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My Original Sisterchick

Original Sisterchicks

Fat Chicks in a Finnish Sauna

Yes, that was my original working title for the first Sisterchicks novel — “Fat Chicks in a Finnish Sauna”.

You can see why it didn’t hit the right notes with the two publishers that rejected it at first.

The revised title of Sisterchicks on the Loose was inspired by my original Sisterchick, Donna. She’s the one on the left in the photo above. We were laughing ourselves silly in the middle of Helsinki on an adventurous trip we took there when we were in our late thirties.

A decade later she and I were sitting outside in lawn chairs on a September afternoon reminiscing about our life-expanding adventure to Finland. We were also doing what only the bestest of friends can do. We were comparing our underarm flab and trying to decide whose was the wiggliest.TicklingtheTulips

And we were laughing. Always laughing.

“What are we?” I asked her. “Best friends? Kindred Spirits? Sisters?”

“We’re old friends,” Donna said. “But not too old. I’d like to think we’ve still got it goin’ on.”Donna at Beaches

“Yeah, we’re a couple of cool chicks,” I said glibbly. “We’re Sisterchicks.”

“That’s it!” Donna said. “Write that down. Sisterchicks. That’s what we are. There are thousands of midlife women just like us.”

Sisterchicks on the Loose!Β became the new title of the book that was “loosely” based on our adventure to Finland. It was published by Multnomah, a division of Random House Publishers and within months the sales were strong enough for them to offer me a contract for more books in the series.

The stories rolled out over the next few years. Each tale featured a different set of Sisterchicks experiencing an adventure in a corner of God’s amazing world. The destinations became as much of a character as the imaginary midlife women.

Wooden SHoes 7

I traveled to all the places I wrote about and everywhere I went crazy things happened, which made it easy to get fun ideas for the books.

When it came time to do the research for book #7, Sisterchicks Go Brit I invited my editor to travel with me to England. Our wild moments are all tucked into the novel with much laughter and much love.

Christy Award EmblemA year later Sisterchicks Go Brit was a Christy Award finalist for excellent in fiction. The year before that, Sisterchicks in Gondolas won the Christy Award.

SC gondolas

One afternoon when I was working on the final book in the series, Sisterchicks in Wooden Shoes, I walked into our local Barnes and Noble and laughed out loud. There on the front table was a new book titled, “Fat Chicks in Lawn Chairs”. My original title idea was just ahead of its time, I guess.

Over the years I’ve been asked often if and when I’ll write another Sisterchicks novel. I have lots of ideas for new stories and I’ve been to some beautiful corners of the world that I would love to write about.Camel Ride Las Palmas

As with everything I write, I spend a lot of time praying and thinking and waiting on the Lord to be sure that I’ve got my heart right and my motivation right before starting the next book. DonnaRobinHe has led me in tender ways over the years. I’m sure He will continue to do so as I continue to listen to Him and follow His lead.

I’m so grateful for my original Sisterchick who still shares adventures with me.

Now I have an important question for all you Sisterchicks who are hoping for another book. Where do you think the story should take place? I’d love to hear your ideas for fun locations. What are your favorite places to visit in the US?

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Book-Shop-Logo-Source-File2 (2)

Go have a look and listen and then come back and post here on my blog (or on Facebook) your favorite location where you think the next possible Sisterchicks tales should take place. I write every book with you Beautiful Readers in mind. That’s why I’d love to hear about the places you would like to go for a virtual getaway.0112RobinPhotos006

I have to say that what amazes me – always amazes me – is when I meet a new Sisterchick and she shares with me how God used one of these stories to draw her closer to His heart. I’m so grateful.

You have no idea how much your real life stories have motivated me to keep writing.

Sisterchicks Forever!

  • Karen B.

    I’d love to go to Ireland and a novel called Sisterchicks Kiss the Blarney Stone would be awesome! (Btw, I’ve read all of your books, except the childrens, and i plan on reading them one day too!)

  • Michelle Earlam

    I think israel would be good “sisterchicks say shalom” maybe

  • Debbie K

    What about India? My husband and I adopted our daughter from India a few years ago. Btw, the Sisterchicks books are my favorite. They have blessed me so much the past few years. I’m a pastors wife and every time I pick up one of them they touch my heart right when I need them. So thank you for writing them.

    • That would be intriguing!

      How cool that you were there a few years ago to adopt your daughter.

  • Anna Hamman

    Robin, with the way you research each place you write about, I’d love to see a sisterchicks story set in Alaska – there are so many opportunities to explore, I think Talkeetna, Denali or Ketchikan would be great settings! However, anywhere you set the story, I will be reading it! Looking forward to a new story.

