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Love That Lasts Podcast with Alyssa Bethke

Do you listen to the Love That Lasts Podcast with Jefferson and Alyssa Bethke?

Alyssa and I met 8 years ago and snapped this photo. She grew up reading the Christy Miller books and recognized me. It felt so random at the time.



We never dreamed we’d stay connected, share many deep conversations, write a book together titled, Spoken For and then end up living near each other in the same small community.

Alyssa and her husband Jeff invited me to come over last week and chat for one of their Love That Lasts podcasts.

Well, Alyssa and I started sharing the way we do whenever we meet up for one of our from-the-heart talks. Let’s just say we ended up recording enough to fill several podcasts.

The first one airs this week on Love That Lasts podcast with Jefferson and Alyssa Bethke. I’m so happy to invite you into the conversation!

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