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One More Wish Release Day

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Today is the day! It’s the official release day for “One More Wish” Book 3 in the Christy&Todd: The Married Years Series.

We have copies available in my Online Shop and best of all copies should be available now wherever you like to shop for books.

I really hope you enjoy this new story about Christy and Todd as their adventure as a married couple continues.

And speaking of adventures for married couples, this has been quite a week of adventure for us in real life.


Our daughter and her husband welcomed their son into the world on Monday evening. I’m still in awe of the miracle of new life and am so grateful that I had the privilege of being there while he was born. All three of them are doing very well.

As for my husband and I who have been in the midst of it all and sort of slid through our own wedding anniversary on Thursday —  I think it’s time for a nap.


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  • PeculiarTreasure12

    Can’t wait to read the book! I’ve been counting down the days!

  • Mandyward924

    Those of you that preordered, have you received your book?

  • Robin

    Congratulations, he’s beautiful!

  • Margarita

    What a precious gift. Congratulations.

  • Kathy Tedder

    I preordered on June 2. Status on my order history says it still hasn’t shipped, should I be concerned?

    • Kathy, Why don’t you send an email to Sharice our Customer Service Specialist at She should be able to help you with that. I’m bummed that it hasn’t arrived yet!

      • Breanna Ledford

        I also pre-ordered mine just a couple hours after it was available on June 2nd and my order status says not yet shipped as well. I’m bummed and hoping the mailman brings it today, but I will email Sharice as well. I can’t wait to get it and I hope I was in time to get a signed copy! :)

  • Deanna

    So excited to read it!!! Congrats on your new grandson!!!!;)

  • Heather I

    Congratulations! What a little cutie! I can just imagine Todd standing over him, blessing him :)

    • Awww. I love that thought, Heather. My husband (my Todd) always places his hands on the heads of little ones and blesses them at church each week. He definitely blessed our new grandson and sings hymns to him when he rocks him. It’s the sweetest thing ever.

      • Heather I

        That sounds like the sweetest thing! How very precious and beautiful :)

  • Kamie

    I just got One More Wish in the mail today! I freaked out and sent a picture to my three forever friends! Thank you so much for writing another one I’m so excited to read it

  • Ladonna

    Congratulations on the precious grandbaby!! Any idea when One More Wish will be available in E-book format? :)

    • It’s available now! I was told it was ready in all ebook formats so hopefully you’ll have no trouble downloading it today, Ladonna.

  • Andrea B. Brooks

    Congrats… I was wondering what the Sisterchicks title was that has the following words in??… The bun is in the oven.

    • Becky

      Sisterchicks Do The Hula? The turkey is in the oven? Beginning of ch. 2

    • I’m going to guess that would be Sisterchicks Do the Hula. I’m not positive, but it would make sense.

  • Allie Franklin

    Read One More Wish this week. I loved catching up with my dear friends of more than 20 years!!!

  • Kristin


  • different year same result

    Congratulations Robin! Also I preordered my copy of One More Wish and it hasn’t come yet. Should I be concerned or is there any reason why it wouldn’t have come by now?

    • Thanks for the congratulations, Tyler. You can email Sharice our Customer Service Specialist at She’ll be able to help with your order. I hope you enjoy the book when it arrives!

      • Tyler

        I’m sure I will!! Thanks for the help!

    • PhilipandChristina Nelson

      I figured they weren’t being mailed until Monday. I preordered too. Let me know what you hear>

  • Molly

    I must have checked a dozen times last night to see if it was online yet–and finally! There it was! I couldn’t wait for a hard copy so, Kindle!

    So after half the night and all day, I’ve just finished reading the book and my heart is full and happy. It’s a lovely story, Robin–one of your best, I think. Thank you for writing it. Even more than the life you weave into your characters, I love the picture of God that you paint for us, present and intimate, strong, wise, compassionate, and full of joy.

    I’ll be in Maui for a few weeks in October, and if I happen to see you, I will blow you a kiss. But if not, I will see you in heaven and then I will give you such a hug and I will thank you for the sweet, tender influence your blessing of words has had on my life.

    • Molly, your post just made my day. I’m so glad that the story made your heard full and happy! Yes, hooray for Kindle!
      It would be a treat to meet you when you’re on Maui. Feel free to email a few weeks before you arrive, if you like. Otherwise, yes, heaven for sure!

      • Mollyzin

        I would LOVE that! I will do it. :o)

      • Molly

        I would LOVE that. I will do it! :0)

  • Debbie

    Happy late anniversary! Can’t wait to read the book and congrats on the new grandchild.

  • Rebecca Jo Cannon

    So sweet.

