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My Original Sisterchick

Original Sisterchicks

Fat Chicks in a Finnish Sauna

Yes, that was my original working title for the first Sisterchicks novel — “Fat Chicks in a Finnish Sauna”.

You can see why it didn’t hit the right notes with the two publishers that rejected it at first.

The revised title of Sisterchicks on the Loose was inspired by my original Sisterchick, Donna. She’s the one on the left in the photo above. We were laughing ourselves silly in the middle of Helsinki on an adventurous trip we took there when we were in our late thirties.

A decade later she and I were sitting outside in lawn chairs on a September afternoon reminiscing about our life-expanding adventure to Finland. We were also doing what only the bestest of friends can do. We were comparing our underarm flab and trying to decide whose was the wiggliest.TicklingtheTulips

And we were laughing. Always laughing.

“What are we?” I asked her. “Best friends? Kindred Spirits? Sisters?”

“We’re old friends,” Donna said. “But not too old. I’d like to think we’ve still got it goin’ on.”Donna at Beaches

“Yeah, we’re a couple of cool chicks,” I said glibbly. “We’re Sisterchicks.”

“That’s it!” Donna said. “Write that down. Sisterchicks. That’s what we are. There are thousands of midlife women just like us.”

Sisterchicks on the Loose! became the new title of the book that was “loosely” based on our adventure to Finland. It was published by Multnomah, a division of Random House Publishers and within months the sales were strong enough for them to offer me a contract for more books in the series.

The stories rolled out over the next few years. Each tale featured a different set of Sisterchicks experiencing an adventure in a corner of God’s amazing world. The destinations became as much of a character as the imaginary midlife women.

Wooden SHoes 7

I traveled to all the places I wrote about and everywhere I went crazy things happened, which made it easy to get fun ideas for the books.

When it came time to do the research for book #7, Sisterchicks Go Brit I invited my editor to travel with me to England. Our wild moments are all tucked into the novel with much laughter and much love.

Christy Award EmblemA year later Sisterchicks Go Brit was a Christy Award finalist for excellent in fiction. The year before that, Sisterchicks in Gondolas won the Christy Award.

SC gondolas

One afternoon when I was working on the final book in the series, Sisterchicks in Wooden Shoes, I walked into our local Barnes and Noble and laughed out loud. There on the front table was a new book titled, “Fat Chicks in Lawn Chairs”. My original title idea was just ahead of its time, I guess.

Over the years I’ve been asked often if and when I’ll write another Sisterchicks novel. I have lots of ideas for new stories and I’ve been to some beautiful corners of the world that I would love to write about.Camel Ride Las Palmas

As with everything I write, I spend a lot of time praying and thinking and waiting on the Lord to be sure that I’ve got my heart right and my motivation right before starting the next book. DonnaRobinHe has led me in tender ways over the years. I’m sure He will continue to do so as I continue to listen to Him and follow His lead.

I’m so grateful for my original Sisterchick who still shares adventures with me.

Now I have an important question for all you Sisterchicks who are hoping for another book. Where do you think the story should take place? I’d love to hear your ideas for fun locations. What are your favorite places to visit in the US?

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Book-Shop-Logo-Source-File2 (2)

Go have a look and listen and then come back and post here on my blog (or on Facebook) your favorite location where you think the next possible Sisterchicks tales should take place. I write every book with you Beautiful Readers in mind. That’s why I’d love to hear about the places you would like to go for a virtual getaway.0112RobinPhotos006

I have to say that what amazes me – always amazes me – is when I meet a new Sisterchick and she shares with me how God used one of these stories to draw her closer to His heart. I’m so grateful.

You have no idea how much your real life stories have motivated me to keep writing.

Sisterchicks Forever!