exciting news of more Christy & Todd books! SO thrilled!

  • teridavis

    I have all the Christy books in paperback, however I love my Kindle and I like the thought of taking Christy & Todd with me wherever I may go! 😉

  • FeliciaB

    Ebooks are all I read if I can. I use a Nook. I am in high anticipation for this one! These stories were a treasured part of my adolescence!

  • Barbara Luningham

    Real, real, real, real, paperback books, please. Nothing like the feel, the fragrance, the sheer joy of holding a book and lovingly caressing it. Thank you for the impact your books have had on so many young girls, and older ladies. My granddaughters have benefited so very much from your wisdom, your wonderful work. Thank you, again

  • Alexis Marx

    Paperback. Nothing compares to have an actual book in your hands. On top of that, I would like a physical book to put on my book shelf with the rest of my collection.

  • Lynda

    Paperback! I can’t wait to see a new book about Christy and Todd’s married years. I have been reading them since middle school and foundmy love story to be similar to theirs and I dare say my Husband is better than what I could have imagined. I learned a lot about dating and relationships from those books and as a newlywed I would love to read about their marriage. I can’t wait until it comes out.

  • Laylah

    Paperback PLEASE.

  • I think paperback would be great! I would love to have a physical book to add to the rest of my Christy Miller and Friends collection. Also, not everyone has an e-reader, so I think it would be available to more people in paperback. SO EXCITED!! Thank you so much for doing this! :)

  • Jessica


  • Mary B.

    I don’t have an e-reader, so I’m definitely pro paperback. But I’m sure both would be great for everyone!

  • Emory

    Squeal!! Yes!yes!yes!yay!!!!!! I think I prefer paperback.

  • Ana Clara Rezende

    I prefer Paperback

  • Michelle W

    Paperback please! I so loved reading about Christy and Todd growing up and have passed it on to my daughter who loves the series now. She will be very excited also to hear you are working on another book. Thank you for the message your stories bring. They mean alot to me. Many blessings.

  • Alicia

    Paperback! I love having an actual book in my hands and on my shelf :) I’m saving all my Christy and Todd books for a daughter someday as well and would love to have a physical copy of the new book!

  • Annalisa

    Paperback,I like holding the actual book in my hand

  • Jani

    Paperback and e-reader!!!

  • Heather34

    I like both. I buy things in paperback, but I then end up getting them for my e-reader also because it’s easier to carry around 200+ books on one device as I always am reading more than one book at a time (yep, I have that many books on my nook)

  • Jessica A

    Paperback!! Have to keep my collection going!!

  • Alena

    Bought a Kindle for books and then realized that I love having a actual book in my hands and the smell of the paper, so I definitely want paperback!! (Especially since all my other books by you are paper back and not digital!) SO EXCITED!

  • Alesha

    E-book for the nook. I do all my reading digitally.

  • Kristine

    Paperback for sure! I don’t own an eReader so there would be no way for me to read it. Plus my other well-read Todd and Christy books would feel like part of their family is missing without it on the shelf.

  • Tara

    I’m SOOO excited to hear this! I love the Christy Miller Series! I would purchase the book paperback, but I’m sure others would like it for their kindles etc.

  • Hayley Jean

    I’d purchase both the paperback and kindle version! :)
    I’m so excited about the next adventure of Christy and Todd. Praying for you during this time of writing Robin! :) Thank you so much for your time spent on writing- your books have impacted me personally and I cant thank you enough!

  • Myra

    I would say that the consensus is overwhelming, but I’ll add to it — Paperback! I do own a Kindle and use it, but for books that I really care about, I want them in my hands and on my shelves! Also makes it easier to share (although I have to buy a second copy for that…). Can’t wait! :)

  • Jennifer

    I would want Paperback so that it matched the previous books in my collection. Ebooks are great too, and maybe you could get a new following on there!

  • Dianne

    A real book for sure!!!! There’s nothing like curling up with a good book! Somehow a Kindle doesn’t do it for me! Yay for a new book!

  • Kristen

    Definitely paperback…There is just something about holding a book that makes it so special!!

  • Caity M.

    Paperback! I love being able to look at my bookshelf and seeing so many books that span my years in Jr. high, high school and college years. It’s like looking at my own faith journey on a bookshelf. Words cannot contain my excitement! :)

  • Erin Heckber

    I love my paperback collection of Christy and Todd that I have going on and I would love to add this book to it! Nothing beats a full bookshelf of Christy and Todd books!

  • Jenna

    Paperback. I like to hold the book..I also like to see how they grow in the books.

  • Rachel Misch

    hard back or paper back, I have almost all of your books in a paper copy. If the new ones was an e-reader I would not be able to keep them all together. But I am super super excited for the new book(s)!!!!

  • Elisha


  • Nicole Peltier

    I usually read on kindle now but the christy miller series + has been something that my grandma likes to get me so both kindle and paper back is great!

  • Andra

    Paperback for sure!!! My books are one of my greatest treasures, it is so much more special to pick up a real book and read it. I have had many wonderful moments in each book that I own

  • Raquel

    I’m so excited for these books!! And paperback yes please!! :))

  • Sarah

    Paperback and e-reader but if I had to choose one it would be paperback. I cannot wait for this book to come out!! I may just have to re-read all of Christy and Todd’s story again before it comes out!!

  • Amanda

    As Katie would say, this I a total God-thing! I just recently felt the urge to re-read the Christy Miller series and now I am re-reading the college years!

  • Sarah

    Paperback please!

  • Name


  • Your Fan from India

    Paper back & Kindle please! Nothing beats paper back but I guess your novel will have greater reach if it were on Kindle. I’ve been reading your books since my teenage years & I still go back to them even though I just turned 30 :)

  • Claire

    I love getting my fav. books in paperback for my collection!

  • Rachel Laber

    Paperback and kindle. I would take the kindle version on long road trips; and the paperback would be for home use . Thank you for all the work you do and the sweet words of Christ.

  • Alyssa EverythingForJesus

    Paperback, please! I am a librarian, and while we do get requests occasionally for e-books, ninety percent of the time our patrons want a physical copy. Hooray! I am so excited to see what Christy and Todd have been up to!

  • Katy Schinbein

    Paperback! I’m now passing the story of Christy and Todd on to my daughter who has read the whole series. Can’t wait to move on to their next adventure!

  • Julia D.

    I will purchase a paperback, but I think paperback and e-reader is the way to go. Very excited! Aloha.

  • Kelly


  • Sara

    I would purchase both!! I would love to have the paperback copy to pass down to my daughter one day :):)

  • Candy

    Paper back

  • Christina

    Definitely paperback! I am looking forward to having more stories to read about Christy & Todd!

  • Lydia Miller

    All of your other books I have in paperback and would want these new ones to match. Paperback, please.

  • Emily

    I prefer kindle because I’m undergoing chemo and it’s causing my left arm to not lift things well. I’m only 23, so I know that will stop when treatment ends, but then my family is moving, too, so I don’t want to lose a book. :-) – Emily

  • Jkl1234

    Paperback please :)

  • becky


  • Kelley

    I’d personally like the option of choosing either paperback or ebook. I’d probably lean more towards paperback though because I want it to match the rest of the series and have a place on my bookshelf.

    Best news this year (so far at least) :)

  • lane

    paperback and e-book

  • Katie

    Paperback, please!! :) I am thrilled you are doing this. Thank you. We love you, and we love your characters.

  • Chelsea

    God’s timing is incredible. It seems like every time I enter into a new
    chapter of my life, you release yet another book that I can relate to. I
    read The Christy Miller Series during my teen years, then the College
    Years after high school, and now I’ll get to read this treasure as
    someone who is getting married this summer. I’ve learned so much from
    your books! You are such an inspiration, Robin. :)

    As for your question, although I love my Kindle, I gotta go with
    paperback. Your books take up most of my bookshelf and I want to keep it
    that way. 😉

  • Sarah

    I would prefer the book to be in paperback format. I love to actually have the book in my hands! I don’t seem to experience the book the same when I can not actually feel the pages (:

  • Rachel Laber

    Paperback and kindle. I would take the kindle version on long road trips; and the paperback would be for home use . Thank you for all the work you do and the sweet words of Christ.

  • Kellie

    I like the idea of both paperback and e reader, I read most of my books on my Kobo these days but this is one series I will probably buy in paperback too!

  • Jess

    Nothing beats holding a real paperback in your hands, and then putting it up on the shelf beside its new friends!

  • Ashley

    First off, I love, love, LOVE your books!! These books have played such a huge part in how I view my relationship with God, how I view myself, what I want to be/do in life, etc.. And I’m SOOOO excited to be able to “re-unite” and see what comes next for them!! :) I definitely like paperback over e-reader!! I tried using the kindle for books, and it just doesn’t cut it for me at all! I like being able to physically hold the book and turn the pages. Plus, I would love to be able to add even more books to the already overflowing bookshelf with the collection of all of your other books, which I hope to, possibly be able to pass down to a daughter one day!! :) Thank you so much for writing these books. They have truly been such an inspiration!!

  • Audree Kalt Lyles

    I LOVE the Christy and Todd series! Some books, I prefer paperback because I started with paperback. But any NEW series I have started, I do on my Kindle. Christy and Todd are, of course, on paperback! :)

  • Jenn

    I would love paperback and kindle! I like having a physical copy, but I love how you can get a book instantly through kindle. I want my daughter to read this series, but I think by the time she is of age paperback will be a thing of the past.

  • Daven82

    I can go either way. I love the feel of a paperback book, but I also read a lot on my Nook.

  • Kathleen


  • Tonnah

    Paper back

  • Grace

    Paperback!!!!! Ebook would be nice, too, but I’d definitely want to put this book on my shelf with all the others!!! :)

  • Anonymous

    PAPERBACK!!! 😀

  • Steph B

    Both. I enjoy my e reader, but there’s nothing like holding an actual book in my hand.

  • Hannah

    I would much rather prefer to have it as a paperback book because myself and lots of others I know do not have anyway to read a e-book. Plus who doesn’t love the way books smell, just holding a Christy book is comforting to me! I can’t wait to have little girls one day and to pass all of my books down to them! :) I’m so excited about this new book!!!

  • Mary Brown

    I would prefer e-reader. Just got a new kindle and reading on it is SO much easier than paperback but that’s just me

  • Melly


  • Ruth Ann Bailey

    Paperback. I like to be able to share a great book so my friends can get hooked on an amazing author who glorify God in so many ways.

  • Damarys Decothé

    Paperback! But i’m from Brazil so an ebook it’s easier to me.
    I dreamed with you last night Robin! In my dream you was in my church talking about our Fathers’ love. It was amazing to hug you again – even in my dreams. God bless you my dear!
    I can’t wait for more about Christie and Todd!

  • Bree

    E book and paperback. I love them both.

  • Jana Waddell

    SQUEAL!!!! I’m so excited about this new adventure and I have to say that I am SO thankful for how you weave the truths of living a godly life into even a blog post about your beloved characters! I am waiting for a dream to come true right now and I’m having a difficult time surrendering it to my Heavenly Father. Even as I rejoice with you over the anticipation of a new stories about Christy and Todd I needed to be reminded to not lose heart in my wintertime. I long for spring…as you mentioned in Victim of Grace, “spring follows winter, as it always does…not by anything I do to force the season change but only by the graceful hand of God” (Jana paraphrase.)
    And to answer your question…I still love the look, smell and feel of a paperback over an e-reader. I want to hold your precious stories in my hands and feel the weight of your words pour over my spirit as they always do.
    Blessings to you, Robin!

  • Beth dog

    Paperback!!! I like to keep my most treasured books somewhere I can see them!! And a tangible memory!

