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Giving Thanks & Making New Memories

Thanksgiving has always been our family’s big holiday. Bigger than birthdays or even Christmas. For 17 years we celebrated with extended family and friends at our home in Portland, Oregon. I savor the great memories of cooking for three days, setting the table with Aunt Becky’s beautiful fine china plates, lingering by candlelight as each person shared what God had done in their life that year.

Thanksgiving Table

Our Thanksgiving Table

This will be the first Thanksgiving without our children seated at the table. I can hardly stand it. The two of them are gathering in California and with their spouses they’ll be starting their own traditions, which I’ve been assured will include my famous sausage and cashew stuffing recipe. We are going to miss them like crazy. We’re also going to feel lost without our “adopted” son and his family at the annual feast. Their two sons took their first steps in our home on Thanksgiving many years ago. So many memories.

The time for making new memories has come.

Our “ohana” (Hawaiian for extended family) will be gathering in our backyard at sunset. We’re setting up several long tables for the 25 of us to celebrate an island style Thanksgiving. The tiki torches are in position. Everyone has their assignment of what to bring. I have verses about thankfulness printed on cards for each place. We will raise our glasses of pineapple juice to the King of Kings and offer up our gratefulness for all that He has done.

I pray that your Thanksgiving will be filled with joy and lots of new memories. Pop over to my Facebook Page in a week or so. I hope to post some pictures of our grand luau of gratefulness. By the way, I no longer have a Robin Jones Gunn “friend” page so if we used to connect there please come to the page on the link above and “like” it so we can stay in touch.

May your heart be filled with gladness wherever you gather with family and friends this week.


  • Fellow God Lover

    I’ sorry about your first holiday without family, even if it was 2 and half years ago!