    • Since I live in the 50th State it does make sense to one day visit the 49th State, right?

  • Crystal

    Sisterchick on Route 66! Sort of like Lucy and Ethel! (I Love Lucy Show) What an adventure! I love road trips with my Sisterchick!

    • I love this idea, Crystal! Yes, that would lend itself to a very Lucy and Ethel story.

  • Becky c

    Michigan! So many beautiful places here-sleeping bear Dunes, Traverse City, holland Tulip time in the Spring, mackinac island, pictured rocks, the lighthouses, the lakes, beaver island. Thanks for the update about sister chicks!

    • I’ve been to Traverse City several times! My husband’s family have had a cabin at Torch Lake since the 1930’s or 1940’s. It is a beautiful area and the cherries in the summer are scrumptious!

  • Julia Mikus

    Sisterchicks in Maine

  • Joanna

    I’m so excited you might write another Sisterchicks novel!!! They’re my favorites of all your books. I think Israel, Morocco or Spain would be fun for an international adventure. As far as the US, how about a national park tour? Having been to many of them, I’m imagine that camping in Yellowstone would have lots of opportunities for fun and adventure. =) Or a driving trip up the coastal highway in CA…. So many possibilities! Praying God will lead you in this book as He does in all your writing. Thank you so much for seeking His heart and the stories He wants to write through you!

    • Great ideas. Thanks so much! And thanks for your prayers. They mean everything.

  • Rebekah

    I love the sisterchicks books! I agree with the Israel and Morocco suggestion but would also add Bulgaria or Turkey

    • I’ve been to Bulgaria and I love, love, loved it. What a great idea.

  • Michele Partain

    Like everyone else, I’d be thrilled to see another Sisterchicks novel! There are lots of great suggestions below – in the US, I might add either Glacier National Park (I think it’s the most beautiful place in the lower 48), or a tour of Civil War sites throughout the Southeast. Outside of the States, a visit to Luxembourg might be cool – it was my favorite place on a whirlwind tour of Europe. :-)

    • Glacier is gorgeous! I was there in the summer so I’m sure it’s a whole different world in the winter. My dad was a US History teacher. When I was 16 we drove our camper to all the Civil War sites he could find in the south. At the time I didn’t appreciate it at all. It would be interesting to see how those locales affect me now.

  • April

    I would love one or several more Sisterchicks novels! I think a story visiting Yosemite and Northern California would be fun. I would also really like a story set in Greece. A friend and I visited Greece in 2010, and it remains a favorite memory especially our visit to Meteora monasteries. Turkey or Spain or Germany could be good too. Maybe Peru and Macchu Picchu. Okay maybe anywhere. I just hope you feel lead to write another Sisterchicks novel because I have read all the others multiple times. There are some books that bring me peace whenever I read them and the Sisterchicks novels are books that bring peace and comfort. Thank you for the ones that exist now.

    • We used to live in Northern California. It has a beauty all its’ own, doesn’t it?
      Love all these other ideas, too.

      • April

        I am going to visit Yosemite and the Monterey area soon. I am excited to see what I have been reading about in guidebooks.
        Thanks for replying.

  • Sandy Riedberger Ashcraft

    This post just made my day! I love your Sisterchick books and I know my Sisterchick and I will be waiting breathlessly for the next one if you are led to write another one, or two, or more! How about Sisterchicks on Safari (Africa) or Sisterchicks in Dirndels (Germany) or Sisterchicks on the Nile (Egypt) or Sisterchicks in Parkas (Alaska)?

    • Great title suggestions, Sandy! Thanks for the encouragement.

  • Jessica

    I love the idea of a Sisterchicks book based in Africa, especially central or western Africa since those are not areas you’ve written much about in your other books. In the US, I agree that it should be Alaska!

    • You’re voting for the two top “A” locales, then — Africa and Alaska. Sounds good!

  • Jenny Blake

    I loved the one set in Hawaii and being Aussie downunder. 3 years ago I visited my cyber friend in Georgia near Chattanooga and it was so cool. Our first meeting was as if we had known each other all our lives. A bit like your last sisterchick book. Alaska would be so cool in more ways than one. Also Ireland and Scotland

    • Hi Jenny. I love that your first meeting was as if you’d known each other all your lives. That was how it was with the characters in Sisterchicks in Wooden Shoes. Pen Pals that met for the first time. Thanks for your suggestions. My husband’s heritage is Scottish and it is a beautiful locale!