  • Natalie

    Thank you, Robin!!!!!!!!!!! I can hardly wait!! I get a book on my kindle every now and then but for my most treasured books I want a paperback copy.

  • bkennedy3815

    Paperback! I will need 3 books! One for my collection and one for each of my daughters that read Christy & Todd. I’m so excited and anxious to read more about Christy & Todd and friends! :)

  • kj

    Paperback! :) Love to be able to pick up and read again and again!

  • Pauline Chan

    Paperback, please! I don’t own a e-reader and prefer hard copies anyway. Thanks. So excited!!!

  • Caylee

    Paperback! I would love to add this to the collection of the rest of my Christy Miller books!

  • Leah

    I don’t have any sort of e-reader, so my preference would most certainly be paperback :)
    And I just would like to add that I am so excited for this new look into Christy & Todd’s love story! I was only recently able to buy all the Christy books and now I’m making my way through the Katie series and I’m enjoying it as much as I did the first time around! I praise God as I page through each chapter as Christy’s story teaches or reminds me of something that draws me closer to Jesus!!
    With love, one Peculiar Treasure to Another!

  • Kerwri

    I would read it on toilet paper if that’s how it was published! But, I’d prefer paperback :)

    • Sparrow

      LOL 😀 Paperback would be nicer than toilet paper but i agree! I would still read it cause its the next Christy book!!!

      • Shayna

        Great answer, I totally agree! 😀

  • Hannah

    Paperback please!!! So excited!!!!!

  • Diana Stilwell

    I am not as “connected” as I used to be with the cyber world. Paperback will always be the best. I love holding books, carrying them around with me anywhere I go, and the smell! Oh the smell of new and old pages is always a delight for me as I jump in to a new world hidden within those pages.

  • Rachel

    I was given a Kindle as a Christmas present so it would be great to have it for e-reader! But on the other hand, I love the feel and smell and sight of an actual book in my hands so that might be nicer! Either way, I am soooooo excited!!! Thank you Robin!! :-)

  • Staci

    Wow! Really? I can’t wait to read it! And I prefer paperback. Will Doug and Tracy be in the book too?

    • Of course! We have to see what’s happening with all the forever friends these days. surprises ahead!

  • MapJap002

    PAPERBACK! I love keeping them on my shelf with the rest of the series and feeling the book in my hand as I read.

  • Hannah

    Paperback! Absolutely LOVE the feel of the paper and the turning of the pages! :) Can’t wait to read it!!

  • Wilma

    I really like paperback for many reasons. BUT, they can run you out of your home. My daughter gave me my first Kindle. The number one thing I HATE about the Kindle is running out of battery. You get to that one point in the book and your Kindle dies. The one thing I LOVE about the Kindle is you can have many, many books in one place. This is really nice when traveling. My husband bought my second Kindle Fire. I keep both Kindles charged and switch back and forth. I liked the idea of going into a bookstore and handling the books. Making that choice on what to purchase. I don’t feel you have that same choice with the ebooks. Amazon needs to work on their Christian listings. For example if you want a Christian mystery, Amazon pulls all mystery’s. I don’t want to see all mystery’s, I want just Christian mystery’s. Likewise with the other Christian books. I find myself going into a bookstore and jotting down titles then going to Amazon to find the book. Has to be a better way.

  • Rebekah Branch

    Paperback!!!! I want to be able to read and read and read it over and over again.

  • Chandler

    I say paperback. I have the rest of the series in book form and hope to one day give them to my children. It would be amazing to have then new book(s) in paperback as well, so that I can pass all the books on in “book” form. BTW, I am soooooooooooooooooo excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :) :) :) :)

  • Isla

    paperback definitely! Kindle is nice too but I love having the physical pages to turn :)

  • Jonna

    Paperback!!!! I have an entire shelf devoted to them!!!

  • Bre

    Paperback please!

  • Allison Rushing

    Kindle and paperback! Christy Miller was my first venture into Christian fiction when I was a teenager. I’m just a couple weeks shy of 27 now…typing that feels strange. It’s hard to believe that it’s been over ten years since I first entered the world of Christy Miller. I’m currently serving as a m*ss*onary in South Asia, so my Kindle is my only option, but I would love to have a physical copy eventually as well to add to my collection of your books.

  • Cherie

    I vote for hard-cover – that’s what my other Christy & Sierra books are.

  • Mollyzin

    Paperback and kindle please. I like having a book in my hand and a copy on my ipad. :o)

  • Purposely Designed

    I personally prefer ereaders these days.

  • Kelsey

    As I live in South Africa, it’s often difficult to get paperbacks delivered here…so would love to buy it on kindle!! I’m so excited to read Christy an Todd’s new journeys!! Thanks Robin!!

  • Priscila Hancock

    Oh YAY! I’m so excited!!! I would love to have in e-reader format for Nook,
    I can’t wait for this new book come!!!

  • sarah

    both paperback and ereaders!

  • briannedelaine

    Paperback!! I’ve kept all the books in hopes that my daughter will read them someday. So excited!!

  • Meghan

    Paperback please! :) there’s nothing like holding an actual book!

  • Megan Johannesen

    An old fashioned paperback!! I haven’t caught up with the times yet!
    I am so excited, can’t wait to hear what has been happening in Todd and Christie’s lives and ofcourse with the rest of the “gang”!

  • Brittanyh

    Paperback for sure!!! I couldn’t imagine reading it any other way!

  • Kierstyn Greenberg

    Paperback for me! So excited! :)

  • Irina

    Paperback!! I can’t wait:)) this is my favorite books series since I was a tween! I still look back and recall the memories of reading the books. And that was some 8 years ago! Can’t wait for more:)

  • whydontYOUpickYOURusername

    Paperback!!!! Squeeeee!!!

  • Alyssa

    My sister and I both LOVE your books, she has a kindle, but I don’t. We both are ao excited for this new book! So my vote is for both am e-reader and a paper back book. Thank you for being so responsive to The Lord in his calling to wait to write and to now start writing!

  • Amy Ott


  • jmeo84

    Paperback please…… turning 30 next week and have been saving my books for my daughter since I was 13. She is only 1 yr. old but I have and will continue to save them for the day she begins the Christy and Todd journey for herself:)

  • cegall86

    paperback! there is nothing like holding an actual book in your hands!

  • Teri Slater

    Definitely paperback! That way it can join my collection of other paperbacks of yours that I own. Plus nothing can ever beat holding a real book in your hands, smelling it, taking in all the sensations. 😀

  • Lissa

    Paperback. It sounds wonderful! :)

  • Kelsi

    I like both e-reader and paperback. To keep on my lovely bookshelf and to be able to take with me on the go on my kindle.

  • Emily

    Paperback! Can’t wait to read more Christy and Todd!

  • Kim

    Both e-reader and paperback… E reader because it comes instantly, paperback cos I want he real physical book!

  • Kari Hunsley

    Paperback definitely!!

  • Annie

    Paperback!! So I can add it to my collection of your books n my shelf!!!

  • Celine

    Paperback! I would LOVE to have an e-reader, but that is out of my price range right now.

  • sarah


  • Ohanabee

    For you, paperback!! I bought the Christy books for myself when they came out and then had to rebuy them years later for my 3rd daughter when the originals were literally falling apart in her hands. I’ve just been blessed this year with a granddaughter and want to be able to have all of these to pass on to her when the time comes.

  • Chaeli

    paper back please! :-)

  • Brittany

    Paperback to go with my collection!!

  • Kate

    Paperback! I love actually having a book that I can actually hold and put on a shelf

  • Amelia McNeilly

    Hi Robin, my heart is so happy right now. I was just telling a friend the other day that I could not wait for the new Todd and Christy book to release. I mostly do ebook reading these days but for a book like this one I would totally do paperback. I would probably buy in both formats. :)

  • Mary

    I definitely prefer paperback over e-reader. I can’t wait to literally get my hands on the next chapter of Todd and Christy!

  • Tammi Scheetz

    Put in in audio format on Audible. I don’t have time to read books, but I listen to them while I workout at the gym and when I’m cleaning or cooking. So excited to see how God us using you!

    • Hey Tammi! I’m glad you brought that up. I was wondering if there would be many listeners. I do hope our paths cross again before heaven. You were a HUGE influence in the Sierra series, as you know, but I still don’t feel as if you were ever thanked enough for all you did during those year. So, thank you, Tammi. I’m so, so grateful for you!

      • gabriella

        not to be nosey, but how did Tammi help in the sierra series?

  • Alison Melton

    Paperback please!!! Nothing compares to the classics :) also I love, love, LOVE your books! Thank you for writing them, they are such a blessing and so fun to read. I can’t wait to read your new one!!! <3

    • Oh! I love that you see Christy as a classic. I guess she’s old enough to fall into that category. Very cool.

  • Jenny Picha

    I have all your books in paperback and I don’t want to stop now. How exciting, can’t wait.

  • ssakins

    Paperback! eReaders are nice but I always forget about the books I out on it and never read more than a couple pages.

  • Kayla

    Paperback most definitely.

  • Kate

    Paperback and nook. I would get both, one to add to my collection and the other to have it with me everywhere

  • Aravis

    PAPERBACK!!!! Smells better than a e-reader, and more enjoyable to physically turn the pages!

  • Sarah

    Paperback! So thrilled to read about Todd and Christy and the gang again :)

  • Danielle

    I would have to say paperback. I have all of the Christy Miller,Sierra Jensen, The College Years, and Katie Weldon sitting on my bookshelf. While e-readers are great, technology can only go so far. Picking up my nook isn’t quite the same as picking up one of my books and enjoying the company of my forever friends.

  • Maddy

    Paperback! I’ll use my Kindle app when I have to, but I greatly prefer real books. And let me just say, SO EXCITED FOR THIS BOOK!!!

  • Carissa Miller


  • Becky

    As much as I love my paperback books I too am out of space for them! I tend to aquire everything now in ebook (Kindle specifically) format. There’s something pretty exciting about seeing it and owning it 30 seconds later…! :)

  • emily

    paperback please! i will be counting down the days until this new book is released :)

  • Naomi

    Paperback please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dreaming with you Robin!

  • Melody

    Paperback as it’s much nicer to have these books that way to be able to see them on your shelf and pull them Dow n to read time and time again :)

  • Amanda


  • blue ninja 555

    Paperback! Or hardcover if possible! I love to physically hold the book!

  • Julia Witzke

    Yay! I’ve loved you forever! E reader and paperback! I still have Christy, Katie, Sierra, and Glenbrooke! I love re reading them!

  • gabriella

    paperback all the way!! I don’t own a e-reader and having the actual book in your hands and smelling the “new book smell” is what is awesome. I would like to say that the Christy Todd books changed my life, the are what helped me become a Christian. I also think it was very odd but awesome that when the books first started she lived and WI and I do too, she has a uncle and ant in CA and I do too, she decided to cut her long brown hair at age 14 and I decided to cut my long brown hair at age 14. the books also gave me a different look on dating and it makes me want to patently wait for my Todd to come into my life. I want to save my first kiss for my wedding day like Tracy and Doug. or for someone very special. I am so happy you decided to continue the books because once I read them all about a year ago I felt like I lost my forever friends, even though I still hold them in my heart. THANK YOU!!!

    • You are definitely a Peculiar Treasure, Gabriella! I still hold these characters in my heart, too.

  • Marsha

    Yay! I am so excited to have the opportunity to read about these characters again! I personally would prefer to have a paper back.

