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Happy Birthday Christy! A Letter From Randy Alcorn


As Christy blows out the twenty-six candles on her birthday cake, she closes her eyes and makes a wish. Could this be the year that she and Todd have a baby?

One More Wish releases August 15th and this third book in the Christy&Todd: The Married Years series opens with Christy celebrating her birthday. Since today is Christy’s birthday it seemed only fitting to share a letter with you from Randy Alcorn and let you know that copies of One More Wish purchased in my Online Shop will ship before August 15th!

To explain the letter from Randy I need to start by saying that lots of you Beautiful Readers have asked if One More Wish  is the final book in the Married Years series. The sweetly mysterious and slightly ominous answer is that I don’t know.

Ever since the first book came out it’s been a write-pause-pray process and continues to be so. I don’t know how many more books I’ll write about these characters. Sales are always a factor but more importantly, I always want to know that God’s Spirit is nudging me forward with the right story at the right time. His timing has been flawless and I trust it will continue to be.


Many years ago my writer pal, Randy Alcorn teased me that I’d be writing about Christy and Todd the rest of my life. I assured him that after I finished the College Years I’d be done.

Randy told me his daughters grew up reading the Christy Miller series and he was sure I’d be writing all the way up to, “Christy & Todd Go To A Nursing Home”.

We laughed. A decade rolled by.

Then last summer when Forever With You released I sent Randy an email. I teased him back by asking if he knew he had the gift of prophesy because as he predicted, I was writing the Married Years series.

Robin Excited About Forever With You

His reply made me laugh so I asked if I could share it with you and he said, “Sure”. So here are a few fun thoughts about Christy & Todd’s future according to Randy Alcorn.

Your email make me smile, Robin.

I don’t talk much about my gift of prophecy, but since you mentioned it I now prophesy the following:

“Christy and Todd go to Heaven.”

In case you’re thinking that’s the end of the series, you’re short-sighted.

Next, “Christy and Todd in the Resurrection.”

Then, “Christy and Todd in the Millennium.” This could involve several books, even one per year, but that’s up to you. But that’s not all…

Then “Christy and Todd on the New Earth…Year 1.” After that the titles are set, just like Left Behind all you have to do is change the numbers.

But the great news is this. YOU, RJG, CAN KEEP WRITING ON THE NEW EARTH! Which means that Todd and Christy can literally go on forever.

Love you, sis. You are precious. Looking forward to hanging out with you on the New Earth. Hey, God could even create a real Todd and Christy and we could hang out with them. And then….this title could be next: “God creates a real Todd and Christy and they ask Robin why if she loved them she made their lives difficult.”

In the grace of Jesus, Randy

And finally, here’s a bit of trivia. How did I come up with July 27th as Christy Miller’s birthday? I’m terrible with numbers so I picked a date I thought I’d remember — it’s the day my sister got married many moons ago. (Happy Anniversary Jim & Julie!)Jim&Julie

  • Breanna Adkins DuBose

    I love this! And I love that you are still writing about Christy & Todd! As someone who grew up reading the Christy Miller series, I for one am very happy about these books! I read about her high school years as a teen, her college years while I myself was in college, & now her marriage as a married woman. I guess we’ve just grown up together. I find myself thinking, “I need to be more like Christy…”, “…think more like Christy…”, “…pray more like Christy.” Thank you for these books & for challenging me to be all that God wants me to be!

    • You truly did grow up with Christy. As Doug would say, that’s awesome!

  • Samantha

    Isn’t this year the 26th year of Christy Miller, or was that last year?? If so that’s pretty ironic!! And you may be lucky to have a Christy and Todd if I’m lucky enough to have 2 kids, only thing is they’d be siblings (but Todds middle name would be Spencer!!)

    • You are the first person who has told me you’re thinking of naming your future children Christy and Todd!

  • Oh, I love Randy Alcorn–and I’m gonna start praying God creates a real Todd and Christy for us! *sigh* 😉

    • I know, isn’t that the most mind boggling concept? I was told something like that before when a woman said that she’s certain that thousands of young women have come to know Christ as a result of Christy so wouldn’t it be sweet if they could thank her when they get to heaven? The theology seems a little crazy on that because I truly believe that when we get to heaven the only One we will long to see and thank and praise and rejoice over will be Jesus!

  • Heather I

    Lol! I love it! My 14-year old has been reading Christy Miller for several years now, along with her BFF, whose birthday happens to be today! This BFF turns 15 today, which is the beginning of Christy’s life on page! I’ve totally gotten into the books myself this summer. I started the series at the beginning of the month, and now I’m in book 2 of the College Years! My daughter (and I) can’t wait for One More Wish, just in time for our trip to Maui! So excited to visit the Hana Road! We love you Robin!