  • Cordelia

    Hi Robin,
    I am so happy for you and your family on the arrival of your new grandchild. I hope everything went smoothly.
    Also I pre-ordered one more wish and a couple of other things about a month ago, it hasent arrived yet. I’m just wondering if anything is wrong with the order. xx

    • Thanks, Cordelia! You can email Sharice, our Customer Service Specialist at Sharice will be able to help you with your order. I hope it arrives soooooon and that you enjoy the story!

  • Rebecca Helms

    Congratulations on the grand baby, So precious!!!! Got my pre-ordered book and already finished it… ready for the next on! Made me want to go back and read the Glennbrook series and will probably start that tomorrow!

  • Jenna Hoff

    Hello Robin,
    I have been a faithful fan since I was 13, 22 years ago. Your writing uniquely touches my heart and for two decades whenever one of your books comes out I have scooped it up and read it like a treasure. Your words have shaped my life’s story and journey.

    I am now mostly though One More Wish, and as with every prior book it is lovely. I am hoping I can gently make a comment, and perhaps a suggestion for your future books. In this book, as Todd and Christy yearn for a baby, comments are made such as they want a “child of their own” and if not then they would then adopt.

    I am an adoptive mom to a really special child of my heart, who my husband and i adopted at age ten five years ago and who we see as our own child of every way other than biologically. Adoption was our first choice for building our family, not a second choice if the better choice of a birth child didn’t come. We did not choose adoption as a result of infertility and we truly see Samantha as our own child, a gift from God.

    Your books and words have such tremendous power and influence. I love to read and have read thousands of books in my lifetime and never have i encountered an author with the gift for writing with such beauty, clarity, truth, and passion as you do.

    God has blessed you with a voice that impacts and touches hearts, ignites passion for God and loving others and making a difference with the gift of our lives. Across North America there are literally hundreds of thousands of older children waiting desperately for forever families that statistically will never materialize. From my heart I believe with your sphere of influence and powerful written impact, if you were to write about adoption I believe God would influence many, many hearts to be open to considering the gift of adoption.

    In all my life I have never been so blessed as through the way God has uniquely created my family. I can’t think of a greater privilege than to become a mom to a child in need and make an eternal impact for that child.

    If you ever want to discuss this a little more it would be my great privilege

    And also thank you from my heart for your impact on my life all these years through your gentle, beautiful words.I am just one of thousands whose lives are better because of your mentorship through your books.

    • Thanks for sharing this, Jenna. Your words are eloquently spoken and I’m sure they’ll have an impact on those who read this. What I’ve written in One More Wish is, of course, just one story with one couple’s thoughts. Novels never do speak to every real life situation. They can be limiting in that way because the tale must remain true to the characters. I hope you’ll find more ways to share your thoughts and your experience so that you can be an influence and mentor to many young couples. Your real life story can and will have a powerful effect.

      • Jenna Hoff

        Thank you so much for taking the time to reply to my comment. For decades even though I’ve never written to you before to tell you, your words have not only encouraged me and touched my spirit, but have taught me so much about living life as a Christian. And so to be able to connect with you about something so close to my heart, older child adoption, is so very meaningful.

        I really hear what you are saying about the story line and the tale being true to the characters. Older child adoption just may not quite fit into Christy and Todd’s story or anyone else in this series.

        I also just want to say thank you again for your impact on my life. We live thousands of kilometers apart and have never met, but your words have mentored me for so long. Right now I am a very unsuccessful, fledging writer but because of the way your books have touched my life so deeply, one of my life’s dreams is to write books that also touch people’s hearts in the way you have impacted mine so deeply. I am so grateful to you.

  • Stephanie

    Dear Robin,
    my forever friend was the one who introduced me to the christy miller series. and ever since we have both been hooked. i just wanted to say, that your books have inspired us in so many ways, spiritually and physically. we love you and your books SOOO much. please dont stop writing, because you are amazing at it.

    if you ever feel like writing another series, my best friend and i came up with the idea of a todd spencer book series. because we have christy’s point of view, and katie’s, sierra’s, brian’s… what about todd’s?

    well, i just wanted to say how much we love you, and please continue writing!!!
    thanks for a GREAT series. 😀

    • I love hearing that you have a best friend and that the two of you were noodling about a book from Todd’s POV. I started one from his POV about 15 years ago. I didn’t get very far. I found it difficult to think like a guy. When our son was about 17 I tried to convince him to write a book from Todd’s POV. He gave it a go but it didn’t go anywhere. I guess Todd will continue to be his one of a kind Todd self and we will always be wondering what he’s really thinking.

  • cassandra

    I just finished one more wish. I couldn’t put it down. It was amazing. Keep writing! I got home from camp a few weeks ago and I shared how your books impacted my life. Many girls from camp started reading them! It made me so happy to share these books that hold a special place in my heart. Thank you for writing these awesome books!

