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Sandy Toes

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Sandy Toes Release Day

November 25th

It’s almost here! Book #1 in the Christy & Todd: The Baby Years Series releases this Friday!

  • Copies are available now at Robin’s Nest BookShop
  • Ebook versions are available from most digital distributors.
  • Many, many Beautiful Readers have already received their pre-ordered copies from the Robin’s Nest BookShop.
  • Bookstores as well as Amazon and other booksellers have confirmed that they’ve received their copies.

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You first met Christy and Todd in the Christy Miller High School series and followed her through the College Years and Married Years. Now you can soak up all the happy/exciting/confusing moment with your favorite imaginary couple when you read Sandy Toes.

Ready for some fun behind the scenes info?

  • There will be 3 books in this new series. Book #2, Salty Kisses releases in April, 2017.  Book #3, Sunset Lullaby releases in October, 201
  • The couple on the covers of all 3 Baby Years books are the same real life husband and wife who were the hand models for both The College Years and The Married Years series. They used to live around the corner from me and are a real life Christy and Todd couple. Their children are the models with them on the Baby Years covers.
  • The setting for the covers, complete with the palm trees and the amazing sunsets, is all real. The photographer took us to a sort of secret location about an hour from where I live. It’s one of the photographer’s favorite hidden places for capturing special moments like the ones she shot for this series.

I hope your enjoy your reunion with Christy and Todd!