    • Please tell your daughter’s BFF Happy Birthday for me!
      How fun that you’ve enjoyed reading these stories along with your daughter. Hope you have a delightful time on your trip to Maui!

      • Heather I

        Thank you! She was thrilled!!

  • So sweet, Robin. I’m rejoicing with you on your works. And sweet letter from Randy.

    • I’m so glad he agreed to let me share the letter. It was too fun to not share.

  • Carrie Padgett

    That is awesome! What a fun post, Robin!

  • Rachael Remmick

    My wedding Anniversary as well :) My daughter and I absolutely love your Christy Miller series. Thank you for writing a godly series that is appropriate for my daughter to read, she is the perfect age for them. They are encouraging and comforting to read and please keep them coming!!! May God continue to bless you!

    • Happy Anniversary, Rachael! And please hi to your daughter for me.

  • Krista Cato

    I met your sister Julie two years ago when I was at camp. She is such a sweet woman, I wish I had known this last week when I saw her again! I grew up reading Christy and at 35 still love to get lost in her life….I am saving my books for when my daughter is old enough to read them :)

    • Julie is a very sweet woman! How cool that you’re saving the stories for your daughter. I love hearing that from moms.

  • Deanna

    Happy birthday Christy Miller! And many more… I hope! I have to agree with Randy Alcorn! I do think and hope you will be writing about them forever! I started reading this series 2 years ago… In the 7th grade and I am very excited to read the next book of the married years!

    • I think I agree with Randy, too. There are many more stories to tell!

  • Elizabeth

    Christy Miller has been my friend since I met her many years ago when I too was still a teenager. I have collected all of RJG’s books regarding Christy and look forward to each new one to come. Robin, I always thought it a shame that you spent 12 books on Christy during her high school years and only 3 books on her college years. So on that note, I would greatly love to keep reading about Christy and Todd and their family and friends!! :) Hugs from Canada

    • I’m so glad you and Christy became friends many years ago. Thanks for the hugs from Canada. Hugs from Hawaii back atcha.

  • Naomi Downing

    I love this! It is great and made me smile many times. I also love Christy and Todd and if you wrote their book all they to the nursing home, or even new earth 😉 I’d read them (as long as my eyesight isn’t gone and I have money for them, haha)

  • Hollie

    I so love this :) I started reading the Christy Miller series when I was about 13-14 and absolutely fell in love with it. I so agree with Randy, I hope you’ll continue to write about Christy & Todd.
    Even though I’ve never been, I feel like my heart belongs to Newport Beach.

    Hugs from Australia :)

  • Emily

    What order do the books go in? I just started reading volume one of Christy Miller. I think that’s the first one. I want to buy all the others ,but I don’t know what order they go in. Can someone please give me the list of all them that are written in order?

  • Mary Grace Joseph

    How did I just now find out that Christy and I are only 9 days apart??! I just turned 26 on July 18 and I grew up adoring the Christy Miller Series and the Sierra Jensen series. Love you, sweet Robin Jones Gunn!! Waiting for my Todd. :)

    • O how fun! I am so glad to know that you have enjoyed these books. Have you read ‘Praying For Your Future Husband’? This book is perfect for the season of life you’re in.

  • Emily

    Hi. My name is Emily I’m 15 and I’ve never ever liked reading before. I just got so bored and ended up getting distracted and reading the same sentence over and over again. Me and my sisters were recently given the Christy Miller volume 1 and volume 2 books and the Sierra Jensen volume 1 book. I absolutely love them and I’m not even done with the first book yet. Since this is the only book that has ever interested me I wanted to get all the books that go together leading up to the newest ones that you have just written. I know there are Christy Miller, Sierra Jensen, Katie Weldon, Sisterchicks, Christy and Todd college years, and other. I’ve looked at a lot of different sites trying to figure out the order, but I haven’t had much luck. Will you please let me know all the books in order? I really want to buy all them ,but I’m not going to until I figure out the order.

    I really love these books so much and I hope you write about them forever and ever.

    • I am so glad you are enjoying these books Emily!

      The chronological order of the books is:

      Christy Miller Series (4 Volumes)
      Departures (Christy’s and Sierra’s summer stories)
      Sierra Jensen Series (4 Volumes)
      Christy & Todd: The College Years(Until Tomorrow, As You Wish, I Promise)
      Christy Miller’s Diary
      Whispers (Teri Moreno’s love story)
      Sunsets (Alissa Benton’s love story)
      Katie Weldon Series (Peculiar Treasures, On a Whim, Coming Attractions, Finally & Forever)
      Canary Island Song (Todd’s dad’s love story)
      Love Finds You in Sunset Beach, HI (Sierra Jensen’s love story)
      Cottage by the Sea (More of Sierra’s story)
      Forever With You (Book 1 Christy &Todd: The Married Years)
      Home of Our Hearts (Book 2 Christy & Todd: The Married Years)
      One More Wish (Book 3 Christy & Todd: The Married Years)

      The Sisterchicks Series is seperate from these other books. It focuses on pairs of middle-aged women who are best friends.