  • Megan Bender

    I love the sisterchick series…i have literally laughed out loud through out. Some awesome locations wold be…New York City…imagine all the possibilities for some country girls experiencing the big city, fao Schwartz, the plaza, Broadway, Chinatown, central park. An adventure on a dude ranch would be fun too. Not to mention beautiful, wild Alaska…maybe even on a cruise ship. Then there’s gorgeous Spain or beautiful and mysterious Ireland.

    • NYC would be fun. I have a few ideas about that locale. I met a Sisterchick at the last Women of Faith event who was eager for me to come to Arizona and write about a Dude Ranch near where she lives. And yes, Spain and Ireland . . . gorgeous.

  • Marie McGough Goocher

    Sisterchicks, go to Amsterdam for their incredible Dutch Apple pie, art museums, free water taxi, the Eye Film museum, and shopping! They should also go to Barcelona to see the breathtaking Sagrada Familia Basilica, eat tapas at Canete, visit the Picasso museum, and Guell park.

    • The Sisterchicks already visited Amsterdam in Sisterchicks in Wooden Shoes. Have you read that one yet? I love the art museums there and made sure they visited the Van Gogh Museum and took the water taxi. I hope you get a chance to read that one! Barcelona would be amazing!

      • Marie McGough Goocher

        Yikes, yes I did, but it seems like a lifetime ago! I sent all my Sisterchicks books to a Sister-in-Law years ago, otherwise I’d reread it… :)

  • Rebecca Jo Cannon

    Sisterchicks go to Alaska to see the Norhtern lights in the Fairbanks Artic Circle area. They also follow the humpback whales that eat in Alaska, then mate & give birth largely in Hawaii/Maui area. There would be shopping anywhere. But our Alaskan friends I believe have some Sisterchicks to join up. They have food, customs & history, and beautiful sights from God. I would like to go! I thought about Tokyo as I have been there & other far east amazing places. Alaska just kept coming back to me. Sisterchicks search for the Norhtern lights. When do we leave?! Regarding Sisterchicks on the Loose – I loved that book. My son’s dad’s relatives that I got to meet in Upper Michigan were Finlanders. They had built saunas the Finland way. So much of the book just put a lot of things together for me about my ex-husbands relatives. You have inspired me to keep my dream. God had me on pause to get treatment & heal my body. Timing with God is everything. Thank you Robin!

    • Hi Becky Jo! Great ideas. I’m so glad you enjoyed On the Loose and that you could relate to the saunas build the Finland way. Keep dreaming, dear Sisterchick. And I pray that you keep healing. Timing is definitely everything.

  • Rebecca Jo Cannon

    Just a note here – I didn’t read anybody’s post until after I typed this. Wow, many said Alaska. There are many great suggestions. It will be exciting to see where God leads you.!

  • Lisa

    Greece or Turkey or maybe Croatia?!

  • Brandy Callahan

    I personally would love to see more Sisterchick books. I agree with Alaska and NYC. I also love the idea of Greece, Scotland and or Ireland. I have every book you have ever written and I love your work. Can’t wait to see what happens next. God Bless you and your family.

    • Wow! you must have a big bookshelf, Brandy! God bless you and your family, too!

  • Melissa Lake

    So many choices! Definitely one in Africa. Maybe South Africa or Kenya? And Morocco. India, and also somewhere in the South Pacific like Bora Bora. And I would love to see some other US cities-San Francisco, LA, NY, Santa Fe, Boston, Charleston, and maybe even a national park like Yellowstone. Also I agree with everyone who said Alaska.

  • Debbie

    I agree so many places but I would love to see one in Japan. India sounds interesting too, maybe the Holy Land but I know any place you go will be lots of fun and definitely a place for a new book.

  • Mel Joy

    Sisterchick books were my favorite! I love to travel. I think Greece would be cool. I can see some sisterchicks getting into a lot of mischief in Japan! For the USA I love San Francisco. I could ride the trolley all day. Alaska would be neat too. I think you need to write 7 more! :)

    • Greece would be cool. My daughter has wanted to go there ever since she watched the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. I’m sure that movie got lots of people dreaming about going to Greece. 7 is a good number. Praying. Praying. Praying.

  • Tori Kimble

    I agree with Alaska! Maybe Haiti? That one would be a different kind of trip I think. Nova Scotia!

    • Ooo! Nova Scotia! Very interesting possibility. Thanks, Tori.

  • Christy Fultz Fox

    Would love to read a Sisterchicks adventure in Dallas, Texas!

