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The question I am asked many times a week is

Will there be more stories about Christy and Todd?

The other question I’m asked all the time is

Will there be a Christy Miller movie or TV series?

First, the answer to your question about more books is YES!

A new 3-book series about Christy and Todd is in the works. The title for the new series is  (slight spoiler here) . . .

Christy family picture

Christy & Todd: The Baby Years.

I can’t wait to start writing more about these characters because I know they have become Forever Friends to so many of you. I don’t have the release date for the first book in the new series yet, but I will be posting updates in the Robin’s Nest Newsletter and on my blog as soon as I’m able to share details.

Now, the answer about the Christy Miller movies is PRAY.

I’m working with a stellar producer and together we are praying and jumping over every hurdle placed along the path to production. I don’t have any happy news yet, but I’m going to meetings and working hard and praying even harder. Pray with us! Seriously.

God can do anything, you know—far more than you could ever imagine or guess or request in your wildest dreams! Ephesians 3:20 MSG

Thank you so much for all your encouraging comments and emails. I love hearing how God has used these stories to draw you closer to His heart. That’s what I pray for you Beautiful Readers before I start writing every new book. So every time I read one of your uplifting posts I know that God answers prayers.

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  • Allison

    Not even an hour ago my mom was asking if there were any new Christy and Todd books coming out, and I said I didn’t know, I hadn’t seen anything on your blog about it. She’s going to be happy when I show her this! So excited for the baby years!

    • The timing of your mom’s question sounds like a God thing, as Katie would say!

  • Lauren Mellissa

    Oh my Godddd!!! I can´t believe about it. I´m so excited! Thank you so much for this new. I´m from Brazil and I read all your book about Cris, Selena and Cris & Ted (these are the characters names in the Brazilian translation).

    I was a teenager when a started reading these books and now I´m 35 years old! It´s funny! I cannot wait for Christy & Todd: The Baby Years.

    God bless you, Robin!

  • Reigha Sunshine

    Ahh!! Thats so exciting!!! If the books end up getting made into movies/tvshows, would a normal girl who loves acting and singing be able to be a part of them? I love the Christy Miller series so much and it would be a dream come true to be a part of making her story come alive!!

  • Reigha Sunshine

    I have a dream/idea about a boys series that you could write! You have mentioned that many girls have told you how hard life is because the guys in their lives have not read the Christy Miller series and become full fledged God-lovers. Well… I thought it would be REALLY cool if you wrote a Todd series. 😀 You could collaborate with a guy when you write them (so that it would truly be from a guys perspective) and tell the whole story from Todd’s point of interest. Anyway, maybe Im just dreaming, but its a fun idea!! 😀 If not Todd, maybe you could make a whole new guy Character. :) I would totally read the books and recommend them to every guy I meet!! (I already tell every girl I meet about the Christy Miller books!) Thanks for writing and making these amazing characters come alive!!!!!!!

    • I like the way your imagination creates, Reigha!

    • Janie

      Christy’s brother. He needs his story told!!! :)

      • Katie Lin Hodge


    • Katie Lin Hodge


  • Lindsay

    I’ve been waiting anxiously for any news about new books with Christy and Todds story. I’m so very excited. Your books have truly been a blessing to me as I experience life. I grew up with Christy, and I feel she’s a kindred spirit. Thank you Robin for these wonderful God filled books.

    • This makes me smile, Lindsay. I love the term “kindred spirit”, too.

  • Lydia

    I’m so excited I seriously love these books

  • anonymous

    They all need to end up in Glennbrooke!! 😉

    • Elizabeth Eng

      yes!!! completely agree!! Can Christy meet up with Alissa and Teri again??

    • :-)

    • Jessica Johnson Cockerham

      I Agree!!!

  • I was 14 when I read the first Christy Miller series and now I’m passing these on to my teen daughters. They blessed me and I am so excited to follow the life of Christy. We connected in so many ways. Thank you so much for writing these books and continuing their stories. :)

    • I love hearing stories like this, Dianna. The next generation of Christy readers! Say hi to your daughters for me.

      • Katie Lin Hodge

        I’ve been a Christian since February of this year!!

