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Pray for Your Future Husband – Alyssa & Risa Did


Two summers ago I led a group study for college girls. The book they chose was Praying for Your Future Husband. I loved being with these lovely sun kissed island girls and listening to their tender hearts as they prayed.

Alyssa and Risa

When Tricia Goyer and I wrote Praying for Your Future Husband we prayed that this book and the discussions it would launch would encourage many young women who were seeking God’s best for their future. We asked God to use this book to fill the readers with hope and show them how to prepare their heart for his.

I have seen God answer that prayer in the lives of two young women who are very dear to me. Both of them were boyfriendless at the time of our summer study and now both of them are married!

I obviously cannot guarantee that every young woman who reads this book will have a ring by spring or her money back. But I can tell you that God worked in some pretty wonderful ways when He scripted the love stories of these two tender-spirited women. God definitely used this book and our summer study. I loved being a front row spectator as the Author and Finisher of their faith was at work in their hearts. I would love to know that He is at work in your heart this summer, too.

Alyssa and Risa have blogged about their journey and mentioned what this book meant to them along the way. Would you like to hear their stories? I thought you might.

Alyssa’s Story Part 1.
Alyssa’s Story Part 2.
Alyssa’s Wedding Video.



Risa’s Story.
Risa’s Wedding Video.

Risa Robin

What about you? Do you have a summer study lined up but don’t yet know what book you’ll use? Maybe you just need some encouragement during your quiet time over the next few weeks. To help get you started Praying for Your Future Husband is featured in the Anniversary Sale, and on sale for $8.99. The offer is available through the end of the day.

Most importantly – start praying!

  • Sarah Brandt


    Risa has recently become a new treasured friend of mine- we’re in the same mission field of loving military teens. I’ve known Eric for a few years through our mutual friends & ministry in Kansas- I had the immense privilege of attending their wedding. I’ve also been a long-time fan of your stories- I grew up with Christy, Sierra, Katie, and the women in the Glenbrooke series. God has engraved many truths on my heart through your books.

    This summer, some of the high school girls I work with started a book club to read through the Christy Miller series. It fills my heart with joy to not only read these sweet books with them, but walk with them as they discover new truths & see God in new ways.

    Thank you for your ministry, Robin. It is precious to see firsthand the impact that you have had on my new friend, Risa, and on these awesome high school girls that I’m living life with this summer, and to remember the ways that God has changed my heart through the truths you share. I will be ordering the “Praying for Your Future Husband” book today- to read through for myself & then to share with other single ladies I know.

    From one peculiar treasure to another, thank you!

    • Sarah, how fun to hear about all over overlaps! Very cool! And I love that you’re doing a book club with the high school girls. It’s almost like spending the summer with Christy and Todd. Much joy to you, dear Peculiar Treasure.

      • Temi

        please is this book downloadable? I live in the UAE and i couldn’t find ‘praying for your future husband’ in bookstores. kindly reply me on i need this book so bad but don’t know how i can get one. Thanks

  • Nathan Strubhar

    Hi Robin! Thanks for posting Risa’s Wedding Video! Here’s Alyssa’s Wedding Video – Thanks, Nate

    • Thanks Nate. Beautiful. I’ve added it to the original blog post as well.

  • Heidi K.

    Dear Robin,
    Your book Praying for Your Future Husband has really changed my life. I do plan to wait and pray for the One. Thank you for writing it! It blessed my soul. :)

    • You just made my heart sing, Heidi! So glad to hear that. You are one of the women Tricia and I prayed for when we wrote this book. God is answering those prayers! Awesome!

  • Ruth

    Hi Robin,

    Thank you so much for posting these girl’s stories! It is such an encouragement for those of us who continue to wait and pray for our future husbands! I can’t wait for my wedding day!!! :) Could you please pray for me right now as I have a man who the Lord has been leading me to pray for (for over a year now! ) We are not in a relationship, but the Lord has been slowly turning my heart toward him. He is a godly man who is running hard after the Lord and I continue to notice qualities in him that I have been praying for my future husband since I was a young teen. Please pray that if it is His will, that the Lord would make it possible for us to have a relationship? He just graduated college and needs a job before pursuing a wife. Thank you so much!

    • Ruth, I’m thinking that you would really love the direction you’ll find in “Praying for Your Future Husband” while you’re in this season of waiting and wondering. If you haven’t read it yet I hope you do. It would be ideal to go through the book with some friends as a study this summer. Keep trusting in the Lord with ALL your heart!