    • I’ve spent some time in Dallas. It’s certainly a city with a lot of different layers to it. Great idea!

  • cjoy

    I had a Sisterchick-type adventure in NYC with my bestest of friends for a birthday treat to our selves. It’s been a few (lot of) years now, and I would love to repeat that experience with her! Remembering our misadventures makes me as happy as can be. It makes me think of your Sisterchick series–I think that would be a grand read! :)

    • Fun! Misadventures do tend to abound whenever Sisterchicks take off on jaunts around the globe. I appreciate your cheering encouragement.

  • Kathy Muzer

    I have read all 8 books and have been hoping for more! I also would love to hear you speak, probably in a location near Alabama, although I would love to visit CA again with a Sisterchick. Through your books I have realized I have several! Sometimes my marriage of almost 43 years seems stale and I long for a getaway. Anywhere you have been is fine with me because you have such a unique and cheerful way of looking at life. Even the book where your father died was uplifting.
    I’ve thought about and even began my own book. When is your next writers conference?

    • I don’t have plans to speak at another writers conference any time soon. But that shouldn’t stop you from diving in and starting to write your book while the ideas are fresh!
      The book based on my dad was Cottage by the Sea. I’m glad you liked it.
      Thanks for the good ideas.

  • Friend

    Alaska or Israel

  • Christy N

    I am so excited for this new book! Your books radically changed my relationship with Christ, and I can’t wait for the next one. I think the next one should be in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. This town is home to The Great Smoky Mountains National Park, the world-famous amusement park Dollywood, many Broadway style shows, horseback riding, ziplining, and so much more. It would be the perfect place for the next sister chicks book. God bless.

    • You just made my day, Christy! (Great name, btw!) I love hearing how the Lord used these stories to draw you closer to His heart. He is so amazing. Great suggestions!

  • Barb Wohlford

    I would love to read about your trip on our Girls Get Away in 2013, we had many Sisterchicks traveling together to meet a few wonderful women writers. We traveled to Bahamas so that is my choice. Relaxing on a beach no better place than to tell a story of someones life. I know my friend Suzanne and I loved visiting with the Proverb 31 women all day at Half Moon Caye. I am looking forward to reading another sisterchick book, it has been to long since your last one. Yes I have read all your books.

    • Aloha, dear Barb! Yes, I loved our time together at the Sisterchicks Getaway! The Bahamas would be fun to write about. You are always such a sweet encourager. Thank you.

  • curlyq45

    This is such as exciting idea! I have longed for more Sisterchick-type stories. Love stories are great-but I’m at a point in my life where Sisterchicks are what I crave! I like the idea of Alaska. I actually think some of the less written about places would be best. California is where everyone writes about, ya know? Really anywhere would work for me-I’m just excited!!

    • Great point.
      Thanks for being excited with me about the possibilities!

  • Kim C

    Hi Robin! I love your books! You have personally made such an impression on me when we were in a Bible study together in Vancouver way back when! I miss seeing your smiling face!!! I love the Sisterchicks books! they make me laugh and escape the sometimes dreary days!!! What would be fun is a story about a cruise… you can stop at several exotic (or local) ports… The Alaska cruise is very popular… or Mexican Riviera… well you know, they cruise all over the world! With adventures on the ship and off the ship there should be lots of fodder! whatever you choose, keep them coming!!!

    • Hi Kim!
      I like your ideas. I did write about a cruise in Sisterchicks in Sombreros. They cruised to Mexico and then got off and did some off road adventuring in Mexico. I really enjoyed writing that one. No reason I couldn’t write about another cruise in another book.

  • I think Alaska would be a fun destination! How cool that you plan to write more Sisterchicks books! :)

    • You have a number of readers in agreement with you about Alaska. Lots to think and pray about! Thanks, Jennifer.

  • Holly Procita

    I am a missionary in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I think Calgary and the Canadian Rockies would be an amazing place for a Sisterchicks book. I have been on several Sisterchick adventures when some of my dearest friends have come up to visit. I love your books!

    • Great idea, Holly! I’m so glad you’ve had some adventures with your Sisterchicks! May the Lord continue to bless you as you serve him in Calgary!

  • Linda Adams

    I think Japan would be amazing. The culture is so different and full of surprises!

  • Kelly Hope

    My picks would be Ireland, Kenya or Prince Edward Island, Canada. Your sisterchick books need to turn into movies with soundtrack music. :-) Thanks for sharing the gift God has given you! Your stories have blessed my life in so many ways.

