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Gardenias For Breakfast

Have you ever said, “Hey, we should take a road trip!” And you did?


Gardenias For Breakfast

That’s what happened when my daughter and I trekked from Portland, Oregon to Louisiana to see my grandmother. My cousins all called my grandma “Great Lady” and she was a great lady indeed.

Our trip became the inspiration for the novel, “Gardenias For Breakfast“. When I wrote the book I wanted to explore the mysterious ways mothers and daughters connect (or disconnect in many cases).


Unsure of how to approach such a story, I distinctly remember going in our backyard on a warm August afternoon and stretching out in the hammock.  In my imagination I “heard” the opening line of the novel:

Everybody has a story. 

You listen to their story, Honeygirl,

and your story will come and find you.

After that, it was just a matter of putting my fingers on the keyboard, praying and breathing and watching the story stroll across the page.


Gardenias for Breakfast was selected as a Women of Faith novel and was recommended as a Book Club favorite.

You can get your summer reading off to a delightful start with a copy of “Gardenias For Breakfast” from my BookShop. Enjoy!


  • Deanna

    I have read this book after I got it for more money at a store. But it was hard to put down! I loves it thanks for writing it! I hope to meet you one day in person!

  • Georgia

    Robin when is your next book coming out???