      I hope this helps! God bless you on your reading adventures!

  • Diana M Havir

    I started reading the Christy Miller books when I was in third grade and have grown up with these characters. They have gotten me through many tough times growing up. Furthermore, I am so thankful for the married years installments as they encourage me in my own marriage. These fictitious friends of mine will always be dear to my heart.

  • Bethany Heid

    I haven’t known Christy Miller and your books for as long as anyone else on here has. I’m 19, soon to be 20, and I only found out about Christy when I checked out the College Years at the library about a year ago because it looked like it might be a fun read. Turns out, it’s honestly been life changing. Reading about their lives and about their faith in Christ has inspired me to grow in my own faith. So with that, I thank you for writing these books. I hope One More Wish isn’t the last one. But if it is, I’m grateful to have read your books.

  • Anna Lynn

    Hi Mrs. Gunn!!! I have SSSOOO much respect for you! I know that you probably want to keep going on with “Christy and Todd The Married Years”, for yourself because it’s fun to write them I’m sure, plus a little extra money here and there is a nice treat every once in a while, but also for your readers. You could EASILY go full-steam-ahead, and have MANY supporters still. But the reason I know that you really try to exemplify in real life, what you write in your books, is because you are waiting on God to give you the “green light” to keep writing this series. And the whole “Married Years” series has the word “wait” in it probably a few thousand times hehehe! So it fits the theme perfectly! You “practice what you preach”, and I really sincerely appreciate that about you. Another thing I absolutely love, is that you try to respond to almost every comment you see! That is another thing that sets you apart from any other author, because it shows that you really do love us and have our best interests at heart, and want to engage in conversation with us. I’ve often gotten the question, “Who’s your favorite author?” And I would never know who it really was. But now the answer is clear: you are. Just like God made so many decisions crystal clear for Christy and Todd as they put their faith in Him. Even if they didn’t like His decision, reasoning, or timing, they went with it. And that’s the kind of woman I want to be when I get older. I am 15 years old and will be 16 in November, so I am slowly inching my war forward towards adulthood, SLOWLY, mind you, I’m in NO rush here hahaha! But it just gets more and more inspiring and clear to me the type of woman I want to be like. I want to be like you, and my mom. I want to be like Christy. I can’t thank you enough from the DEEPEST part of my heart for investing your time and energy into writing. But I can say, “God bless you! You are SUCH a beautiful and peculiar treasure.” Thanks for giving me the opportunity to make all these new “Forever Friends”. :) I love you.

  • Danielle Shadle

    Christy and Todd hold a very special place in my heart. All of the characters do. I read the Christy Miller series when I was in high school, which is also when I met my “Todd”. I learned so much through Christy’s experiences, as well as my own. I then read the College Series as my then boyfriend/now husband were in college. It was so relatable, especially as I too was engaged during my final year in college! You can imagine my excitement when the Married Years books were released not long after I got married. (Would you believe our anniversary is July 27, 2013?!) I understood and was experiencing some of the same ups and downs that come during the first years of marriage with your best friend. I just finished One More Wish, and I sincerely hope the story is not over. I truly think of these characters as “forever friends” and “peculiar treasures” in my life that I can laugh, cry, and learn with. The wisdom I gain through these stories have helped my faith continue to grow and I cannot thank you or the Lord enough for that! Thank you for listening to God and for sharing the stories that are laid on your heart with the world.

  • Ashley

    I know I’m a little late to the commenting game, but just had to say, I read through the High School years during my own HS years and loved them so very much and thought about them often through the years following. A few years ago, I wanted to own them for myself (I had previously checked them out from the library), so I ordered every single Christy Miller book that had been released and literally squealed when I discovered MORE books about her life! I keep them on a shelf above my bed and see them every day and constantly say to myself, “I wonder when the next one is coming out.” I had to search today to see if there were any updates and just want to say that I sincerely hope there is more to come from these wonderful characters!
    Mr. Todd has set a high bar for any man who might come into my life and I dream of one day finding my Todd.
    I took a road-trip to California in 2014 and made it a point to visit Newport Beach. SUCH a cute little town and wish I had had more time to explore, but it was so fun to visit. I may or may not have spent time looking for that orange surf board at the beach. 😉
    All that to say, thank you for allowing God to write through you and create books that have made my heart soar. They will be passed down to my niece, if I don’t have a daughter of my own.