  • Tracy

    Paperback for sure! My 15 year old daughter and I can’t wait :)

  • Jennifer Matlock

    Paperback, please! I might also get a Kindle version, if it was available, but I really hope to pass along my Christy Miller books along to my daughters (I’ve even been slowly collecting an entire second set so they can each have their own sets), and that’s not really something you can do with an e-book. As my nieces grow, they’ll be getting paperback Christy Miller/Sierra Jensen/Katie, etc. books from Aunt Jenny as well. There’s something about passing on a physical book that you just can’t ever get from an e-book.

  • Ciaraspirit

    I definitely prefer paperback. I need to hold the book, turn its crisp pages, and smell the ink and papery goodness. Please publish in paperback! I am avoiding e-books for as long as I possibly can.

  • Elizabeth

    Paperback! Cannot wait! :)

  • Bethany Marie

    I got the email while I was in class and it took so much will power not to open it till now. Deffenitely paperback! I’m actually re-reading (again) the college year books :)

  • Gerri Wright

    Paperback, please.

  • Lauren Peters

    I have all of the Chisty and Todd books on paper back and want to add to my collection to cherish and pass down to my children so I vote paperback!!!! I am 25 and have been reading these books (over and over) since I was in the 4th grade!! I am so excited about this!!!!

  • Kyrie

    Paperback :) I am so incredibly excited for this new book and new series. The Christy Miller series (and all the associated series) is one of my all-time favorite series. I am so stoked that God has put it on your heart to write more about Christy and Todd!!

  • Grace

    Both please! And would you ever consider writing about Eli and Katie’s wedding or more about Sierra? I love your books they will always hold a special place in my heart.

    • Megann

      I agree!! I’d love to read more about Eli and Katie and more about Sierra! I’m working in Asia so definitely their work overseas is something that appeals a lot to me!

    • Christina

      Sierra has a book! Love finds you at Sunset Beach, very good

      • Grace

        Yeah I read it but I feel like I needed more… But that’s pretty much always the feeling I after reading a good book:)

    • Cassie

      I agree about Eli & Katie’s wedding! I have a hunch….or an idea at least…that it might be part of the Christy & Todd series :)

      • little sparrow

        i think so to…i cant wait to find out though!!! SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!

  • Becky Denny-Ivester

    I would buy paperback, hardback, whatever i could get my hands on.. lol I love those books.. even though im almost 40.. I just love reading about Christy & Todd.. so i am super excited Robin!! :)

  • ChristyFan18

    Paperback! So I can add it to the rest of my collection!

  • Jessie Sartain

    Paperback please! I proudly have all your books on display in my bookcase!

  • Kate


  • Vanessa

    Paperback please!!! Having an electronic copy of a book is just not the same as having an actual book to hold and treasure, especially when it belongs with my ultimate favorite series.

  • Samantha Pantenburg

    Paperback. I prefer holding an actual book, plus then I can add it to my collection.

  • shivani

    kindle and paperback!

  • Crystalds

    Paperback! I wouldn’t be able to add to my collection on my bookshelf if it were anything else. Also, I wouldn’t even be able to read it! So excited!

  • Melissa

    Paperback! I have the whole collection in paperback and want my daughter to pass these books down to her own daughter, someday.

  • lindsey

    Definitely paperback!! However, I would love a kindle version as well!

  • Katie

    paperback please! i want to physically add it to my collection!

  • sabinsgirl

    Paperback!!!! I need to add to my Robin Jones Gunn shelf

  • Megann

    Definitely paperback! (but maybe e-reader would also be nice)

  • Alysia

    I’d by both! I cried when I found out that there would be more about Christy and Todd. Christy Miller shaped my life! I can’t wait! Will be praying for you and the journey :)

    • I’m right there with you, Alysia. I’ve been crying, too, as I’ve been writing. Thanks for your prayers.

  • Melissa

    I would prefer paperback so I can read it again and again. I can’t wait to read this series! I am so glad God has given you the ability to write especially about Todd and Christy. I am so excited!

  • Jane

    For your books? Paperback!!

  • Rachel Nelson

    Awesome!!! Im soo excited!! I would love a hard copy book!

  • Nicole Schlotter

    Paperback! If you’re adding more to the collection, I definitely need to be able to continue building mine.

  • Greta

    I definitely prefer paperback to e-reader. It means more when you have it sitting on your shelf- it is permanent

  • Rae

    Paperback for sure! Thanks for writing about Todd and Christy again❤️

  • Bethany Bennett

    Nook or a paper back book

  • curlzzz

    On Kindle please!!!! I’m so excited for them to come out…. I LOVE your books! 😀

  • Emily Page

    Squealing with joy! I’m so excited to hear their story will be continued. I definitely would prefer paperback even though I have a kindle. There is just something important about always knowing a hard copy won’t crash or be out of date for technology. Plus, loaning out your books to friends is how I was able to first read your book (from my sister). I just loaned the youth minister’s daughter the 1st three of the Christy Miller series and she’s in love. It makes my heart happy to see your stories passed from generations to generations. For HIS glory! :) Keep it up Robin!

    • I’m so glad your sister wasn’t selfish and that she shared with you. :-) How fun that your youth minister’s daughter is now becoming friends with all the God Lovers. So cool.

  • Melissa Smith

    Robin, I like e-reader options ( for kindle and such) but I Love your books in Paperback. :) I’m so excited to read More about Christy & Todd, they are a great couple that truly inspired and guided me!

  • Rachel Orbell

    I don’t even now where to begin! I started reading your books when I turned 13 years old, almost 5 years ago. I have found it so hard to move onto other books and authors because I just love re-reading all of yours. The Christy series and all those books I have read at least 3 times each. I have gotten so attached to the characters and I feel like I know them. A few friends of mine have read them too and we love talking them. My favourite character is Sierra, she has unruly curly hair just like me and her personality is adventurous and she has such a big heart. I would love to go to Brazil and places like Africa when I am older and be a teacher, if God leads me. I want to thank you so much for all the books you have written that have changed my heart. I am so excited for these new book (s) and I like to read on my e-reader but most of your books I have as paperback or hardcover :). I just want to thank so again for everything. God bless. Aloha!

    • I get choked up every time I hear how God has used these stories to draw a reader closer to His heart. Wow, wow, wow. Thanks for sharing this, Rachel.

  • Mandi

    Paperback :)

  • Brandy


  • midi1009

    Definitely ereader for all my books. I use kindle & cbd reader for reading.

  • abigailleigh

    Hi Robin,

    I definitely prefer a paperback! I love filling up my bookshelf as well as being able to tell how far I am in a book. Also, I would love to pass these books on to my future daughters and a book would be much better to pass on as opposed to an e-book!

    SO EXCITED to read more about Christy and Todd!


  • heather

    Finally! I have read the series several times!! With 2 kids I prefer my easy org
    anized kindle!

  • Naomi


  • Michelle

    Both is fine, but at least make sure there’s a paperback for fans without e-readers :) I have all your other books and don’t want to miss one!

  • Sarah Peer

    Paperback! I don’t have an e-reader!

  • Julia

    Paperback! So that my girls can read when they are old enough. And to continue my collection of your books! I read the first books as they came out and eagerly anticipate these new stories. Your books have played a part in so many of my life milestones and experiences. From the letter I wrote you and you wrote back, to the dating practices, to Sierra’s “promise” ring ( my husband wears it as his wedding band today), to Katie acknowledging that she is God’s treasure. Thank you for following God and inspiring so many! I cannot wait to see what happens next!

    • This is so sweet, Julia! I love that your husband’s wedding band was your promise ring. How cool is that?

      • Julia

        I had it inscribed with the same verse as in the Sierra Jensen books. When my parents wanted to get me a promise ring I showed them the book, and they let me pick it out myself. I wore it until I got married. And then my husband received it at our wedding. I remember being asked many times about and sharing about your books and how and why I wore it. Thank you for writing such inspirational literature!

  • Denise

    Paperback! I don’t have any other way to read it if it’s not paperback!

  • April


  • NacyMisa

    Both! All my other RJG books are physical books (paperback/hardcover) but ebooks are cool too. But if you do it in ebooks, you have to make sure that ALL the Forever Friends books are available that way.

  • KC

    PAPERBACK! Maybe one day I’ll get an e-reader and then it will be nice to have on there, but for now I have to have the actual book :)

  • jess

    While I do use a kindle reader time to time, I prefer paperback, i love holding the book in my hands and as a person who has collected most of your books I would love to be able to keep them all together on the shelf

  • Emily Rachelle

    Usually with Christian teen fiction, I say Kindle, because I already have more books than shelf space. But since I’ve been collecting every Christy & Friends book ever, of course I’d have to get these in paperback too!

  • adamamyparker

    Paperback!!! I tried a Kindle and missed feeling the pages in between my fingers so sold it and went back to paperbacks! Can’t wait to read it!

  • Amanda

    Kindle, with 2 little kids, kindle is the main way I can read anything these days.

  • VictoriaBruick

    Paperback! I do not own an e-reader and enjoy collecting all of the books.

  • Chelsie

    Paperback! Or both. These are my favorites to have on my shelf.

  • Christina

    I can only stare at a digital screen so long… Paperback books are what I long for

  • Jenny

    PAPERBACK! PAPERBACK! PAPERBACK! For those of us who love books, there is nothing better than having a book in-hand, plus it is wonderful to be able to pick that book up over and over again to reread it. I completely understand the need to make your books available in the more current avenues, but please do not neglect the ones of us who treasure and cherish reading and books in a whole different way. For this book and all future ones (that we, in this household, cannot wait for! SQUEAL, INDEED!), our vote is for now and for then… paperback, please.

  • Jennifer van Dreven


  • Tanz

    Yay! more books! on paperback please. love turning actual pages. i had just finished reading the christy miller series and the college years AGAIN when i found out you are writing more about our awesome couple! looking forward to another good read! i eagerly wait. =) xx

  • Tarah Kifer


  • Halli

    Paper back and e Reader

  • kim

    Paper back. No technology can compare to the satisfaction of a physical book with pages. It holds more meaning.

  • Jessica Johnson Cockerham

    Due to limited living space I have all my books on my Kindle and kindle apps, but one day when I move to a larger place I plan on having them in paperback form as well so I prefer both ebook and paperback.

  • Jess

    paper back!

  • Marie

    Oh, I would totally pick paperback! I’m so excited you’re writing more Christy and Todd books!

  • Maci

    That just made my day!! (: I prefer paperback! Can’t wait to read more about my favorite couple!

  • Kristi

    I’m old fashioned and like paperback books.

  • Tamara Sears

    I like paperback books I love the feel of reading a book turning the pages. so my vote for the new Christy and Todd book would be paperback

  • Cheryl Madden

    Can you do both? That way, people who are in other countries can order them easier by downloading them.

  • Angela

    I love my kindle, but Todd, Christy, and the gang don’t live there. I met them before e-readers or iPods in the pages of my now well- worn books. I know anytime I want to visit they are right there waiting for me, and I would like to meet them again when I open the next pages of their story.

  • Lydia

    Paperback!!! Cannot wait to hear how Christy and Todd are doing these days:)

  • Lynette

    Paperback… sometimes it’s just nice to sit with a blanket, hot cocoa, fire and a book… not an electronic device…

  • Crystal

    Paperback! There’s nothing quite like buying a new book. Smelling the pages. (am i weird?) Hearing the binding creak open for the first time. It’s pure magic. It’s enchanting. I love physical books!

    Can’t wait for the new book!!!!!!

  • Vanessa


  • Hannah

    Paperback!!!!! I have all the books and they need to stay together and be friends! Plus it makes the bookshelf look so pretty and colourful! I’m very excited about this!