    • How fun that the girls at camp started reading these stories! Sounds like a God thing to me, as Katie would say.

  • Kendra

    Will you be doing at 4th book? I enjoy your books so much! I got the new book today and I finished it already!

  • Beth

    Absolutely loved this book!!! I couldn’t put it down! Do you plan to write a fourth book?! I really hope so, because these books really help me with my walk with our Lord :-)

  • alana kyle

    Loved the book I read it in less than a day! And congrats on your new little grandson. I hope you continue to write books because you truly have a gift. :)

    • Thanks, Alana! Hope you enjoyed the reunion with Christy and Todd.

  • Zoe

    I can’t wait to read it!!

  • Deanna

    Dear Robin,
    Hi my name is Deanna I am 14 years old. I started reading the Christy Miller series when I was about 12 or 13. They changed me a whole lot! And I am thankful that I was able to read the books. I just got a signed copy of your latest book and I was VERY HAPPY!!!!!!!!!;) thank you for putting the little card in the book! I was very happy!!!! Thank you so much for writing these “Awesome” (as Doug says) books!!!!!! And thanks to you I have started praying for my future husband!!!!! I hope and pray that I’ll be able to meet you in person one day!

    Numbers 6:24-26
    Philippians 1:7- I hold you in my heart;)

    • This is so encouraging, Deanna! Yes, pray your little heart out, dear Peculiar Treasure! God loves you so much.

      • Deanna

        Hey Robin,
        Is there any chance you could try to do some speaking sessions in NC??? I would love to meet you!!!’:)

    • Your post is pretty awesome, Deanna. :-) I’m so glad that you’re praying for your future husband! God answers prayers!

  • Anna Lynn

    Hi Mrs. Gunn!!! I have SSSOOO much respect for you! I know that you probably want to keep going on with “Christy and Todd The Married Years”, for yourself because it’s fun to write them I’m sure, plus a little extra money here and there is a nice treat every once in a while, but also for your readers. You could EASILY go full-steam-ahead, and have MANY supporters still. But the reason I know that you really try to exemplify in real life, what you write in your books, is because you are waiting on God to give you the “green light” to keep writing this series. And the whole “Married Years” series has the word “wait” in it probably a few thousand times hehehe! So it fits the theme perfectly! You “practice what you preach”, and I really sincerely appreciate that about you. Another thing I absolutely love, is that you try to respond to almost every comment you see! That is another thing that sets you apart from any other author, because it shows that you really do love us and have our best interests at heart, and want to engage in conversation with us. I’ve often gotten the question, “Who’s your favorite author?” And I would never know who it really was. But now the answer is clear: you are. Just like God made so many decisions crystal clear for Christy and Todd as they put their faith in Him. Even if they didn’t like His decision, reasoning, or timing, they went with it. And that’s the kind of woman I want to be when I get older. I am 15 years old and will be 16 in November, so I am slowly inching my war forward towards adulthood, SLOWLY, mind you, I’m in NO rush here hahaha! But it just gets more and more inspiring and clear to me the type of woman I want to be like. I want to be like you, and my mom. I want to be like Christy. I can’t thank you enough from the DEEPEST part of my heart for investing your time and energy into writing. But I can say, “God bless you! You are SUCH a beautiful and peculiar treasure.” Thanks for giving me the opportunity to make all these new “Forever Friends”. :) I love you.

    • I’m glad you reposted this, Anna Lynn. I must have missed it the first time around. It always amazes me how specific God is with each of us. He is tenderly and deliberately drawing you closer to His heart. This is for a purpose. He has plans for your life. Keep trusting Him with your whole heart and never doubt His love for you.

  • Anna Lynn

    Sorry, I posted the same message on two of your blogs. I just wanted to make sure you got a chance to see this. :)

  • Christin

    I love this book so much and this series it’s awesome!! I’ve read all the Christy miller, Sierra Jenson, College series, Katie Weldon, and married years! All these books have helped in so many ways and my biggest dream is to meet you!! I hope to see you in Georgia sometime!!

    • I’d love to come to Georgia sometime. Who knows what opportunities God will unfurl in the days ahead? Be sure to sign up for my newsletter for updates on speaking events.

  • Rebekah Hornyak

    Mrs. Gunn, I read number three in the Christy and Todd married series Friday night. I am 32 and am experiencing/have experienced an INCREDIBLE amount of what happened in the story during the last 14 years of marriage to my husband, John. That book, and all the ones before them( I have read them since I was 11…. and remember anxiously awaiting the newest ones even then..!) touched my very soul. Reading your books is like eating the most delicious, nutritious, food possible, and being revived and energized from such! I LOVE them! Thank you for writing real, honest, Godly, down-to-earth “stuff” in your books. I absolutely love them, and wept tears of joy at the end!! May God richly bless you as you continute to write! Also, congratulations on the birth of your grandchild!!

