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Gentle Whispers



I asked God for a word for this year and the word He impressed upon my heart was listen.

So simple but such a challenging thing to do. Don’t you agree? We are never alone with all the words and sounds and visual impressions at our fingertips every day. To sit alone in silence is a rare exercise.

But how else can we hear the still, small voice of God?

I feel a bit like Teri Moreno in Whispers when there was so much going on in her heart and head that she had to step outside the roar so that she could hear the gentle whisper.

I hope this new year holds many moments when your heart is still and you can listen along with me for the gentle whisper that fills us with hope and direction and deep communion with the One who knows us by heart.


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  • Rebecca Jo Cannon

    Robin, thank you for sharing your stories & prayers. When you were sharing out of journal & talking about a “word” from God for the year. A word had already came to me. But then I dismissed it because it was in the scripture you wrote in your journal out of John 15. Now since that day God has brought me back to John 15 through my devotions. I have really studying & soaking up each scripture of the entire chapter. My word for this 1st year of having one is Abide.

    • Abide is such a great word! And there is so much gold to mine out of John 15. I’m so glad you shared this. I think it’s going to be a motivation for someone who reads it to take seriously a thought/word/theme for the year that God impressed on them and they dismissed it as well. Hugs to you!

  • Chelsea

    I am beyond excited to say that I will be coming to the writer’s symposium at Point Loma next week! You books have been an inspiration to me since I was young teenager. Your characters provided a unique model to me for what an intimate relationship with Jesus might look like. I am so looking forward to hearing you speak!

    • Chelsea