  • PJen

    I LOVE the feel and closeness to the written material with Paperback (or hardback). I can easily flip back a page or two to remind myself of a small detail while not losing my current page. I can ponder and ponder certain thoughts while touching the words on paper; which isn’t the same feeling with the smooth surface of e-books. Call me old-fashioned but I LOVE real, tangible books with their papery pages. It just causes me to feel more connected to the reading experience. SO excited for more Christy & Todd! May God bless your writing.

  • Bk

    Please, no e books!!!!!

  • Heather Thomas

    Paperback–of course I’m a librarian, but it’s easier to get in my students’ hands in paper form.

  • Amber Sam

    Paperback, please. SO excited!!! :)

  • Bonnie Traher


  • tamara

    I really like paperback books nothing bets the feel of a real book in your hands turning the pages and everything

  • Macon Hogan

    I generally read on an e-reader now, but for Christy and Todd an actual book in hand is a must.

  • Holly

    Paperback please! :) I don’t read on anything else. I love a solid book in my hand.

  • Amy Scott

    I would buy this one in paperback because I have all the other Todd & Christy books in paperback. I have recently started using the Kindle app on my ipad mini and it works really well, but for a book like this I would prefer paperback.

  • Hannah Marie

    I AM SO EXCITED. The Christy Miller books are my favorite books!! I love seeing the books in my book shelf, so Paperback it is for me! Have a great time writing! MUCH LOVE AND THANKS, Hannah

  • TigerLover31

    Paperback. I find it so amazing to go sit somewhere like at a park or in the frontyard and get lost in the book. It’s like I’m actually in the book and watching everything go on. If it was ereader I’d be sitting with some sort of technology reading it. It’s much more better to have a book in my hand :-)

  • Agonce

    Paperback. I like being able to hold the book in my hand and not stare at a screen which kills my eyes. :) I’m super excited for Christy and Todd.

  • Katie Petts

    Paperback definitely!! Having the real book is so much better than online!

  • Shannon

    Paperback!!!! Can’t wait this is so exciting!

  • mik

    Pls do both I love your books . I love Christy Miller and Todd pls let them live on

  • Emily Bennett


  • stacey

    Paperback and ebook. I don’t use an ereader myself, but I work in a library whose patrons do!

  • Katy

    I don’t mind either one. But as for me, I (and a lot of people I know) don’t have access to e-books and the like. Plus I like to keep my books.

  • Emily

    Paperback!! Nothing like holding a book in your hand and flipping the pages feverishly to find out whats going to happen next!!

  • Julissa

    Both paperback and e-reader! I love your books, and pray that God would be with you as you write these next books!

  • Amelia

    For Christy and Todd I would want Paperback to finish the collection I started in the same format. Plus its a timeless sharing mechanism. This is the only series I’ve treasured and kept the paperbacks, so for other series (and author!) I prefer eReader. How EXCITING! Looking forward to some good Christy time!

  • Maddy

    Paperback!!! I got my first Christy Miller book a couple of years ago when my mom brought me a signed copy of the second volume from the Oregon Christian Writer’s conference she went to. I started reading, and was immediately hooked. I have laughed and cried along with Christy all the times through that I’ve read and reread the series. These books have strengthened me in my walk with God and Christy has inspired me to start praying for my future husband at an early age, and as I near my 16th birthday I plan to start writing letters to him as she did. I now own all of the Christy books, all of the Katie books, and have read and hope to soon own the Sierra books. Thank you so much for creating this amazing series, and I can’t wait until this next one is released! This peculiar treasure with love them forever. :)

  • Gabi Porcaro

    Please please please, paperback!!! I have every single one of them in paperback…….I love displaying them in my shelf….

  • Mia

    Paperback! This is a series of books that I will hand down to my daughter someday. I am so excited to follow you as the author, and the characters in the next chapter of life! These books changed my life and I cherish the moments that I get to re-read them!

  • Ashley

    I would prefer paperback because I really would like an actual book to have along with the rest of the series!

  • Megan Fowler

    This is a total God-thing, I just finished the Christy series and please do paperback It’s makes the story more real for me to be able to turn a page instead of reading words off of a screen ! PAPERBACK FOREVER !

  • Rachel

    Paperback!! Definitely can’t wait to add this book to the already almost full Christy Miller and friends shelf!

  • Erin

    Both forms would be great. I prefer the paperback, but was traveling the last couple of years and was really happy to read the Katie books on my kindle. Really I don’t care either way – I simply love reading your books.

  • Gabrielle Joy

    I am so excited for this! I started reading these books when I was in grade 8 and fell in love with them! I am now headed off to college in a few months and can’t wait to continue my journey through life with these books! Maybe while at college I will finally meet my Todd haha I would definitely prefer a paperback too! Thank you so much for continuing to write about these beloved characters :)

  • jessi-ca

    Kindle is my favorite way to read, but I usually buy your books in a physical book so I can save them for my future daughters to read!

    Christy and Todd helped get me through high school and college, through that awkward growing season, and the waiting for the man that is now my husband. These books have been such a blessing in my life and I’m so excited to hear that God is giving you fresh ideas for these fictional friends.

  • Elisabeth

    Paperback please!!

  • Linnea Anderson

    Paperback for sure. Kindle would be the next best. So many young people/college students buy their books off of Amazon, so having it on Kindle would be best. I’m so excited!

  • Lori

    Kindle. As an expat “M,” e-readers sure are handy due to the lack of shipping wait and weight, but these books would be up there on the list of books to make the cut on the next move if I did have a physical copy.

    Just know that if this book is indeed an e-reader by December 20 this year, I’ll likely enjoy it somewhere over the Pacific Ocean as I travel back to the States. :-) (and if its a physical copy I’ll enjoy it on the return trip in January!)

  • Pamela Vincent Fenske

    I still love a real book :) Besides maybe one day you could sign that book for me :)

  • Lindsey

    Definitely paperback!

  • Obiwan

    Paperback! Love having the collection on my shelf and lending them to friends, it also means I can give the book as a present and I don’t have a kindle or anything anyway. defiantly paperback! And ahh im so excited! :) xxxx

  • Cassie

    paperback!!!! THRILLED to read these! thank you for waiting and being patient for God’s timing.

  • katielu

    PAPERBACK!! I am so excited! I read these book when I was 15 two years ago and I fell in love with Todd and then again with Eli! I can’t wait! Please please please write super fast!!

  • Lisa

    Paperback! So excited to read more of their story!

  • Michala A.

    I absolutely love your books! There are very few series that I prefer to have in paperback and those books are my favorite. I have the entire Christy and Todd series in paperback and would love to purchase the new book in paperback too! Thank you so much for continuing this series! I have already learned so much from your books and deepened my faith.

  • Tori Roper

    Both! I have all your books in paperback or hardback because I read them over and over and they are my absolute favorites. But it would be nice to be able to have a kindle version so when I travel I can travel with my favorite books as well… ♥♥♥

  • Jenny

    Paperback, hands down. I do like the convenience of having a book on my phone, but I have to say that I have never spent money on an e-book. I always wait until they’re free. I have a hard time paying for something intangible. I would 100% buy this series in paperback form.

  • Kirsten

    You don’t know how excited this makes me! Paperback please! I don’t own an ereader and I love to physically hold my books (and go back and reread my favorite parts over and over again). I hope there will be some Katie & Eli in there too :) Thanks so much for these awesome (shoutout to Doug) stories!

  • Ashleigh

    I’d prefer a paperback- I think there’s something quite charming about holding the pages of an enchanting story in your own hands :) thanks for reviving this series, it has made my day!

  • Kw

    Definitely Paper back! 😀

  • TLady

    Paperback – the only way I’ll read a book. Love the feel of holding the book in my hands as I read in bed

  • Hannah

    Definitely paperback! Please :) a computer wouldn’t fit with all the other books on the shelf!

  • Debbie

    Paperback tho I will probably add it to my library on my Kindle, too. Can’t wait to read what Christy and Todd have been up to. They feel like old friends.

  • Sarah Michal

    I still prefer a physical book, although I love my nook!

  • Jd

    Paperback. I can’t wait!

  • Brittney

    I love your books. I’ve read all the books in this series and the Glenbrooke series. My Aunt gave them to me for Christmas in 2012 so all of 2012 I speant the entire year reading these books and falling for everyone in this beautiful story. SO I say PAPERBACK!!! Just so I can add another one of Christy and Todd to my shelf! :)

    Can’t wait!

    • Please tell your aunt thank you for me. I’m so glad she introduced you to Christy and the gang.

  • jenn

    Paperback. I have almost all of your books. Old school Christy miller ones.

  • Cynthia

    squeal is right! So excited to hear this. I’m a librarian and paperback is still the way to go…. that would reach the most number of people, I’d say! Can’t tell you how many times I see your books going out….

  • Katie

    paperback :)

  • Abi Pipper

    Paperback! And I cannot wait for this new series!

  • maggie


  • Meg C

    Paperback. I am so excited you are writing this. These books have gotten me through some really tough times!!

  • Love this! Of course I’m going to say paperback because I want to hold this long awaited story in my hands: ) :) :) This is beautiful. Praying for you on this journey. God is so faithful! Your writing has always blessed my life.

  • Alicat

    I will definitely buy this in paperback if it is available. Congratulations on being able to fulfil this dream :)

  • Allie Franklin


  • Ashlee Jones

    Both paperback and kindle version but I’m not sure which I would buy first. While I appreciate my kindle to hold lots of books, I love paperback.

  • Coral

    I am so excited!! :) you won’t believe how many times I put down the last book and wished there were more! I would say paperback for sure… But I read ebooks too from kobo.

  • Cailey

    I love all your books Robin!!!!! I didn’t know who you were until I got my nook for Christmas a few years ago. One day I was searching under teen Christian fiction and I happened upon your Christy Miller series. I read them and ended up buying all your other books. I love them all and I think I read them over five times already. I’m so excited for your new book that’s coming out. Your books definitely led me closer to our savior Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you. I have all your books on my nook in my library on a shelf in which I labeled Robin Jones Gunn Series. I would love if you could somehow get your new book published for both e-reader and paperback. I prefer e-reader but not everyone has one so I think you should publish your book for both. God bless you, and thanks for writing for people like me. Keep up the good work and here’s a bible verse that may help you get through. This is my favorite verse: Philippians 4:13.

    P.S. I would love to visit Hawaii someday

  • Yolanda Fields

    Paperback for sure. =)

  • Hannah

    Oh my gosh!! So exciting!! Paperback is a good idea, I have the whole collection on my bookshelf and would love to keep adding! :))))

  • Carli

    Paperback! I love the feeling of a real book. Plus, I want to add the new book/s to my collection of Forever Friends books! I have all of them (Katie, Sierra and Christy. Even Christy’s diary!) I’ve been waiting for this for years. I love the forever friends and how relatable their stories are. Happy writing, can’t wait for the release!

  • Shelby

    Like many other readers, I always love to get my favorite series and books as paperback (even though I have an e-reader to save on space – it is more for new book discoveries or borrowing e-books from the library). So I would love both, but I would definitely be looking forward to getting the paperback version. I hope that physical books never become a lost art as there are so many things about a book that just cannot be digitally replicated.

    I am so excited to discover what’s next for Christy and Todd! They felt like close friends to me as I grew up reading your books. I’m delighted to hear about this continued journey! May God bless you richly as you share your heart through these very genuine and beautiful characters!

  • Jessica

    I am so excited to hear that Christy and Todd are coming back. I loved reading them in my teen years. I would love it in paperback. Can’t wait!

  • Natalie

    Paperback! Oh how I love you and I am praying for you!

  • Heather

    I would buy both formats, but would really love to have a paperback book to go with the rest of my Todd and Christy collection!

  • Jillian


  • Christina

    BOTH!!!!!! eBook might be cheaper, but the device costs so much money.

