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Premier of Finding Father Christmas

Movie Poster w Erin and Niall

Tune in Sunday, November 13

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  • AndTheAngelsSang

    Watching this movie NOW on Hallmark Mystery Channel – I’m wondering where the movie was filmed? I can’t find out any info about that, but did find a small lead – Vancouver, BC? Also, I read that England was the original location in the book but a different location was thought to be needed to appeal to a wider US audience – do you know why Vermont was chosen? Does Vermont invoke Christmas in people in a broad sense? It reminds me of “White Christmas” that was also about a small Vermont town!

  • Kay Weathers

    Beautiful story and movie, more intense and exhilarating than so many other Christmas movies. The writing, the direction, and of course, the acting made it outstanding equally! Impressive! Thanks for such a poignant and appealing look at a real possibility in someone’s life! Will be looking for more stories by Robin Jones Gunn!