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Sandy Cove

Calling all East Coast Sisterchicks®!

I’ll be speaking at Sandy Cove Conference October 25th -26th for the Girl’s Night Out. Please say you’ll come! Women of all ages are welcome and I’ll be speaking on Thursday night and on Friday morning. It would be grand to see you there.

Speaking of Sisterchicks, do you recognize some of my writer friends in the photo? That’s Georgia Shaffer, me, Debbie Macomber and Gayle Roper. We had a delightful time at the Books and Such Retreat this week on the West Coast.

What a gift it is to spend time with understanding friends. Especially when you’ve been hanging out with some of them for a couple of decades. You simply pick up the conversation wherever it was left dangling the last time you were together. That’s how I feel about Georgia, Debbie and Gayle. All it takes is for one woman to say (in true Winnie the Pooh fashion)  “How about lunch?” and the Forever Friend Ship is launched.

How about you? Any plans for lunch this week with your Forever Friends?

(And no, I don’t know why it looks like my big-ole’ hand appears to be about to claw Gayle’s shoulder. It honestly was a very friendly pose at the time.)