  • Sunshine

    Paperback, hands down! There’s nothing quite like sitting down with the book in your hand, and then being able to lend it out to your friend who you know will love it too! My paperback copies of the Christy Miller and Sierra Jensen series have been read, re-read, cried over, and passed around more times than I can remember. Anytime that I’ve struggled as a young girl with singleness, with dating situations, friend problems, etc… I’ve gone back and read the books over. They have been an incredible blessing to my heart and have immensely blessed my sisters as well. I can’t wait to read the next installment of Todd and Christy’s journey.

  • Megan Elizabeth Beck

    PAPERBACK!!!!!!!!!!! I love having a physical copy of books!

  • Melissa Lamoureux

    Paperback all they way!!!!! I have a special spot for all my Christy Books!!! :) I ‘m just in love with the book!!!!

  • wingsofjoy

    Paperback AND e reader … I actually prefer reading a paperback, but also enjoy the benefits of the e reader, so would like to have both.

  • sherayah

    Paperback PLEASE!!

  • Sarah

    Paperback please!!!

  • Haley

    Paperback or even hardback like the Christy miller volumes. It has to go on my robin jones gunn shelf!

  • Julie Thoroughman Chunn

    I like both versions, paperback to keep on my persons and hand out as needed to others and ebook to take with me :)

  • Blu

    Paperback to treasure forever!

  • Peggy Harms


  • Deborah

    Please, please, please have this next book available as a
    paperback! I find that paperback books are becoming a thing of the past and I cannot imagine the thought of it. With paperback books, readers can rest
    their eyes on printed pages filled with endless, life-changing stories. The smell of the clean pages, the underlined sentences, and the meaningful inscriptions can never be mimicked. I don’t think that screens and bright lights can truly capture this same authenticity and fulfillment. Christy is so dear to me and many others that I feel readers would be seriously missing out if this next story was published only as an e-book. By all means I think the upcoming book should be available in both formats, but if nothing else please do not surpass the fading art of paperback books!
    There are no words to describe the love, joy, and thankfulness that I and many others have towards your books. God bless you and your writing! :)

    • Thanks for your kind words, Deborah! I have a tender affection for paperback books still, too.

  • Becca


  • Krishana

    Paperback. So excited!

  • Tessa

    Paperback would be wonderful!!!! I am so excited to read the book when it comes out. Your books are such an inspiration! God bless.

  • ann007

    Paperback, 100%…. I was just thinking about how I needed to started purchasing the books for 3 little girls who hold a specially place in my life. So that maybe they’ll see Christy and her friends as good role models for their lives, just as I did.

  • Grace Wyatt

    Paperback! I love to have a physical book by my favorite authors. :)

  • Jillian Dodderer

    Oh my gosh literally the happiest moment of my life! Can’t wait to read more of this wonderful story! :)

  • Donna B

    Both. I still love to read paperbacks but do have a kindle on my computer.

  • Lori Byma

    This is such wonderful news! I have loved reading all of the Christy and Todd books over the years and own all of the ones you have written so far! My vote is for paperback!! I love physical books and know that I will want to add any and all future Christy and Todd books to my own collection!

  • debby

    I love books there is something exciting about the feel of parchment and ink that cannot be replaced with something electronic. I feel paperbscks are a must element to enjoy the journey you are reading about :)

  • Tiffany Oakes

    E-Reader (Kindle). I already have waaaay to many books in bookshelves, so I need to save space.

  • Jillian Dodderer

    Paperback! I have every single book and will keep them forever! A BIG thanks to you for writing these precious novels, I’ve so enjoyed them over the years :)

  • Cookie

    Paperback. No e-reader for me. I think it’s the best option so it’s more accessible to people that don’t have an e-reader. That’s what I’ve always preferred anyway.

  • Catherine

    Paperback….the real form is a good form!

  • Rebekah

    I seriously had to take a minute to collect myself today at work, because my sister texted me this news. I believe our conversation was in all-caps and featured far too many exclamation points. That being said, paperback would be perfect! Bookshelves are meant to overflow.

  • Jennifer

    Paperback. Definitely paperback!

  • Laura

    paperback because I don’t have an ereader. also I want it on my shelf with my other Christy and Todd stories!

  • Kathy

    PAPERBACK pleeeeeeaaaase!!! That way, I can place it next to its brothers and sisters on the shelf, right where it belongs!!

  • Alexandra_susan

    AHHH! I am literally bursting with excitement!! I have just messaged all my Forever Friends and we are all equally eager to continue our lives with Todd and Christy!! This is a total dream come true!

    Adding to the endless sea of comments, I would love to be able to hold this book in my hand and turn the pages like I did with all the others. My shelf is filled with the worn, well-read books of Christy life and it would be an honour to place her final segment of her life among all these other treasures.. Like completing a puzzle, or adding a final stroke of colour to a hard worked masterpiece..

    This is the most exciting news, I have received all year and I cannot wait to be able to read the adventures of Todd and Christy once again..

  • Amber

    Paperback, please! These are the kinds of books which I’ll keep forever,.

  • girl4God

    Paperback, please! :)

  • Elizabeth

    :) i have all the books in paperback and have started collecting them for kindle as well (so i can bring them on trips with me without the bulk), so i would prefer both paperback and ereader! i can’t wait!! :)

  • Elyse

    Paperback! I buy all my favorite books in paperback!!! :)

  • Megan

    Paperback all the way! So glad to hear this news

  • Emilie D

    Paperback definitely.
    You can’t imagine how many times I’ve concocted a conversation with a random girl in public, due to having a Christy Miller Book in my hand.

  • Anita

    Paperback but also e reader because then it reaches me in Australia quicker

  • Chelsea S

    Both! Because i am in Australia so i can get it of itunes faster. Then when it comes out i will buy a paperback copy so later on in life when i have kids they can read them :)

  • karla

    definitely kindle or paperback! I have the whole collection so I might choose paperback over kindle but who knows!

  • Rebekah Russell

    Paperback please! You just can’t curl up on the couch with an e-reader. I can’t wait for the new book!

  • Morgan

    Paperback please!! I too love putting these books on my shelf and sharing them with others!!!

  • Lee Lee

    Paperback and e-reader. I love the feel of a real book, but I love the quickness of just uploading it onto my kindle :) Praying for the writing process!

  • Priscilla_Joy


  • Ashlee Sumilat

    I honestly would love both! Paperbacks are tangible and special that way. I actually want to save all my paperbacks and give them to my daughter when I have one and when she’s old enough. But lately I’ve been reading your books on my phone with the Kindle app. That way when my roommate is asleep, I can turn off the lights and not bother her and still read before I head to bed. I’m so excited you’re writing more about my favorite duo!

  • Lacey

    Paperback! Excited to read new books about Christy and Todd!!

  • Susan

    Paperback. I love to have a book in my hands, and I want to have this one as soon as it’s out to read and share and then add it to my RJG shelf. (Yes, I have to give them their own shelf, and it’s close to full!)

  • Courtney

    My excitement over a new book and possibly series is overwhelming! I’d love for it to be in a paperback, because I’ve loved snuggling with all of the other books in paperback form & I’d love to continue!

  • laurarags

    Both eReader and paperback please! It would be a shame to have my entire collection of Christy, Sierra, and Katie and in paperback and then have to have some in eReader. But I do like to have some of my favorite books on eReader as well, so I can take them with me wherever I go (I like to pull them out and reread them on vacations). EEEEEE!!!!!!! I am so excited!

  • Alexandra Phillips

    Oh my goodness! My dreams are coming true, I’ve been waiting so long for this!!! I own all the Christy books, all the Sierra books, all the Christy and Todd, and all the Katie books, and I’m ready for more!!! And definitely paperback!

  • Heather Spigner

    Yes to paperback!!!

  • Jessica

    Always PAPERBACK! Cannot wait for these new stories!!! I will be 30 soon and as nearly everyone else I’m sure, these books got me through my teen years and I believe have been the foundation for my ability to dream and hope for the biggest wishes of my heart. They are truly God-breathed, Robin! Such treasures to be passed down from generation to generation!

  • Towseen


  • I’d prefer both. I’m moving to reading on my Kindle Fire a lot, but as so many have said with books like this that we’ve collected the entire rest of the series, we would also want a physical copy. So glad you’re writing about Christy & Todd again. Blessings as you write.

  • Amanda

    Paper back! E-readers are not the same!

  • Tiffani

    Definitely paperback. Nothing beats a real book! This is so exciting! Christy and her friends are my favorite story characters! I cannot wait. :)

  • Jenny

    I definitely prefer buying all your books in paperback. My sister and I have been reading them since we were young and we plan on passing them on to our daughters. I must say, your books have always given me hope for the future and taught me to be patient with God. All your efforts are greatly appreciated! I will be praying for you while you are writing these new books:)

  • Alexis

    I say paper back! I would likely buy them both ways if that was an option, but I think it almost takes away the excitement of going to the book store and taking it off the shelf! But either way, I am super excited!

  • ~Alien Princess~

    I am so excited about more Christy and Todd!!!! I literally shrieked when I read this post! I’ve been following their story for over 10 years now. Their stories have had so much relevance in my life, from getting my driver’s permit to learning that I’m not odd, I’m a peculiar treasure.

    I love the idea of having their story on my Kindle as an ebook. That would be fantastic! I will always prefer holding a paperback book in hand, smelling the freshly printed book smell, but as a college student, I have to think about space, and that anything I buy, I have to take with me. So for me, a Kindle ebook would be best. However, I’d be thrilled with whatever form this new story comes in! Thanks Robin!

  • Shannon

    Paperback! I already own every single christy/sierra/katie etc. book and I would love to own them all when the new ones come out :)

  • Emily L.

    Definitely paperback!!! I own all the others in paperback and would love to add to the collection!! 😀

  • Allison Rose Hansen

    I always buy paperback. :)
    & My heart soars at the thought of more Christy&Todd books! Thank you for all that you do, Robin, and may God continually bless you and answer your long awaited dreams! You are so inspiring!!

  • Janice

    Hands down: paperback!! 😀 I love to keep the books long-term in my collection…to read them at the cottage, on a plane, in a car, or when the power is out. To flip through them without worrying about batteries or power outages, and to escape into a dream land on paper. 😀

  • mandie

    Paper back for sure!!!!! I can’t wait for the book to come out:D

  • Rebekah

    Paper back!!!! Im sooo excited!!! I LOVE the christy miller series! When i first got them out, I devoured them. I finished one volume in a day! I seriously love your books! I just finished Chirsty&Todd the college years and i loved it sooo much! I’ve started reading the Kaite Weldon seiries and i’ve already finished Peculiar Treasers a few minutes ago acctually lol I’ve started On A Whim already! I just devour all your books! So im soooo excited for the new book!!! Eeeeeek!!!!! <3

  • Abby Hauck


  • Kdub

    Paperback please!!! :)

  • Emily

    Paperback!!(: So excited!

  • Mindy

    I prefer paperback, but e-books are often cheaper and more convenient to read.

  • Kirsten Hollen

    Wonderful news. I can’t wait!!! :) I prefer paperback, otherwise I wouldn’t have a way to read it. Lol I also would like to agree that these books stay on my shelf in hopes of sharing them with my future girls and/or my niece. <3

  • Jess

    Paperback for sure

  • Jen

    I think e-reader and paperback. :)

  • Emily

    Paperback!! :))) I can hardly wait! I read your blog post after a long day at work and I must say that it made my day!

  • Lisa

    Definitely paperback!!! Reading a book is more than just it’s story. It’s also about the experience–the feel of the book and the anticipation of turning each page. Reading is a journey. You are going on a journey with the characters and excited where the story might. lead.

  • Chanda

    Paper back!!