  • Dawn Janis

    I squealed when I saw this this morning in my email!

  • Deb Waekens

    So exciting! I’ve been thinking lately about starting from the beginning and rereading all the books!

  • Hannah H.

    Eeeeeek! What happy news! Thanks for making my morning!

  • Debbie

    Yea, so excited for the books to be released. Will be anxiously awaiting.

    • I’m writing just as fast as my little fingers and heart and imagination can go!

  • Noonespellsmynameright

    five words please….
    Johanna Kilikina or Brian Naranja
    :) <3

  • Christen

    If there is a movie, then I know of the perfect girl to play Katie Weldon. This girl is also a goofy redhead who is also named Katie and who married a guy quite similar to Eli. The resemblance between them is so uncanny that I almost wonder if you knew this Katie. Just shoot me an email when casting time comes around please :))

    • Watch my newsletter for updates, Christen. How fun to know a real life Katie!

  • Whoa!!! So so so cool . . . please keep us updated! Both on the new series and the possible movie. If a movie came out I would be SO SUPER EXCITED! There’s nothing like reading a book and then watching the movie version to compare. Whoever casts Todd is going to have to be super careful that he’s perfect. 😉

  • christina

    This is so incredibly amazing!!!! I would love to be involved in any part of a Christy Miller movie!!! I am currently in school for creative writing in the entertainment industry and would LOVE to work with you on this project!!! Praying that a movie happens!! And that you need an assistant to go get coffee or something! Lol anyway, God bless and please consider me for any part in this incredible life changing thing!!!

    • It’s good to dream big, Christina. Above all, pray!

      • christina

        Always!!! :)

  • :-)

  • Laura Gobbels

    Thanks so much for writing another book!! I love the Christy MIller series!

  • Amanda

    This is amazing news! I texted it to my two best friends. We are all in our 20s/30s now but grew up reading Christy Miller (we would read them out loud together!) one of my friends does a great aunt Marti impression! :) I just had two babies in the last couple of years so I can’t wait to relate to Christy on being a mama!

    • I would LOVE to see that Aunt Marti impression! I love the way that you are still connected to your “Peculiar Treasure” friends.

      • Robin! You completely made our day by responding to Amanda! We are the other two “peculiar treasures” in our precious friend group. My sister is the one who is just incredible at her aunt marty impression, she moves us to belly aching laughter every time!!! Wish you could see it! We should get her to send it! Amanda, Jac and I started reading those books when we were in our early teens, and it totally transformed our faith and helped us make it our own! It shaped so many of our early teen conversations when the world was pulling at us in so many ways, it really made a difference. Thank you so much! We have read those books out loud to each other suntanning in our backyard, on the beach in California when we were 18, when we were missionaries in various countries apart. The girls also read them to me faithfully the last few years when i couldn’t read as I had a brain injury we never thought i would recover from … and now I am better, we are in our late 20’s/early 30’s, manda has moved across the country, but we pray together and message nearly every day, and we alway always always get so excited for new Christy news, as they help keep our hearts on the same page even tho we are far apart! These girls are my peculiar treasures, and amazing women of God thanks for always writing books that challenge our faith and remind us of Gods goodness in the realities of life, and that keep reminding us the value of sisterhood! One day we can’t wait to give the Christy Miller books to Amanda’s little girl… and we hope when the next time we get to read one of these books are when we have a little more income and can be on a beach in hawaii together! Thanks so much Robin for the impact Christy’s stories have had on our lives, and for the way you have helped shape the most incredible friends in the world! We can’t wait for the next ones!

  • Danae

    What amazing news! I may or may not have shed a tear of happiness while reading this. Your books are timeless! I will be praying for you as your are writing them and for the works going into the movie. Now my favorite blessing to you: May the Lord Bless you and keep you, may his face shine upon you!

  • Breanna Adkins DuBose

    Oh! This just makes my heart so happy!!

  • Wonderful news to start a Monday! I have and will read everything you write about these characters!

  • Meagan Nichole Shierling

    I actually learned about the Christy Miller series from reading the Sierra Jensen series.. I love both of those series!

