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Come to Glenbrooke

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The Glenbrooke series started with an invitation. A phone call from an editor I’d never met. Would I be interested in writing a romance novel for the Christian market?

I remember how the rain was making silver polka dots on the upstairs window of the 100 year old Victorian bungalow we called home. We’d only lived in Portland, Oregon a few weeks and our family of four was still getting used to the single bathroom with its original claw foot tub and the sound of squirrels scampering across the roof.

“Set the story in the Great Northwest,” she said. “Write about what you see out your window.”


At the time I was finishing the last Christy Miller High School novel and had signed a contract to write the Sierra Jensen series.

“It’s just one book. Pure romance. The market is ready for stories like this.” She was convincing and I’m so glad she was. (Thank you SO much, @LisaBergren !)

I dove in to the new novel as a flurry of autumn leaves released their golden grip and fluttered to the earth. Secrets was the title fixed in my thoughts. Jessica met Kyle. She was shown kindness from strangers in a small, Oregon town with the made up name of Glenbrooke. Friendships formed, romance blossomed and Jessica’s secret came to light. The story grew.

Secrets became Book #1 in the award-winning, bestselling, 8-book Glenbrooke series. Each story welcomes readers with the same invitation  –

Come to Glenbrooke

A quiet place where souls are refreshed.

I’m delighted to let you know that the entire series of gentle love stories is now offered to you for 3 days only for the special price of $88 for all 8 books. That’s only $11 per book! I hope I can be as convincing as my editor was. Just one book, and you’ll want to read the entire series. The offer is available exclusively through Robin’s Nest Online Shop and ends at midnight EST on Sunday, January 29th.

If you’ve already completed your set of Glenbrooke novels, get excited because you’ll be able to visit Glenbrooke once more when you buy Salty Kisses, Book 2 in Christy & Todd: The Baby Years series.  Presale for Salty Kisses starts March 15th in the Robin’s Nest BookShop.


You’ll remember all the feels when you join Christy and Todd on their summer road trip to Glenbrooke. You’ll read about what happens when they connect with old friends, dine at the Wildflower Café and meet a young woman who just might change their lives forever.

Release date for Salty Kisses is April 28th but we’ll have a special offer for all of you who preorder from Robin’s Nest BookShop on March 15th. Watch for the next Robin’s Nest Newsletter for all the details and sign up today if you don’t already receive the Newsletter in your email.

Enjoy your visit to Glenbrooke, Beautiful Readers!

  • Hannah H.

    So…can you preorder Salty Kisses starting March 1st or March 15th? Both dates are mentioned in this post? :)

    • Sorry for that typo! Today is the start of presales. March 15th.

      • Hannah H.

        Already put in my order! :)

  • Starving Author

    I look forward to reading the second book in the series. I still have yet to read the first. Are my eyes just playing tricks on me or is Christy’s belly swollen with her second baby? How many children will God give Christy and Todd?

    • All your questions will be answered as you dive into the Baby Years stories. :-)

  • The Baby Years picks up where the Married Years ended, so the next book after the third Married Years novel (One More Wish) is Sandy Toes. The second book in the Baby Years series, Salty Kisses , releases April 28th 2017

  • The happy news is that Christy and Todd visit Glenbrooke in the newest novel, Salty Kisses. The book releases April 28th, 2017 but presales have begun in my online BookShop at

  • Aww. It is a beautiful place. Did you read the Sierra Jensen series? Those stories are set in Portland.

  • teenagewriter02

    Hi Robin,
    I absolutely LOVE your books! I’ve read the Christy Miller series, the Sierra Jensen series and the Married Years, and I’m going to beg mum to buy me the Katie Weldon series, the College Years and the Baby Years :) You are an incredible author and I aspire to write like you when I’m older!

  • Stephanie Echols McLeod

    Hi Robin, I’ve just read the Glenbrooke series again, for like the hundredth time! Although while I’m reading, I’ve often thought about Ida and if you’ve ever consider doing her story. I’ve also thought about Tracy since she gets mentioned in the last book. I love the series! Thank you!