    • Rebekah, your words of encouragement were delicious and nutritious to my little heart. :-)

  • Cheyanne Cashwell

    Robin! Oh my goodness I’ve been trying to find a way for you to hear my voice forever! I fell in love with your books the summer I was fourteen thanks to my best friend Morgan and they always brightened my mood! Christy is my favorite and sometimes she helps me cause I feel like we are similar, I just started reading the 3rd book in the married series and so far it’s beautiful! God has given you such a wonderful gift and I’m so glad you get to share it with the rest of the world! I’m almost 18 now but I’ve read the CM series at least 3x and going to college next year I hope they’ll be more to come to read! I’m going to the beach one last time before summer ends and I’m sure I’ll be counting the stars thanks to all the dreams your books have created in my mind that I’m ever thankful for! Please respond!

    • I hear your voice nice and clear, Cheyanne. Thanks so much for sharing this with me. You made my heart smile.

  • noonespellsmynameright

    Dear Robin continued thanks for all your books. MORE PLEASE <3

  • Jenny S

    Hi Robin,
    I just wanted to say that i received my book after i returned home from vacation yesterday, and i read the entire book yesterday! it was so good, i couldn’t put it down (even with my husband trying to distract me to make me take longer to read it). As with many times i have read the Christy series, I feel that you popped into my life for a bit and wrote about my life instead. I laughed out loud at some things that Todd did or said that I could see my husband saying or doing. My “Todd” and I have been going through the same things that Christy and Todd have been going through in this book with babies, friends, ups, downs, and jobs. I know they are fictional characters but they feel so real to me and the fact that I can relate so much to them. I like being able to see how they rely fully on God, and it gives me the hope and faith that i need to hear at the right time. I hope you write another book to tell me what is going to happen in my life next lol. Just kidding. But i do hope God tells you to write another Christy and Todd book, i love them and would love to see what happens; and I love how you have incorporated characters from Christy’s past into the Glenbrooke series. :-) Keep up the great work! I hope one day i will be able to meet you! Thank you for all that you do, and may the Grace of God shine upon you and your family!

    • Thanks for the encouraging post, Jenny. May the Lord bless you and your husband in tender ways as you continue to trust in Him with all your heart.

  • Andressa

    Hello Robin Jones Gunn, I wonder when you will launch the second book of chris and ted – years of marriage: home of ours hearts in portuguese. I hope it will not take. Thanks you!

    • The translator and editor have been working on it so hopefully it will be ready soon!

  • Kathy Muzer

    Congratulations on the birth of your grandson! Grandchildren are the treasures of a long life, so happy anniversary also, and many more – grandchildren and anniversaries!!

  • Lou

    Hi Robin, I was just wondering if you will ever write any more books in the Glenbrooke Series? It will be wonderful to hear what is going on in the lives of the women of Glenbrooke. I just love the Glenbrooke series and the Christy Miller series and anxiously await to hear more about the lives of all these characters that have such a strong faith in the Lord and face many of the challenges that we may face. Hope to hear more about them soon! Thanks for writing such wonderful and uplifting stories!!

  • Emma

    Hey! I’m emma and I was wondering… are you going to continue christy miller?! My life will be over if you don’t! This is just an idea but it would be cool if you continue with the perspective of their daughter!!!! Please tell me !!! 😀

  • Elisabeth Cook

    I just finished One More Wish and I want more!!! I thoroughly enjoy reading your books and I dearly hope you continue Todd and Christy’s story! Love & prayers, Elisabeth Cook

  • kailey

    Is there going to be another book? I love the series and really want to know what happens after One More Wish

  • Hannah Marie

    Hi Robin. My name is Hannah and I am an 11th grader. I started reading the Christy Miller series when I was in 7th grade and the books dramatically changed my life. Christy Miller not only addresses the hardships a high schooler goes through on a daily basis, but also helps address how a typical Christian teenager would approach difficult subjects. I want thank you for writing this series that is so special to me and I hope that you’ll continue on with at least one more book. The journey doesn’t seem finished just yet. Thank you so much!!

  • Galilea Estrada

    Hi Robin! It’s so nice to hear that you came out with another book in the Christy and Todd series!!! I already bought it and i wasnted to know if you were going to come out with the 4th book in Christy and Todd the married series? I’m in the 7th grade and I’ve been reading you’re books since the 5th grade. I gave my heart to the Lord ever since I read your books. You lead me to salvation Robin and I would love to thank you for that. So, THANK YOU!!! Please answer me if you like. THANK YOU!!!!

  • Jessica

    I’ve been reading the Christy Miller series since I was in high school. I’m now 24, and these books are more encouraging than ever. Will there be more in the series? I feel like I’ve said goodbye to a friend now that I’ve finished.