    • Jessica Johnson Cockerham

      I Did too, I stumbled across Time will tell, Now Picture this and Hold on tight When I was A Junior in High School at our Library after reading them and Loving them I Did some research and found more books by RJG and Have Loved All of them Since :-).

  • Debbie

    I’m ecstatic about both of these tidbits of news!! Christy Miller and her friends(specifically, Sierra) have been a big part of making me who I am today! I’ve read the books more times than I can count, and will definitely be praying about a film/more books.

    Ps. Growing up my friend’s and I would pick the character corresponding to our looks and have fun! Ironically, we all related well to our corresponding character. I loved it! :)

    So, thank you, Mrs. Gunn for all you do!! I can’t wait to see how God answers our prayers.

  • Anna

    I absolutely love the Christy Miller series. They have helped me get through rough friendships. There were times when I felt like Christy was my only friend besides my sisters. when my mom told me you were writing the baby years I freaked out. I’m so excited!!!!!!! Thank you Mrs. Gunn. My sisters and I are totally looking forward to them!!!!

  • Kamie

    I was 13 when I read the very first book, my friend lent it to me and she said it was her favorite series, it soon became our favorite book series and we relate to Christy and Katie in many ways and all the time! Ever since we first read them we’ve imgined them as a tv series or movie and we would love if that dream came true! We’ve been praying for this for many years and we will continue to pray! We love you Robin and we CAN NOT wait for the baby years!!

  • Erika Willey

    Ahhhhh! I’m SO excited for your new book series! Your books have been so influential in my life and I can’t wait to hear about the baby years (especially since it’s the stage of life I’m in!) I will pray for the Movie/TV possibility. I’ve seen God move mountains in both my own life and other people’s lives and I will commit to praying for you, Robin :)

  • AlexaPett

    Yes! Best birthday present ever! I have been rereading and rereading the married life series since I got it for Christmas. I read them all Christmas day. :)

  • Hosanna

    I am with Dianna Auton, I first read the Christy Miller series as a young girl of 14 when they first made their way to the book shelves of Focus on the Family, I would wait, ever so patiently for the next book to arrive, and pay for it out of hard earned allowance money. As each of the women, Christy, Sierra, Katie, have grown and matured in the Lord, it was such a blessing to read about that and be encouraged by it. I know am still writing for to my ‘maybe tomorrow man’ and remember reading about those letters when the girls did so in one of the early books. With faith, maybe someday someone will have an opportunity to read the letters that I have spent over half of my life writing. Thank you so much, I cherish the books, then, now, and forever, they are in my heart.

  • robin freeman

    i am way older than most of those who wrote these comments, but my daughter and I have been reading these stories since she was about 12 (she turns 30 next week…) and both think Christy and the rest of the gang are real.. or almost. :) I am excited to hear there will be new stories and wait eagerly to hear what you do with this story line!! we love how you intertwine all of your characters from all of the books and how they meet each other and only we know who that person with the curly hair and boots really is.. (among others!) thank you for your continual encouragement and uplifting spiritual guidance that is in all of your books. I always am encouraged afresh when I read them, even if (when!) it is the 15th time.. you always bless my heart. thank you for your faithfulness in sharing God’s love in this way.
    ps. i went to a wedding last weekend and the couple had never kissed… i texted my daughter that i saw a real Doug…. :)

  • Macy Wright

    I am so unbelievably happy to hear this! These are my very favorite books, which is saying a lot considering I read more than almost anyone else I know! I can’t wait!

  • Amaka

    The 1st book in the Christy Miller series came out in 1988, and I wasn’t born until 2001! But I discovered the series at my school library in 5th grade (2012) and the first book I read was Sweet Dreams, the one where Christy & Todd break up. That was the 1st and only time I’ve ever cried while reading a book! Anyway, I started getting into the series, read the College and Married Years, and now can’t wait for the Baby Years!!! And you know, I think it’s hilarious that long before you wrote this post, I would imagine myself as a director directing a very own Christy & Todd movie, I kid you not. This is wonderful, and hopefully I won’t have to wait too long before it actually happens! So excited, God is on the move.

    • Macy Wright

      Sweet Dreams was the first time I cried during a book as well! Actually, the only time!