  • Steph

    I would say both. I would buy the paperback to add it to my collection but I also have a nook. So I would buy both. I’m very excited to see that your going to write about Christy and Todd. There series has been one of my favorites. I read these when I was a teenager. I am now 28. I will definitely keep reading this series. Thank you for continuing there beautiful story. Will we here how Doug and Tracy are doing in these books. Can’t wait to read it!!

  • Sadie

    Paperback! I only download e-readers if they are free. I like to hold a book. smell the pages.

  • Deanna

    Paperback, please!

  • Kim

    Paperback so my daughter’s can enjoy it also

  • Diane H.

    I own all the Christy books in paperback — definitely paperback! Although I’d read it however it was published. I’m so excited!

  • Susan McClellan

    Paperback. There is nothing better than curling up with a good book in hand.

  • Liz

    Paperback…I need to have it on my bookcase with the others!!!

  • Joslyn

    I prefer it in paperback or hardback form… That is how I have bought and read all the other books and I will want to finish my collection the same way:)

  • brittgirl

    paperback is what I’d prefer because I work at a library and would love to be the very first on the list! – I will probably buy it too LOL … :) and I’ll buy copies for my friend and my sister who I have encouraged to read the other Christy and Todd books!

  • Sarah M. Daniels

    Paperback all the way!!! I love the physical book. Can’t wait for the new addition :)

  • Michelle

    Paperback please!!! While I love having second copies of books on my ereader, my favorite way to read a book is in the paperback form and I own all of my favorites (which includes all of the forever friend books) in paperback form and proudly display them on my book shelf. :)

  • AshleyC

    Definitely Paperback!

  • Jan

    I personally want a paperback copy as I am an avid reader of yours like many others.

  • rebecca

    Both kindle and paperback

  • Emily Manrique

    Thank you, Robin, for those encouraging words. I really needed to hear that today as I started sending out applications for grad school. I have started on the path to bring my dream out of hibernation and at times I get impatient. That message reminded me that my dream is not yet ready for action. I had a friend tell me once that dreams are like baking a cake. They have to be completely done before they are any good, but if you let them go too long they will dry out. Oh, and paperback is the way to go.

  • Susanne Wilson


  • Lindsay Shemas

    Paperback! Please! I adore holding real books in my hands and smelling the pages. There is nothing like a good paperback book. Especially written by you!

  • miranda

    paperback please!

  • Nicole Shilling

    I prefer the paperback version of the book. I have the other ones the same way and my collection would not look right without it. But it is nice to have it as an ebook, so I can read it when I am waiting in line or waiting for an event to start.

    P.S. I love the Volkswagen Van in the picture. Where can I get one?

  • Emilee

    I LOVE collecting the books so I would want to purchase it in paperback! I cannot wait to read the new book!

  • Caitlyn

    Definitely paperback! Me and my Forever Friend, Kamie love your books and we love having the paperback versions of books-not the electronic type. It’s so much better to be able to physically hold the book in your hands. We are SO excited for this new book!!!

  • Greta

    Paperback, please! This way I can check it out at my local library!

  • Brianna

    I have an e-reader, but I’ll always love paperbacks most!

  • Amanda Cale

    Paperback! I grew up with these characters, and I’d love to be able to pass them along to my daughter!

  • Miriam Mc-C

    I’m so happy for you that God has finally brought your dream to reality and reminds me that God’s timing isn’t alway when we want something but when were ready for it, so thank you for sharing. In regards to how to format your book I would say both e book and paper back as it seems to me that the people who started Christy’s journy with you would most likely want a hard copy but the teens of today I find are more into the tecnology. I will just be happy to get a copy how every it shows up once it’s finished. Happy wrighting.

  • Cydney Rhodes

    PAPERBACK!!!! I am so excited that the series is continuing!!! I have grown up with these characters so I would like to add the book to my collection so I can God-willing pass them on to my daughter one day. I can’t wait to read it!!! I can’t wait to catch up with my forever friends!!!!

  • Heidi

    I’ve read everything you’ve written that’s been published. I’ve even met you when you came to my hometown (Corvallis). I would purchase your books in any format, but I prefer paperback. Nothing like curling up with one of your books in bed and reading until you can’t read anymore or you’re finished!

  • Ilinca

    I am sooo exited! Paperback will be so much better. I keep a collection for future generations. :)

  • Miranda M.

    Paperback! Nothing like being able to hold the book your reading and actually turn the pages! :)
    I am so excited to hear that you are writing a new book about Christy and Todd!!!! I cannot wait!!! Eeeeeeee!!!

  • Hannah

    Paperback definitely! I am so excited!

  • Carol Tsang De Campos

    Paperback for sure, but I’d probably buy it in both so I can have the Kindle version with me where ever I go! Will they end up in Glenbrooke for a visit at least???

  • Nikita

    Paperback! I need a real book in my hand and in my possession!

  • ttl


  • Shanna

    Paperback!!! I hate reading books on a screen…it’s nice to have a book in hand and it’s a lot easier on the eyes to read.

  • Lindsey Mathis

    Paperback!! I’m so excited.

  • Jess

    Paperback! The smell of a book only adds to the overall delight of reading it!

  • RoseD

    I would have to say PAPERBACK. Love my Kindle BUT there is nothing like a book with pages to turn and to take anywhere without having to plan ahead on how to keep it charged up. Thank you! SQUEAL indeed…can’t wait!! My prayers are with you Robin

  • Amanda

    Paperback!!!!! I intend to collect all of the Christ, Katie, and Sierra books to pass down to my sisters and daughters! Also, I am now 19, started the series when I was 13, and I am now rereading the books. Overjoyed to hear about the new inspiration for Christy and Todd.

  • jessica

    Paperback! Eep I’m so excited!

  • CM Hazelwood

    I think I will always prefer paperback. The video is hard on the eyes, but then I’m over 60 😉

  • Shannon Rehn

    Paperback! There’s nothing like curling up with a wonderful book and turning page after page, getting hooked before I know it. I grew up with Christy, Todd, and the rest of their group, and I can’t wait to see how their lives have continued. This news made my day!

  • KelliEk

    Oh sooo excited for this book to come out I can’t contain myself!!! Please make it in paperback. Is this going to be a new series or just one book?

  • Liz


  • lala ana


  • Shannon

    Paperback and e-reader!

  • Kmorris

    Both please! I love curling up with your book in my hands and love to carry them everywhere with me on my Kindle. I can’t wait. God bless you!

  • ally627

    Definitely paperback! Would love to add it to my collection!!

  • Ashton Morgan

    Paperback! I am THRILLED!

    • Ashton Morgan

      Also, I’ve been holding onto mine for years. I’m waiting for a girl I babysit to get a little older to pass them onto her and then one day to a daughter of my own (hopefully)!

  • Emma Green

    Paperback! :) I do not have any way to read an ebook and I love seeing all my Christy Miller books lined up on my shelf. It reminds me of all the happy times when I would read them when I was in 7th and 8th grade. :)

  • Aliessa Bailey

    PAPERBACK PAPERBACK PAPERBACK. I want to always have it on my shelf!

  • Caitie

    Paperback please!! Can’t wait!

  • Melyssa

    PAPERBACK!!!! 😀 AHHH finally the day i was waiting for!!!

  • Hannah

    Yay!! I absolutely can not wait! And I think I recognize that last verse from a song Doug wrote! xD I’d love to own the new book/s in paperback/hardcover! A real book is so much more precious than eformat. :)

  • Melissa Reimer

    Paperback please! I like to hold an actual book in my hands. And I have all the books sitting on my desk shelf in my room, and I hope to give them to my daughters when I have some many years to come. They have been such an inspiration to me! Thank you sooooooo much for writing these books!!!!

  • cj

    Paperback! I can’t wait. Sooooo excited and THANK YOU!

  • Tina Turpin

    No contest! A book in my hands is far better than any electronic device. As long as there are books in print, I will always choose this option. :-)

  • Cindy

    I am sooooo excited to continue on with Christy and Todd. I have crossed over to the “e” side of things and purchase your books now for my ipad mini. I love the format and can read anything, anytime, anywhere. Keep us posted.
    Cindy Wright – CA

  • Becky Lee

    paperback. I’ve put a lot of free books on the Kindle but haven’t read many. I like to have a book in my hand plus you don’t have to keep charging the paperback. I hate it when the battery dies in a good part.

  • Caro

    Paperback, I love having a book in my hands, a book I can bring anywhere. I can share my books with my friends and family. I have the whole Christy and Todd series in paperback and I’m so excited to have the next one.

  • Abbey Fritts

    Paperback! But I don’t really care. Just so long as Todd and Christy’s story continues!

  • JoAnne Strong Bowles

    Paperback for sure! My sisters and I read all the Christy Miller books, and I want to keep them all for my daughter to read someday. My sisters and I would talk about Christy’s adventures together so animatedly that others would ask us who we were talking about thinking we were talking about a real person. But Christy was very real to us! I bought each book with my own money. This series was my first love in reading chapter books as a young teen. No matter how many ebooks I get, I will always feel like the Christy books need to be books that I can hold in my hand in order to truly appreciate them! I’m so excited to see the continuing story!

  • Katie

    Got to be paperback so I can continue my collection!

  • rachel s.

    Both paperback and itunes!

  • Hannah Stone

    AHHHH!!!!!! Words cannot express how excited I am about this!!!!
    I prefer my books in paperback form but will read it in anyway possible!

    • Melyssa

      same here! im screaming!

  • Gil & J:-)mi

    Paperback, definitely! I have a huge collection, a whole room that’s a library full of books I loan out to friends and kids of friends, people at church, Awana clubbers, etc. I can’t loan out an e-book. And e-books don’t look cool sitting on your bookshelf. And e-books can’t be taken in the bathtub, hot tub, or the best of all – in the little inflatable hot tub in the yard, sitting in the sunshine in the middle of summer. Definitely want paperback!

  • Grace555

    Paperback for sure! We have a little library at home and it’s nice to share sweet stories with family and friends. I started reading Christy Miller when I was in high school, over 20 years ago. Once at a youth slumber party, a friend and I read out loud to each other the latest release that had come out. Sleep would not come until we knew what happened. I also read Christy and Todd stories to my sisters on cross country trips. Your stories.are a delight!! It’s always fun to see how the characters intersect into other series. Much grace and peace to you in this process!

  • Hannah H.

    Paperback, please!!

  • Rhiarn

    i have a bookshelf just for books in the forever friends series, so definitely paperback, however i would buy the the E-reader version as well if it meant getting to read it sooner :)

  • Alexis

    I personally like physical books better so paperback for me but some people prefer e-readers so I think both would be nice!(:

  • Rebekah

    Definitely a paperback version!! These are books is like to pass along to my children some day!

  • MeganMM52

    Oh my gosh! This is fantastic news! I absolutely cannot wait! To answer your question, definitely paperback. I want another book to add to my shelf of your books! Plus, I don’t own an e-reader (and personally, I don’t really want one). I like seeing the books on bookshelves, the ability to pick out a new book when you’re done with your previous one, and being able to turn the pages! When it comes to reading, I will take the old-fashioned way any day!

  • Single Mom 23

    I prefer hardcover, but paperback is good to. I can’t believe there’s gonna be more stories of Christy and Todd! I’m soo excited!!! I can’t wait!!

  • Kathy Ware

    I would read it on my Kindle, even though I had all of your books growing up, they had been given away, so I repurchased all of them so now I have them all accessible on my Kindle, and Kindle app on all of my smart devices.

  • Gloriana

    Paperback! I love being able to cozy up in a nice comfortable chair and comfy clothes and holding a book in my hand.

