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4 Happenings For You

1. Writers!


2018 Summer Conference

Is it time to get serious about your writing? Join me at the Oregon Christian Writer’s Conference August 20-23, 2018 in Portland, Oregon. Kim Meeder and I will be the Keynote Speakers. I hope to see you there! Click here

2. Gift Idea for Mother’s Day


A Pocketful of Hope For Mothers
is available now at most Barnes and Noble stores and in my
Robin’s Nest BookShop

3. Did you see the first two Father Christmas movies?
Marrying Father Christmas, the third Hallmark Movie inspired by my Father Christmas novels is scheduled to air this November on the Hallmark Movies & Mystery Channel.

IMG_5281My agent, Janet and I loved every minute of being on set in March with the actors and crew.  And yes, we got to be extras again this year! Watch for us in the tree lighting scene (if we make it past the editing stage.)

4. A new book about Christy!
I’m writing a new novel in a new series that will release in 2019 from Multnomah, a division of Random House.
Both Christy and Sierra along with Jennalyn from The Baby Years series are main characters in this new story. The tale is woven between five women in their thirties who are doing life together and drawing closer in a circle of experiences and celebrations.


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  • JoBrand Library

    I cannot believe this. THANK YOU!!!!!!!

  • L Atkins

    Same. I’m still in Book Withdrawal! 😀 I can’t wait for the movie and the book! I’m so EXCITED!!!

  • Lisa

    Hopefully this new story will also include Katie! Missing that wonderful red head.

  • Cara Murray

    So excited to hear there will be more Christy and Sierra books. My daughter and I began reading the series when she was in middle school, and she’s now in her late 30’s! We’ve both kept up with your books, and introduced them to others as well. The Sisterchicks series, Father Christmas books, and Glenbrook series are all wonderful!

  • Wren

    Yay!! I just finished Sunset Lullaby and I’m also having withdrawals! Thank you so much for continuing these stories with Christy and her friends! I’m married and in my 30s (with no kids yet) and sometimes feel “behind”. My world can be different than Christy’s, but so much of what she feels and processes throughout her life is so similar to myself. Your books have been such an encouragement to my heart! Thank you!