  • Nenia Holmberg Ryan

    You’re next sisterchicks should be a camping adventure anywhere USA! My sisterchick and I would take our boys camping, (yes, four boys and their crazy moms minus our husbands) when we were all younger, and had the time of our lives (aching bones and all!) Love your Sisterchick books, have them all and have re-read them too!

    • Camping is always a good idea!

    • Camping is always a good idea in our family. Aching bones and all is right!

  • Kristy

    Oh, Robin, Brasil! Sierra went there, but there is so little about *Brasil* in her last story. I would recommend going to Northeast Brasil – Salvador, Aracaju, Recife, Natal – because it’s so different from Southern Brasil. I admit I’m biased, since that’s where I grew up going. And I’m happy to serve as translator, if you need one! :)

    • I love Brasil and went to so many places when we were there! I agree that more about beautiful Brasil needs to show up in a future book one day.

  • You are so encouraging, Kanetha! Thank you!

  • I love that my original Sisterchick introduced you to Christy and the gang! Full circles. Thanks for posting, Shannon.

  • Wendy Jornod

    More, please! This is such an uplifting series, I’ve read them all multiple times and would love to see many more. Athens, Rome, and closer to home the Canadian Rockies. In the USA, how about the Blue Ridge? Thanks so much for giving us delightful reading over the years.

  • Macy Misa

    NASHVILLE!!! 2nd choice would be NYC.

  • Oh, this is hilarious, Johnna! You have discovered the true, hidden meaning of “hang loose” for sure!

  • Bonnie Michel

    Robin anywhere you take us will be a blast and a blessing

  • Stacey

    Africa! Oh please! Pretty please. Hardly anyone writes about Africa, I’m from Africa and love love love it. It could be Kenya! They could meet Katie :):):) Orrr Zambia as I live there now :) Born in Zimbabwe tho. ☺️ Can I just say how amazing your stories are!! I fell in love with the Christy Miller series, God changed me through them. Anyone you ask who knows me well knows how much I love your books and Christy! My best friends name πŸ˜‰ . Ahh how I would love to meet you! And have sisterchick friends. Praying praying praying.

    • I’d love to write more about Africa one day. Katie’s stories only touched on a small corner of that stunning continent. Jambo, Stacey!

  • Brooke Elizabeth Burger

    I can’t wait for another Sister Chicks book. How about trips to the Bahamas or somewhere else in the Caribbean? Brazil? Belize?

  • JoeandSusan Sukraw

    The Black Hills in South Dakota–maybe during Sturgis or the Rocky Mountains.

  • Emmy

    I vote for Alaska also! It is full of adventures and beauty.

    • And bears! Bears for sure, if the Sisterchicks end up in Alaska.

      • Emmy

        Yes! Bears indeed! My husband’s family owns this beautiful lodge near Talkeetna, AK, but I do say you have to be prepared to rough it a little. It is fly in only (on a float plane) and they only have outhouses! (though they are the cleanest, nicest outhouses I have ever seen) My brother in law and his wife are God lovers who are full of hospitality and kindness and I’m sure it would be part of an adventure for you or any sisterchicks! I also will say, your husband may want to tag along for this adventure. There’s something about Alaska that is enchanting.

  • Cathy DeVreeze

    How about Qubec City,Canada? My sisterchick Anna and I are going to do this trip soon, we hope! We are going to Toronto first. And believe me, we have lots of adventures even we aren’t going far!

    • It’s true. You don’t have to go far. Just go together and be open to God’s leading as you go.

  • Cheryl Lynn Caterson

    i vote that Aunt Marte becomes a sister chick :) — unless I haven’t caught up with a few recent books :)

    For location: Maritime Canada– PEI, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, etc :)…

    I must admit, many of your sisterchick books or general have inspired my travels: currently reading Sisterchicks in wooden shoes and the UK one is next. I biked Balboa Island last summer– and ate a Ruby’s (twice); and 2 years ago, i swear I found the Wildflower Cafe in a small town in Oregon with my mom. That is to name a few.

    • Yes! Aunt Marti needs to become a Sisterchick! I agree.
      How fun that these stories inspired you to travel. And you found the Wildflower Cafe?! I believe it. Oregon has so much quaint little cafes in their small towns. It wasn’t difficult to imagine the one that appears in the Glenbrooke series.

