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Christy &Todd College Years Re-release

C&T: The College Years

Christy & Todd:The College Years

Don’t you love it when you are able to line up your favorite books on your bookshelf and know that you have completed your series?

We’ve been eager to let you know that you can now complete your Christy Miller collection with these gorgeous new re-release editions of Christy & Todd:The College Years.



Journey with Christy as she treks around Europe with Katie and Todd and then returns to California for her final years at Rancho Corona University with Todd, Katie, Sierra and the rest of her Forever Friends.

Will Christy and Todd’s romance continue through their college years? Dive into this timeless 3 book series and find out.

Order your complete set of Christy & Todd: The College Years Series here:


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  • Tomika

    Hi Robin, I was wondering if these books will be available on anytime soon because I live in Canada and I just can’t buy them from your website because its a little too expensive with the exchange rate. I’m waiting for the Canadian dollar to go up, so I can buy the RCU hoodie. I love the Christy Miller series!! Thank you!

    • They should be available on very soon. I know the shipping is really high from the US to Canada.

  • Chelsea

    I just finished reading these! I absolutely loved them and was just thinking about how I wish there was a more updated version. Are the covers the only difference or are there updates in the book as well? (like technology/style updates?)