  • Emilee

    I started reading the Christy Miller series when I was 12 years old. I had borrowed the books from a friend and loved them so much that I asked for the series for Christmas. Even now, 12 years later, the books are still some of my most prized possessions. I have shared them with other girls in my life and I have never heard a complaint. When discussing my favorite author with new friends, I love that “YOU LOVE THEM TOO??!!” moment. I am sure every fan on the books understand completely. After reading this post, I began thinking about all the other “years” that could be written about. I hope there are many more! However, I will say this. If a “senior year” set is ever written and for some UNHOLY reason Todd or Christy dies…I will sob like a newborn baby. My life will NEVER be the same.
    God Bless you, Robin!

  • ruth

    i love these books so much i just go crazy reading these books and i just can’t wait for more books to come out

  • Deanna

    I think there should be TV series because it would take too long to do that many movies. I am so excited for more books. Any ideas for names?

    • My daughter said the same thing. I’m totally in agreement! Let’s do a series!

    • Sarah Arenburg

      i totally agree too,the tv series should start in highschool years it would be amazing!

  • Joy

    Yes! Omg, I’m so excited!!!!!!

  • Andrea

    Woooooooooow!!!! It’s a God thing as Katie would say. I’m so excited and i can’t wait to read it. I’m a freshman at high school right now and I started reading the Christy Miller Series when I was in 6 grade because my math teacher gave them to me as a gift. I read all the books all the way to married year and they changed my life and the promises I made to God. God Bless you Mrs. Gunn and to him be all the glory for the heart of service he has given you!! Pray for me Please??

  • Tabitha

    It’s funny how the Christy Miller (Spencer) books have directly correlated with my life. I’m now expecting my first in September…hoping that the next book comes out this fall!!!

    Also, I’ve been wanting to adapt these for the screen since I was in high school….that’s super exciting that something is in the works!

  • Bekah14

    YES!!! When i read this I actually started fan girling! I cant believe it! Ever since I finished the whole entire series I have been sad and having to make stories up in my head about my two best friends Christy and Todd and were life has taken them to console myself. But now I can smile again because of this soon to be new series:) Thank you Mrs. Robin for bringing me closer to God through your writing. Its something I will never be able to repay you for.
    God bless,

  • Julia

    I grew up reading these stories. As a recently married women now trying to conceive my first child I can once again relate to Christy and I loved it!! Re-reading the Married Years collection while I anxiously await the next book :)

  • Galilea Estrada

    Oh my gosh! I just read this and I am beyond excited! I’ve read The Christy Miller collection, Christy and Todd: The College Years 1,2 and 3, Christy and Todd:The Married Years 1,2 and 3, and Katie Weldon series. I fell in love with them ever since I opened the book. Christy and Todd have been a part of my life for 4 years and I hope that Christy and Todd: The Baby Years, comes out soon. Oh and I have a book idea, I feel like you should make a book from Todd’s point of view. Oh and another thing, your books lead me to salvation. Thank you Robin. I would love to be able to thank you in person. Let me know if you ever go to New Jersey, please please let me know. Thank you and God Bless you!

    -Gali (Your forever friend)

  • Bethany Heid

    I didn’t start reading the Christy Miller books until one day at the library about 3 or 4 years ago I came across the college years all packed into one book. Once I read those, I was hooked. I am SO excited that you’re writing the baby years and I can’t wait to read them!!!! :)

  • Faith

    Robinnnnn nooooooo!! :O I’m 14 and I’ve litterly been hooked on your books..I actually was avoiding reading the married years, because then it was going to be over.. :( But it’s notttt!! I’m litterly crying!! You have no idea how much this news means to me!! I love you and your series so much!! I feel like I know Todd, Doug, Rick, Christy, Sierra, Kaite, and Tracy more then some of the guys at my school!! AND A MOVIE?? OH MY GOSHHH I WOUDL DIEEE!! I’ve only been thinking about a TV series for the past 2 years!! I love you so much!! Thank you so much Robin!! You’re so amazing!! Please..write more books after this..and then after that..and then after that..I love Christy and Todd, and if they left i don’t even know what I would do! I’ve learned so much from them!! Please keep the books coming! I’m praying for you and the TV series! I can’t wait!! ~Faith (14)

  • Elizabeth Knabe

    OH MY GOODNESS!! I love your Christy Miller books! I will be praying that everything works out. Your books showed me that even though we’re not perfect, God loves us anyways. I especially love Todd’s analogies… your books have encouraged me so much and I’ve only read the first volume! (I’m waiting for the next volume at my library but I’m buying all the books for Christmas) I’ve fully given my life to Christ because your books showed me that its not enough to know about God, you have to have a relationship with him. I’m just starting out but it’s been great so far. Thank you for using your gifts to encourage girls like me!!