      • Cheryl Lynn Caterson

        I have also been blessed spiritually by many of the stories as well. I know many of the books at the time I read them were exactly what I needed to hear. Travel has been a fun side benefit, my favorites— the crazy cab driver taking one to Narnia and then, Multhomah Falls– I admit I looked for the guy in the green back pack… JK

  • Writermomof4

    My absolute favorite place in the US – Colorado Springs! But for a Sisterchicks novel, I think the story needs to be set in the neighboring hamlet of Manitou Springs, which is almost “otherworldly” (when it comes to worldviews…literally!) in terms of the vibe. It’s an amazing place to explore, but I’m picturing a pair of Sisterchicks who head to Colorado Springs (often jokingly referred to as the “Mecca” of Christianity for all the faith-based organizations headquartered there – Focus on the Family, Compassion International, The Navigators, etc.) for some spiritual renewal and a fun getaway, but they inadvertently rent a home in Manitou Springs for their lodging, and meet all kinds of quirky, fun, and interesting people who challenge their faith in a very real and unique way. Manitou Springs has a huge assortment of really bizarre and wacky annual festivals and stuff (coffin races?!?) and the most glorious scenery on this earth. I’d love to see the Sisterchicks attempt the Manitou Springs Incline, get addicted to the Custard Stand, and meet some awesome new friends right there in the shadow of Pike’s Peak.

    • I’ve been to Manitou Springs! I went to a store there last year with our son and his wife and we got some cool and very organic type baby things for their little guy. I think we had some frozen custard when we were there, too – maybe it was at the Custard Stand. Thanks for the clever ideas!

  • Rebecca Grant

    Robin, I am SOOOO glad you are thinking about writing another Sisterchicks book! I’ve re-read the others so many times I feel as if I’ve made each trip with you :) They are exciting, yes – but they touch my heart and remind me of the closeness we can have with Jesus. They draw me to Him, not push me away from Him – and I thank you for that.
    We love the north Georgia towns – Blue Ridge, Helen…the antique shops, the food… But St. Simons Island, Georgia, and Savannah, Georgia, are special. We were married in the gazebo by the lighthouse on St. Simons, then spent our honeymoon in Savannah – lots of history and fun – and food – there. It would be a great place for a Sisterchick adventure.
    Whatever the Lord leads you to do, I know you’ll do it with all your heart. And we’ll love it. (My husband enjoys hearing me laugh out loud about the antics in the women’s adventures.) I’ve been praying you’d come out with another Sisterchick – so, thank You, Lord. You’re in my prayers, my sister.

    In His love,
    Rebecca Grant

    • Rebecca, Thank you so much for sharing this! It is evidence that the Lord has answered every prayer I prayed before starting each of the Sisterchicks novels! I prayed that the stories would draw readers closer to His heart. And they have. Praise God.
      And thank you for praying that I’d write another Sisterchicks book! You are a treasure.

  • Ginny Miller

    I don’t even know where to begin with my (our) sisterchick story. I think it would be great if sisterchicks goes military! My peeps and I started back in Mayport FL where all our husbands were stationed. We all had the military and God in common, as well as the need to find friends because we knew we needed them in order to survive being military wives. We all had babies together, went through deployments together, at different times (our husbands were not all on the same ship). After a few years (4-6) our husbands were all stationed elsewhere and the sisterchicks were miles apart from one another but not in our souls. We all have our “original” sisterchick but together we all are still very connected. In March I turned 50 (we all hover right around that age) and three of my peeps (there are 9 of us) surprised me by coming to my birthday weekend (invited by my daughter) and as my husband said, “the four of you started talking as if no time has passed, you started talking right where you left off!” (the four of us have not been together in 19 years) We have a bond that can’t be shaken or broken, a God given, blessed bond! We knew that when we all left Mayport, but after having that weekend together that realization has been intensified. We are planning a cruise/something next year hoping ALL of us can save our pennies and get together and have a much needed Sisterchick reunion! We would love any sisterchick book you write! I own them all compliments of my “original” sisterchick, who sent it to me, not knowing that I was going through the darkest part of my life. ( she sent Sisterchicks on the Loose and I sent her a very long letter explaining my dark place i was in and both items passed in the mail, and we received both on the same day!) Definitely a God thing! Thank you for writing these books!
    Love Ginny and her peeps, Koby, Bonnie, Brooke, Barb, Sindy, Deena, Pam, Stephanie,

    • Koby Lee

      I’m Koby, one of Ginny’s sister chicks! I’m so excited for another book and have been waiting for YEARS!!!
      My thought is to have the sister chicks go on a ‘Fabulous and 50’ adventure. Maybe they could end up meeting 2, 20-something sister chicks. ??

      • Ginny Miller


      • “Fabulous and 50” is a very fun idea! Thanks Koby.