    • Lexi


      I know we don’t know each other, but it seems we are both in the same exact waiting season. I have been drawn to a young man for many years now, ever since we were young teens. He’s everything I’ve ever hoped and prayed for in someone. I believe I feel God leading us together and I hope with everything in my being that I am right! We are not in a relationship, but I’m praying that God will soon change that. The men that we are praying for seem to be close in age, as mine is about to start his last year in college. Since we seem to be facing the same hard time, I have a proposition for you. Even though we don’t know each other, we share a deep connection through our kindred spirits and I would like to know if we could pray for one another. God’s Word tells us that where two or three are gathered together, He is in the midst of them. Well, we are two people and I believe that God will honor our dedication and prayers for one another. :) If you would like to stay in contact, please email me!

      I know this is an odd request, but I just felt something/someone urging me to respond to your message specifically. I hope to hear from you soon!


  • Charity Lane

    Thank you! This has inspired a blog post for our church newsletter. For Father’s day, I asked the deacons if any of them wanted to step up and write the newsletter blog. Two of them did. Now I’ll use this as inspiration to end a three week series for father’s day.

  • Mikah Finnicum

    After reading your book “Praying for you Future Husband” I have been praying the God would bring the right people in my life and lead me in the direction of my husband. I am only 15 so I am prepared for a long wait but after reading your book it gave me encouragement to start preparing my heart for future relationships. I also have read the entire Christy Miller and started writing letters to my future husband. I thank you for writing these books and giving me the encouragement to become a strong woman of God.

  • Gracie

    i’ve read your book, Praying for your future husband, and now i’m just getting into your christy miller series. i’m loving both! Romantic relationships have been hard for me in the past and your books are really helping me rethink about what God wants for me in a that particular aspect. thank you again for writing them. ^_____^ hugs

  • Lexi

    I know I’m a few days late to be commenting here, but I would just like to share a story with you! I couldn’t decide which blog post to put this on, but it probably will fit better here! The night before your newsletter about Reckless Abandon was posted, I had been very confused about some things in my life and about a new direction I saw God leading me in. For the past several years I had been feeling this pull, but I wasn’t sure if it was God or me. It was in a direction that would possibly change my life, but in a way that I had so long for. Even though this pull was towards a young man, I felt as if God was pulling us together not only for a relationship, but also for a ministry. I had made plans with this young man that weekend and was really worried that if this was not the will of God and I still let myself be drawn in in any way, it would only leave me hurting even more. So on Tuesday night I prayed. I had recently taught my Sunday School class the story of Gideon, and I included him in my prayer. Just as God had left the fleece wet once and dry once when Gideon was specific with his requests of God, I hoped God would do the same for me. I asked Him if this relationship was in His will to let our plans that weekend work out. If it was not His will, let it fall through some way. I also asked that He send me anything else that He can for some reassurance.
    Two years ago while praying about the same situation, I felt God speak to my heart and say “It’s in My will, in My time”. When I received an email about the blog post, I remembered that promise God had given me two years ago and knew the post was for me. God has a plan for me and a ministry even though I may not know the full extent of it. Yet, I still have a promise to hold on to and pursue with reckless abandon!
    That you so much for expressing what God laid on your heart then and even now on this post! They have both given me the reassurance I needed to keep pushing forward in all aspects of my walk with God!

    Keep me in your prayers,


    That weekend worked out in the best way and I had the greatest time! :)

  • Joy Yaeger

    Hi Robin!
    I just want you to know how much this book has touched my life. I grew up reading your Christy Miller series and your Glenbrook series, and I have always dreamed about finding love one day. I am now 25, and my last friend from growing up is getting engaged. I have been going through a hard time with being lonely as a single woman, and your book filled me with such hope. Not only do I have new hope about my future, your book helped remind me that my first and greatest love will always be God! I was raised a Christian and like Shelly from Clouds I got complacent over the years about my faith. I have recently fallen completely in love with God again (even more so than when I was a child), and I want you to know that He used your books to bring this about. I am going through a time of transitions and hard decisions and your books have given me such encouragement. Victim of Grace encouraged me to keep faith during my long season of winter, and I am so grateful to you for writing it. Each time I read your books I feel encouraged and I learn something new about God. Your books touched me as a child and they continue to touch me now as I am waiting for my man who is my forever friend. Thank you for writing and please never stop!

  • Hanna

    Hi Robin, I have been looking for this book in spanish with no luck at all :( i will like to give it as a gift …

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