  • Brandi

    Paperback please! I love the feel of a book in my hand instead of reading on a device!

  • Jennifer

    Paperback!! Always. I spend too much time looking at screens as it is.

  • Teresa

    Paperback. I’m so excited for another Christy & Todd book!!! Yay!

  • Skye

    So excited! Paperback please! I love seeing your beautifully colored books on my shelves and reading them again and again! Your books are some of the prettiest books I own!

  • Sam

    I would vote both Nook and paperback! Although nothing beats the feeling of holding a real book, and especially being able to flip pages, I have grown to love the Nook I received as a Christmas gift a couple years ago. I love it because it’s portable and I have many books at my disposal wherever I go!

    Eagerly awaiting anything new about the California gang! I first read Christy Miller when I was in middle school. I didn’t realize the first book was published in the 80s until recently…that’s how timeless this series is!

  • Kate

    Both! But to start, whatever would allow it to release sooner…:)

  • Sarah Varland

    Paperback. I like kindle, but I feel like I would NEED to HOLD a new Todd and Christy book in my hands. So excited!!!!! =) –Sarah

  • Liz

    Paperback! I’ve been growing up with Christy and just had a baby and feel like I’ve missed watching my fictional role model go through it first, can’t wait!

  • Liz

    Paperback! I’ve been growing up with Christy and just had a baby and feel like I’ve missed watching my fictional role model go through it first, can’t wait!

  • Dani

    Paperback and e-reader, but I prefer paperback because I want to add the new books to my collection! I have had such fond memories of childhood until current reading about Christy and Todd and am so excited!

  • Dani

    Paperback and e-reader, but I prefer paperback because I want to add the new books to my collection! I have had such fond memories of childhood until current reading about Christy and Todd and am so excited!

  • ForeverJoyful22

    Paperback!! The first book series on the bookshelf i got for my 12th birthday was the Christy Miller Series……so to have the continuing story of Christy and Todd upon myself would be great!!!

  • ForeverJoyful22

    Paperback!! The first book series on the bookshelf i got for my 12th birthday was the Christy Miller Series……so to have the continuing story of Christy and Todd upon myself would be great!!!

  • Kelsey a HUGE FAN!

    Please please paper book. Below is a picture of all your books. Don’t let the collection end!

  • Kelsey a HUGE FAN!

    Please please paper book. Below is a picture of all your books. Don’t let the collection end!

  • Sydney

    Definitely paperback! Christy and Todd’s story has become a collection I keep on my shelf and reread over and over again. I would eventually like to share these books with my own kids in the future and wouldn’t want them to be split up between paperbacks and e-reader versions.

  • Megan

    Paper back!!!

  • Tessa Denton

    I absolutely think it should be a real book! No doubt!

  • Tessa Denton

    I absolutely think it should be a real book! No doubt!

  • Julie

    paperback, definitely :)

  • Taryn & Macy Quackensell

    Definitely Paper back!! I like the hard copy of the book in my hand!

  • Taryn & Macy Quackensell

    Definitely Paper back!! I like the hard copy of the book in my hand!

  • Rebekah H


  • Ruth


  • Ruth


  • Denise Sch.

    Paperback!! :) soo excited for the new series!!

  • Denise Sch.

    Paperback!! :) soo excited for the new series!!

  • Kayla

    Paperback preferred for sure – there is something just a wee bit more tangible about getting to hold the stories of my “forever friends” in my hand, and turn the page in anticipation of what is coming next. I have been so blessed by your books, and enjoy sharing them with anyone (and everyone) that I come across who might also be blessed by your prayerful obedience to the Lord’s prompting. These stories are for sure no accident, and they are a mighty blessing to many people, myself included. God bless you, prayers abound for your journey with Christy and Todd. Can’t wait to see what those fellow God-lovers are up to!

  • Kayla

    Paperback preferred for sure – there is something just a wee bit more tangible about getting to hold the stories of my “forever friends” in my hand, and turn the page in anticipation of what is coming next. I have been so blessed by your books, and enjoy sharing them with anyone (and everyone) that I come across who might also be blessed by your prayerful obedience to the Lord’s prompting. These stories are for sure no accident, and they are a mighty blessing to many people, myself included. God bless you, prayers abound for your journey with Christy and Todd. Can’t wait to see what those fellow God-lovers are up to!

  • Katrina

    Paperback for sure :)

  • Rachel Parsons

    I’m so excited! Can’t wait to read more books about Christy and Todd…have fun writing :). Paperback!

  • Christy

    Paperback :) I want it on my shelf with my hoard of Christy books <3

  • meg

    Both please :-)

  • christi

    I’M SO EXCITED!!! :)))

  • Danaerose

    Paperback!!! PRAISE THE LORD this news made my heart sing!!! God bless you, Robin!!!!!

  • Carolyn

    Paperback please! Like everyone else I too have a bookshelf filled with your books and would love to continue adding to it. My Christy and Todd series has been shared with 2 of my daughters and, as Karmin would say, is “in waiting” for my 3rd daughter! Very exciting news! Thank you for blessing us so much with your gift Robin.

  • CraftyMama

    Wooohooooo!!! 😀 And paperback.

  • Julie

    I am a fan of paperback when it is a book I will read over and lend to someone else to read.

  • Heather

    Print, please. Like many, I too have an e-reader and it is quite convenient and helps with the carpal tunnel. But my RJG books definitely belong in print form.
    Like many other girls, I grew up with Christy and the gang. In fact, I was thinking about them just the other morning on my way to work and realized it’s about that time again … time to curl up in an overstuffed chair with my stack of books, a notebook or two, a pot of coffee and spend a few days ‘reminiscing’ with some dear friends that helped me through the teen years. I hope one day I can share these friends with my own daughter. I am so looking forward to more adventures, growing, and learning with these Peculiar Treasures.

  • MVP


  • LizzieR13

    Paperback.. I love to turn pages…

  • loretta Franz

    paperback. I save them for my daughter and future grandchildren and love rereading them :)

  • Whitt

    Please paperback!! There’s nothing like holding a physical book in your hands and reading it:) I’m so enthused about the new Todd and Christy books! Thanks for all your hard work..

  • Kimberly Paul Slezak

    Robin, I just started getting them for my just turned 12 niece, paperback a must! She’s reading at 12th grade level, hard to match that with content for her age. My SIL liked the story I heard you tell at Glorieta on why you started writing Christy’s story. Thanks! Kim Paul

  • Deanna

    Paperback!! I love my Nook, but these books are special to me, so I enjoy adding to my RJG collection!

  • Macy

    Kindle i love in china so its incredibly hard to get the paperbacks here and i own a kindle so i can purchase it on there!

    • Macy


  • Brynn

    As if there is any doubt… paperback, of course! :) It simply wouldn’t be right not to have a real book to add to my Christy Miller/Robin Jones Gunn collection, I love every single one of them and merely seeing them on my bookshelf is a constant reminder of the happy times I have had reading them and the important loving lessons I learn from them.

  • Natalie Boyle

    This is wonderful news! Thank you for not giving up on your dream. I like reading iBooks via iTunes. But for great books such as Christy Miller series, paperback. Plus like others mentioned — I have my Christy and Sierra books in waiting for my daughters.

  • Sally

    How exciting. Paperback for sure! There is something so special about holding a real book in your hands, the smell a book has. Getting lost in the pages. I wouldn’t purchase an e-book.
    Enjoy writing it Robin and thank you for all the joy your books bring.

  • RT

    Can’t wait! But definitely paperback! We have all the rest of the Christy & friends books in paperback and have no way to read e-books.

  • Tasha Cardwell

    I highly prefer paperback or hardcover any day then e-book version!! Plus not everybody has an e-reader. Also I really enjoy having a physical book in my hand. So please please choose paperback or hardcover. Thanks
    By the way I love your books and I would hate to miss out on a new book of yours because of the choose of e-book

  • Maggie

    I’m a librarian and I do use e-readers, but I still prefer a book. I love to be able to purchase books for my home collection that I can have on my shelves and enjoy over and over again… e – books are great, but in my mind they will never replace the real thing!
    Can’t wait to see where Christy & Todd are going in this new adventure! Thanks for keeping their story going! I recommend their books to teens in my library all the time!

  • Kim

    Deff. Paperback…. I am so excited!!! Prayers!!

  • Emily

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    • breadwoman

      Love the image of you reading these books….I can almost see you sitting there reading….wait that is me. All the best as you start the next chapter of your life.

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  • breadwoman

    Robin, this is amazing! Who would have guessed that one seemingly simple question could evoke so many emotions. I have just spent the last half hour reading (skim reading) some of the answers. What a God thing God is doing in your life. It reminds me of a quote I read once ” You are valuable just because you exist. Not for what you do or what you have done, but simply because you are. Just think about the ways Jesus honours you ..and smile” (Max Lucardo) d:0) I sure am.

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    I love physical books, but money and shelf space concerns mean I’ll get them on my kindle. (I am all teary, by the way. I found your books when I was 11 — and now I am 31! She has been a “forever friend” of mine. And my mama-in-the-trenches self is really hoping we get to see Christy parent her little ones.)

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  • I still love Paperback books. Since I still have my Christy Miller series I would love to add this new series into my collection on the bookshelf. I’ve grown up reading about Christy and Todd.

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  • Gracie Robbins


  • Sarah

    Yay! I am so excited! The Christy Miller series were the first books of yours I read my freshman year of high school and they really did deepen my relationship with Christ. You have all the support in the world : ) thank you for being you and encouraging others in their faith….

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  • Gabriel

    wow! wonderful news Robin! I am so excited!!!! I also would read it on toilet paper if it came to that..but preference for me…I would read it in any way you choose to publish :) May God be with you and guide your heart during the writing process! Will be praying for you!

  • Jenifer

    I would prefer paperback, just because it’s the best way to read the most amazing stories. :) I can’t wait for this new book to come out; I started reading Christy Miller in 7th grade (6 years ago!) and have loved growing up with these characters!

  • twi

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  • Heather Beffort

    Paperback, paperback, paperback please! I have every single Christy & Todd book in paperback (some hard bound). That way, in case technology doesn’t work, I always have a hard copy!!! I’m so excited! I just started re-reading (maybe 4th, 5th, 6th? time through) the Christy Miller books and I cannot wait until this one comes out. You will be guaranteed I will be buying it. Thank you for listening to your readers. This blesses me :-)

    • Heather Beffort

      I too prefer the real thing over technology anyway :-)

  • Stef

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  • Stacey

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  • Kirsten

    I’m so behind in responding… I have no idea what the general response is, but I would absolutely purchase both. I purchase books on my kindle for convenience, but I like owning physical copies of the books I absolutely love. I own kindle & paper versions of all your books, so naturally my preference would be both! :) I’m absolutely giddy at the thought that, perhaps, we could be reading about Christy and Todd again before the end of 2014… I was trying to keep my cool by reminding myself it might take a few years! So this blog post has absolutely made my day. Grateful for you chasing your dreams!!

  • Trish

    E-reader. I ALWAYS have my kindle in my purse so then I could re-read whenever and wherever I wanted!!

  • Madilyn

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  • LaHolla

    I’d probably like it in both Nook format and physical format. Then I’d always have a copy around when I lent out my paperback (as I do with all your books all the time).

    Thank you so much for writing about the romance of marriage. I think Christian fiction celebrates the magic of falling in love and finding “the one” but then leaves us to believe the romance is all done after the wedding. Thank you for telling more of the story! I’ve enjoyed how you’ve done that with Tawni and Tracy in your recent books.