  • Tierra Constable

    I’m so excited!!!!!! Can’t wait for the new books (I still have to read the third Married Years book) and I for sure will be praying with you about the movie(s)! That’s something that has been a thought in the back of my head for a long time, like “I’d be cool if…..” but I never really thought it would actually happen!!!

  • Stacy Smith

    Ahhh…here I am, just 3 years shy of 40 years old, and more in love with Chrisy and Todd than ever. My name is Stacy – a wife, and stay-at-home Mom to four lovely children in the glorious Midwest state of Oklahoma. Christy and Todd (and Katie girl – who I relate with the most- PLEASE write more about her and Eli too!! Having babies and families on the mission field is such a real thing – one of my dearest friends is in Rwanda, Africa with her husband and now 3 children. I think of her every time I read about Katie and El) anyway….back from my rant :) – they have all been my “forever friends”. I found a copy of the first Christy Miller book in my local Christian bookstore when I was a teenager -and as I’m sure you have heard so many times over – they changed me. They transformed me and my walk with Jesus. I was so inspired by this girl who lived and thought and had emotions just like me. So, just like Christy, I began to channel all of my desires for a husband and romance towards God. On the night of my sixteenth birthday, I wrote my first letter to my future husband – what would become one of dozens of letters I wrote over the years. I married at the tender age of 20, and gave those letters on my wedding night to my dearest love – my husband of now 16 years. We have four children- and our two oldest are 12 and 11 year old girls. My sweet daughters – just now on the cusp of womanhood – growing and changing and asking questions. And my oldest daughter – with her first Christy Miller in her hands (I bought the updated versions – she made fun of my old original covers 😉 You write about all of the seasons of life with such grace and depth – truly, from Glenbrooke to Sisterchicks and beyond – I don’t read any of your books to be entertained (although they are immensely entertaining :) I read them to be engaged with the beauty and glory of another’s story – a celebration of wives, daughters, mothers, friends – women who are treasures of heaven. After every book, I sit and reflect, and am thankful for my own story all over again. My family – my husband and children. The rich and varied friendships and adventures that I have been gifted with by my Heavenly Daddy. God weaves rich stories out of everyone’s lives, and you capture a tapestry with every book you write. Thank you for allowing yourself to be caught up in the “yes” of God’s great adventure over your life. For writing, and traveling, and loving, and praying, and writing some more. You have changed the way I see my own life, and the way I want my daugthers to see theirs!! Blessings and prayers over your corner of paradise as you keep writing!! Definitely a dream of my heart o meet you someday and hug you!! (I know you do some speaking in Hawaii – the island that has long been on my list to visit!!)

  • TaRanda Miller

    I just finish reading the ‘Christy and Todd: the married years’. I loved them. I love all the books! The series have really helped me in my relationship with God. They are so relatable. I absolutely love your work. I hope you can continue telling the Christy, Todd and friend stories! :) I’m excited to read what’s next for them! ~TaRanda

  • Anna Beth Kendrick

    Do you have any more news on the new series. I have been checking very often to see!!! I LOVE all of the Christy Miller series!

  • Sarah Ritter

    Will Christy get to see Alyssa? :) Will Aunt Marti become a Christian? :)

    • Katie Lin Hodge


  • Katie Lin Hodge

    When will the book come out!

  • Katie Lin Hodge

    I’ve read all of her books! But not the sister chicks I’m in the middle of reading the Gleen Brook! After that, last year my dad got me the Praying for you future husband! I have been writing to my future husband ever since!! Like Christy! My dad and I pray for you to Finnish the book and let your readers read it Mrs. Gunn! Hope you see this msg