    • Ginny and Koby, Bonnie, Brooke, Barb, Sindy, Deena, Pam, Stephanie,
      I love LOVE your Sisterchicks story and the way the Lord has knit all of your hearts together. I know exactly what you mean about picking up a conversation where you last left off, even if it was 19 years ago. May the Lord continue to bless your bond of friendship in a very special way.
      Thanks so much for sharing your story!

  • Colleen

    My first thought was Alaska. Then I thought of Bora Bora. Somewhere I would love to go and knowing you would probably travel there to write the book….how I’d love to wish upon you a great trip to somewhere exotic!
    But, I saw a posting for Japan. Oh, now I see, in part, why you want to hear from us-it’s just so hard to decide! May the Lord Bless you.

    • I love how you said, “I’d love to wish upon you a great trip to somewhere exotic”. What a fine and kind and sweet wish to make for someone else. You are extraordinary, Colleen. Thank you. And you’re right. It’s very hard to decide and the is why I asked for a round of ideas. Lots to pray about!

  • Jessie Sartain

    I vote for Santorini! My mom and I went there this past September. We wondered what we had gotten ourselves into when the plane landed – it looked dry, desolate, and barren – but two buses later, we were in Oia with its white walls and round, blue domes and the Aegean sparkling in the background. (Since then, we’ve been told to take the seven hour ferry ride from Athens.) Our time there was full of adventures – riding a donkey up the steep switchback from the harbor, hiking to the summit of an active volcano in the caldera, jumping off a wooden ship into the ocean below, watching the sunset from the walls of castle ruins with hundreds of people who all applauded amidst whoops and hollers when the last ray disappeared. Even figuring out how to use the shower at our AirBnB was an adventure (the spicket was two feet from the floor). I think it’s the perfect setting for a “Sisterchicks” novel, despite its “Sisterhood” history.

    • Sisterchicks in Traveling Pants. Wait. That’s a little too close to another familiar title, isn’t it? Sounds like you and your mom had quite an adventue!

  • Cindy

    Robin, I’m so excited that another Sisterchicks book is being nudged into your heart by our Father! I love them! My thought on location in the US is somewhere in the South – Atlanta, Charleston, Savannah, Mobile; perhaps a Southern US road trip would be interesting! If you want international, then I’m thinking South America, in general. Wherever it’s located, I’ll be sure to read!! YIPEE!

  • Sylvia M.

    I think we need a Sisterchick book where they don’t have much money and are on a budget. There are a lot of Sisterchicks that could identify with that. Maybe they could go to the mountains to a cabin. There could be whitewater rafting, hiking, camping, and more.

    You could have two Sisterchick writers that go to Mount Herman writer’s retreat.

    I do like some of the other ideas here about Nashville, Savannah, Charleston, and Alaska. A few years ago our family went to Chattanooga, TN. There’s a nice little tea shop, The English Rose Tearoom, that’s run by people from England who relocated here. They try to keep their tea shop authentically English with just the basics.

    On that trip we also went a little ways outside of Chattanooga and visited The Lost Sea Adventure. It’s a cavern with an underground lake. We took a boat ride out on this lake in the cavern. It was really neat.

    • Yes! I’ve thought about that, too. A Staycation where they enjoy all the beautiful places of interest right in their own home town. Thanks for the link on the tea room. The Lost Sea Adventure sounds really cool!

  • Annette Lewis

    I would Love to see a Sisterchicks in Austria- Specifically on the Sound of Music Tour in Salzburg- That was my all time favorite trip! But I also think one that takes place in Israel could be extremely interesting!

    • Sigh. Salzburg is such a gorgeous place! The Sisterchicks Are Alive With The Sound of Music! A bit long for a title . ..

  • Marcia Yochum

    This, perhaps, is not a Sisterchicks idea, but I would like to hear Christy’s mother’s story. She is always in the background, quiet, enduring. She has sacrificed so much — leaving her aging parents, her home, her friends — to follow her husband’s new career, new source of income. She sacrificed her time with Christy as her daughter went off with Marti to experience what she could not provide financially. How has she felt about all of this? Where is her voice, her heart? Now, on the verge of becoming a grandmother, how is she feeling?

    • Interesting idea, Marcia. Thanks for sharing this. It’s definitely something to think about.

  • Angela Parsons

    I would love to see a Sisterchicks in Ireland! :)

  • Kim Landau

    How about a cross road trip (usa)? So many wonderful, weird and funny adventures in this country!

