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Meet the Stars of Finding Father Christmas


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One of the best parts about my agent and me being invited to go on set for the filming of Finding Father Christmas was getting to know the actors and crew.

I admit I was a little star struck at first. Especially when I met Erin Krakow. I enjoyed watching the When Calls the Heart TV series on Hallmark and had become a “Heartie” when I joined the growing “Fans of Hallmark’s When Calls the Heart” page on Facebook.

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It was a delight to sit with her at lunch, carry on conversations in between sets and watch her film an interview on camera during a break. Erin is a lovely woman. She’s a Julliard trained actress and brought me to tears as I watched her do one of the key scenes of the movie.

Erin’s romantic lead in the film, Ian, is played by Niall Matter. He was so fun to talk with and full of life. I first met him right after he’d come out of hair and make up looking like this!

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Wendie Malick brought a wonderful depth to the role of Margaret. She told me she was eager to take the part because she liked complex roles and Margaret gave her a chance to portray the subtle, significant moments she’d liked best.

When Wendie finished her final scene in the film, she received a round of applause from the 50 people in the cast and crew. My agent and I stood way in the back watching as she said her good-byes. To my surprise, Wendie pointed across the room at me and said, “Don’t leave yet. I still want to get a photo with you and Father Christmas.” We scooted outside and captured some fun shots.

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My favorite moment with Erin happened our last night on set. She gave me a big good-bye hug and said, “Thank you. Thank you for your beautiful story.” I felt like I was saying good-bye on the last day of summer camp to a favorite Forever Friend. I was so glad she had been given the role of Miranda.

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