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How My Book Became a Movie

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     I’m still doing a happy dance over the adventure that has been unfolding as my book Finding Father Christmas has become movie.

When I was on the Hallmark movie set for the filming of Finding Father Christmas I couldn’t wait to tell you all the God things that happened. I planned to write a nice long blog about it. On the return flight I started jotting down all the exciting moments, such as when my agent and I got to be extras and what happened when the moon broke through the clouds at just the right moment during filming.

The blog story kept growing when I got home and pulled out my journals from the past decade. I found prayers I’d penned while writing Finding Father Christmas and was reminded of how crushed I was when the publisher had me rewrite Engaging Father Christmas four times. Several weeks later I realized I’d created more than a very long blog. I’d written a book! A 96 page, from-my-heart-to-yours book.

How My Book Became a Movie – A True Story

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How My Book Became a Movie is available in paperback exclusively  in my Online BookShop.

  The eBook version is only $3.99.

Finding Father Christmas airs on November 13, 2016
on the Hallmark Movies & Mystery Channel.

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Proceeds from the book sales go to LittWorld Conference Scholarships.

     You’ve probably heard me talk about this wonderful ministry before. Media Associates International (MAI) provides training for writers in difficult places around the world through regional workshops and at the tri-annual LittWorld Conference. I’ve taught at MAI events in Kenya, Bulgaria and Brazil.

So, truly.
If you have ever Dared to Dream a Big Dream and felt like giving up, this book is for you. If you love hearing all the behind the scenes fun stuff as well as challenges involved in a book being made into a movie, you’ll enjoy this book. If you’re looking for inspiration and a reminder of how God orchestrates all the details in our lives, GO GET THIS BOOK! You’ll be encouraged and you’ll be supporting a wonderful organization.  Win Win!

 Readers are already posting reviews on Amazon.

I hope you’ll add yours.

“Robin’s journey leaves you feeling inspired and hopeful and most of all ready to dream big.”

“Caution: You may tear up, cry and possibly weep. Because of God’s goodness. Because of His faithfulness. Because of how He writes beautiful stories with plot twists, climax and denouement in our lives. I want to give everyone I love a copy of this book!!”
  • joyfulgiver

    I loved this little book almost as much as the novellas. You really poured out your heart for the reader. You have such a wonderful way of words. To keep it all together and in order, amazes me. I have never thought of writing a book, well, maybe I have, although after reading How My Book Became a Movie, I am inspired.

    When I finished the book I was astounded at what I looked up at, the moon. It’s still early here on the west coast, the sun hasn’t even begun to set, but as I stood from my seat on our driveway (my reading spot) and looked above the garage, there was the moon, a half moon, but the moon still the same. It brought your thoughts full circle in my mind.

    Thank you for your heart felt stories. I can’t wait for the movie.

    Blessings to you from San Diego

    • Thanks for posting this. I LOVE that you looked up and saw the moon as you were reading it! And I’m so glad this little book hit a sweet spot with you. If you feel like posting a review on Amazon I think it will help others decide if they should get it, too.