  • Michelle Motalli

    I have the whole Sisterchicks book series and have regularly given them to friends to read. My Favourites are Sisterchicks in Gondalas and Sisterchicks in Wooden Shoes.
    I would love to see the Sisterchicks in Gondalas characters travel to India, Africa or South America to visit other missionary women and families and tell their stories. I pray God will bless you and guide your heart and your hand as you prayerfully consider what stories to write next.

    • It would be fun to write about Sue and Jenna again and see how they’ve changed after their trip to Venice. I’ve thought about that before. Interesting that you suggest they keep on visiting missionaries and bringing them encouragement and cheer.

  • Yay! Another sisterchick book!! One of my dear friends had a reading disability that made it very difficult for her to read through a whole book. When I gave her Sisterchicks on the Loose, I didn’t expect her to tell me the next week that she had finished it and were there more. Sisterchicks opened the door to her love of novels. Thank you for doing this for my friend.

    The next adventure: ISRAEL! I have many stories that are funny and touching while in the Land, I’m sure you have them, too. I worked for a ministry that did work there and I’ve met Jews and Arabs–both believers in Jesus–who work together for true peace. The miracles. The conflict. The resolution. Ah, yes. The stuff of novels.

    Thanks again, Robin.

    • How exciting to hear about your friend zooming through On the Loose! Israel would be an amazing destination, I agree!

  • Cheryl Dockter

    The Sisterchicks books have been a favorite of myself and my husband while driving long distances on vacation. I read them aloud to him while he drives and we have had many good laughs along the way. They are the perfect choice as they are not too romantically mushy for him and provide spiritual nurturing in a very palatable format!

    I like the previous comment about the next book taking place in Israel. That would definitely be fun and interesting!

    • It makes me happy to think of you and your husband laughing together as you read these books to him. :-)

  • Sylvia M.

    Robin, here was my previous comment about Chattanooga, TN.

    I forgot the most important attraction in Chattanooga! It’s Rock City. Absolutely beautiful, peaceful, and creative.

  • Natalie

    Egypt or Israel would be cool for the next book!

    • My husband went to Egypt when he was in college and he loved it.

      • Natalie

        Really!? That is so cool! I’d love to go one day!

  • Sylvia M.

    I guess if you wanted to be traditional you would have to have Sisterchick stories in either New York City or Washington, D.C.

    • Yes, NYC would be great fun. What I remember the most about a trip to DC years ago was the Smithsonian. You could spend a week going through all the buildings!

  • Beth Troxell

    I live in Michigan, near the western coast. I think Michigan is the prettiest state in the country. We have it all, quaint villages in the Upper Peninsula, Islands with no cars, to Detroit which is known as the car capital. Did I mention “fudge”. No visitor can come to a beach town without smelling the sweet delicious fudge we are known for! Come to Michigan!

  • Elizabeth

    Beth’s right… Michigan has everything! I’m from Southwest Michigan and there are tons of attractions. In fact, one of our state’s biggest industries is tourism! We have lighthouses, historic attractions, natural beauty, shops, you name it! Even agri-tourism! (and if you came to Michigan, maybe some of us here could get to meet you…)

  • Ana Luiza Lima C

    BRAZIIIIIL! Make it better and come to Brazil too!
    We love you so so much, and I know you know that πŸ˜‰

  • Phyllis

    You could do a Canadian Rockies one…or Switzerland, Sisterchicks climb mountains! I would love to see a USA series…one in each state!

  • julia

    You should definitly come to Germany. I would like to introduce you to some of my sisterchicks all over the Country. How about “Sisterchicks meet Friedrich the Great” and all the old stuff and buildings we have over here. Greetings from the other side of the world! Julia

  • Tracy Lynn

    I remember meeting you in Heidelberg, Germany in the 90’s (Military Chapel). You were researching that lovely city for a new novel. My daughter was raised on your Christy and Sienna books and now, years later, I am falling in love with the sisterchick books. I would love to live vicariously through a sisterchick adventure in Greece! I adore how you allow God to weave his message through your words that bring reflection, reminders, and quite a few giggles to me!

  • Andrew France

    I will start this off by saying I love the Sisterchicks series and wish you would write more! The Sisterchicks should go to Columbus (Ohio), Pittsburgh or Philadelphia. :)

  • maribetho

    Hi – I’m not even sure if you are still looking for new sister chick novel ideas. i have loved your sisterchick series – and used them as a way to help me see God in my own life AND share the magic of sister relationships. I think you should do a novel set in the Czech Republic – centered around orphanages. It is the only real overseas adventure I was ever on. I would love to read a sisterchick novel set there.