  • Janelle Bond

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  • Victoria Valliere

    Please, please publish it in paperback! I have the entire Christy collection on my bookcase at university, and sometimes i just hold them and feel better. Although I will love it no matter what, I would feel disconnected reading an e-book. Please print it in paperback. Thank you so much for this gift – Christy Miller changed my life when I was 13 years old, and I’ve been living a God-filled life ever since. God bless you, and thank you will all my heart.

  • Katie

    PAPERBACK! Absolutely! Like many others have stated, nothing is better than experiencing the weight, feel, sound (turning of the pages) and smell of a real book. I have passed around this series so many times I cannot count! I am now going to call my mother and tell her the good news about the pending C&T novel! So excited!

  • Elizabeth

    Definitely paperback!!!! I don’t have an e-reader and the only way I can read these is by eventually borrowing them from the library. Please do paperback!

  • Anna

    My vote is paperback, there’s is something magical about turning the pages of a book

  • raeanna

    Paperback I love reading them not reading off devices and im 13 fuuny huh

  • Brittany


  • Lesley Stancil

    Definitely paperback! I am so excited for you, and also can’t wait :) praying for you! God bless

  • Lanie

    I literally (And I am NOT joking:) ) just squealed…again:) Paperback would be great as I have all my other Christy miller books in paperback…plus I kinda like it better! Yippee!!! CAN NOT WAIT TO READ IT!!! lol….:)

  • Rebecca:)

    Paperback please!:) also I’m looking forward to hearing about Christy and Todd and all their friends and family especially Tracy,Doug,Katie,Eli,ra,jordan and David!!:D

    • Rebecca

      Sorry I meant *sierra

  • PJ

    Hello I was born n raised in Jamaica and still living in Jamaica today and every since i was 10 I always love your books with Christy and Todd
    when i start i never want to put it down, I was inspired to write stories of my own , i even adopted Philippians 1:3 as my favorite Bible verse.
    I love paperback cuz i can always have it around n dont feel restrain when the battery dies on my kindle while am reading the most captivating parts.Keep doing what your doing because ur a truly Blessed woman of God

  • jackie_tessnair

    Paperback…I love the feel of a book in my hand.

  • Regina

    I am so excited!!!! I would be happy for it to be in paperback, do I can share it more easily. I grew up with the Christy and Sierra books and have them saved for my daughter, but I am collecting a new collection of them to give to my soon to be 13 year old sister in law. Her Parents got out of church a little over 2 years ago and I’m very worried where her and her siblings lives are headed and hope that these will help her in some way.

  • Kelsey Marie

    Paperback please :)

  • Rachel White

    Definitely paperback! Nothing like cracking open a book and smelling the pages. I have the Christy Miller collection, and the Sierra Jensen collection. I LOVE THEM! The Lord speaks to me through your books, Mrs. Robin! :)
    As long as you keep writing, I’ll keep reading! You have a fan for life! I can’t wait to get a copy of, “Spoken For” God bless you!

  • Hannah Simmons

    paper back I love having hard copies of books!!!! that way it will be easier to get in NZ!!!!!

  • Jon Hollingsworth

    Sorry for the delay in replying to your question! I would prefer both as each format has it’s place. A e-book is easier when you’re traveling. A hard copy is nice to have too & the biggest bonus of a hard copy is that you can give it away as a gift. E-books don’t work in the church library!

  • Angela Davenport Neubauer

    Paper Back PLEASE!!! It doesn’t get much better than opening a brand new book and smelling the pages!!! Sooooo excited!

  • Leah

    Paperback for sure! So excited :)

  • Jamie

    However it can be published the fastest! I’m so excited!

  • xxxx

    paperback..I love keeping my books on the shelf!! I am soooo excited and can’t wait to read them!!

  • Misty

    Both! Paperback for my bookshelf, and ebook so I can take many books with me when travelling :)

  • Sierra Webster

    YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW THRILLED I AM TO READ THIS!! I literally just finished reading Finally and Forever and this could not be better news!!! Thank you so much :) By the way I definitely prefer paperback

  • Arreis2012

    Paperback!! I love holding the hard cover in my hands:)

  • Forever girl 3

    Definitely paperback. Nothing like picking up a very worn, very loved, and very much enjoyed book and reading it along with a cup of tea and possibly some fuzzy socks. I love hand writing notes in my Christy Miller books and then going back through them to see the different ways they have impacted my life :) so excited for the new book! I hope you enjoy your time writing it as much as I will enjoy reading it!

  • Abi

    paperback!!! nothings better than the smell of a new book and flipping through tangible papers!

  • Karina

    Paperback! I love these books and love the paperback version

  • petra

    i treasure your books and they have a very very very special spot on my shelf so paperback please :)

  • Monique Hanson-Keeler


  • Jessica

    I would prefer paperback! I love being able to hold an actual book in my hands and add it to my collection when I have finished it.

  • Tracy Horne

    I would buy it on both Kindle and Paperback.

  • Larisa

    Paperback yes !! I am so happy and excited about this new book!! I can’t wait!!

  • Tiffany

    I’m 27 and single and I became a Christian when I was 21. Your books have blessed me in reminding myself about how good it is to follow God’s ways and to wait on His timing. I did things my own way when I wasn’t a Christian, which brought me pain and heartache. But now I am walking a new path and God has given me a deep desire for purity. So thank You for writing books that help us girls and women to stay on the narrow path. God bless you and I would prefer paperback!

  • Tahl

    paperback!!!!!! I cant wait

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  • Ashleigh Canfield

    This just overfills my heart with joy! Christy was with me in a hard time of my life and through your writing i made good choices that turned my life upsife down but right side up in the eyes of the Lord. Paperback, just like the old books!

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    Can’t tell you how excited (and kind of nervous) I am to see be a part of their lives once again. I cant believe it will be out so soon! Id prefer paperback. Love having the Christy Miller series proudly displayed on my book shelf. Plus I plan on holding onto these for my future daughters! :)

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  • northernireland

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  • hannaht283

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  • Janelle

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    I have purchased so many of your books. Here in the Midwest people hadn’t heard of you until I met you in Colorado Springs at a Jerry Jenkins conference about 5 years ago–I’m sure you don’t remember talking to me (I had a sling). I purchased the Christie Miller series for the church library and the young women are addicted to them. Most of the now high school and junior high girls have read them. I prefer the paperback for them in the library. I have ordered the Sierra Jensen series and another series for them. They are thrilled that they will be coming. I appreciate “Gardenias for Breakfast” and the “Sister chicks” so much. I have the “Victim of Grace”. Thank you so much. If you ever get to Sturgeon Bay, let me know. Beautiful Door County were our county has 300 miles of Shoreline. It’s a great place to live and visit. Waiting for the new books coming. I have written one book and working on another, but time is an issue now. I take time to spend with the Women’s Class and talking to teens. May God bless you and your work.

  • Victoria Ullrich

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  • Rebeca Escobar

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    April Ruhl

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    I would prefer paperback. I love the feel of turning a page and the way they all look on my bookshelf. :) Though I am able to read via ebook, I prefer paperback. :)

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  • Juliana

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    I look forward to reading the new adventures of this group! Tks a lot!!! God bless you!
    With love, Juliana

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  • Bethany

    I would buy it either through E-Book and also through paperback. I would also love it if you could write avout maybe Christy and Todd have a baby along with Katie and Eli getting married. Also maybe about Soerra. I love your books. They are so uplifting and I would like to hear more about ALL of these caracters especially Doug and Tracy! Thanks for being an inspiration to me and so many others. God Bless!!

  • Amber

    Im thirty two years old. I began my journey with Christy at the age of thirteen. Unfortunately, I didnt follow God as I should have for a while. These past two years Ive rededicated my life to Him and have been blessed beyond my wildest dreams. Todd has always been my “dream guy”, but now that Im marrying the man God truly created for me I can say that he is even better than I even imagined or prayed for. I truly believe “God is weird, and we are tweaked”. God has done some amazing things with parallelling my real life love story with Christy and Todd’s. We are even incorporating plumeria in our ceremony this May. Not only does my fiance listen to me ramble about your books, but he surprised me buy buying me the original series and every book that came after. I find it no coincidence that just as Im finally marrying “my Todd” God has paved the way for you to continue their Christy and Todd’s story. Thankyou for living out Proverbs 3: 5,6. Your dedication to our Saviour is an inspiration beyond what you can possibly realize. I’ll contonue to pray for His direction as you continue your journey with the Spencers and the other incredible characters you have written to life. The Lord bless you and keep you, Amber.

  • Amber Kohlmeier

    ps I would buy this series in paperback as well as on kindle. I was so excited to share that I forgot to answer the original question. :)

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    I cannot describe my excitement for this new series!! Christy Miller has had a massive impact on my life.

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  • Jerrie Lanier


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  • Rhonda Marchand Childs

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  • pajamalamb

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  • I would read it how ever it come, but i would prefer paperback. These are my favorite books in the whole world and they have inspired me as a christian. It will be so good to read about life after Christy and Todd are married. IM SO EXCITED!!!!!

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  • Kyla

    First of all.. I am SO excited and can NOT wait to read it! And paper back is what I prefer if it still matters :) Your books and seeing how the characters trust God and He is always faithful has inspired me so much, thank you, thank God!


    I would rather have the kindle version, but paperback is fine too! I was wondering if you could answer a couple questions for me: Do you know when the new books about Christy and Todd’s early marriage years will possibly come out? And I was also wondering how many books you are going to write for the early marriage years? I absolutely love this series, and your writing! I’m on the college series right now, and I can’t wait to read more about Christy and Todd! Thank you!

  • April ;)

    That sounds totally great!! I have read the Christy Miller series like a million times now and never get sick of it. I have had so many questions after the last book (Christy and Todd: the Collage years) for instance, what happens after they get married? What happens to all her friends? How many kids dose she have???:) Im so curious to find out and Robin … god bless you. your books have made me realize how real god is! As Doug would say, hes AWSOME!!
    P.S paperback is way better that an e-book 😉

    • April ;)

      opps almost forgot to say your books would make a great T.V series
      😉 xx

  • Haven

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  • JM

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  • Harmony

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  • Carolyn


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  • Cris

    Paperback, please!

  • Soph

    So I was wondering which books come first? Is forever with you the first book in the married series and home of our hearts is the second book in the married series?

    • Soph

      Oh and thank you so much for writing the Christy Miller series. This series is the only series I can read a million times. And I have. And thank you so much for writing more.

  • Kaylee Weihman


  • Julie

    Kindle please!

  • Grace

    I would personally love to read it as a paperback. There is absolutely nothing like holding a real book in your hands.

    • Grace

      I have been waiting for you to write a new book for Christy and Todd! I fell in-love with the series and even though its been a while since I read them, i remember almost everything (and that’s pretty good for me if you knew how bad of a memory I have). I CAN’T WAIT to see what comes next!!!

  • Kayla Kupcake

    I think the book should be both!! ‘Cause who doesn’t like to touch a couple of buttons and then have a good book at their fingertips!? Yet, having the actual story in your hands is so exhilarating and exciting in its own way! So I vote both!

  • Alese

    Dear Robin,

    I just wanted to say thank you for writing your Christy & Todd series. This was a series that my best friend and I went through together and read and really enjoyed. They helped connect us and draw us closer and desire to find a ‘godly’ Todd, too.

    Thank you for your obedience and willingness to write and spread God’s love through your books.

  • Tabitha

    I love paperback. I love Todd and Christy new books and look forward to their future together

  • Abby

    Audible and Kindle. :) I so enjoy listed to the Katie Weldon series and the first College Years book while at work. It really has been helping me through life more than you can understand.

  • Melody Nava

    I wish paperback would work for me but we’re currently missionaries in Brazil and my daughter and I have them all from kindle. I’ll take what i can! These are such a blessing for my teen daughter and me to share.