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Secrets of the Heart

New secrets

A gentle love story just for you.

When I wrote about Jessica and Kyle in Secrets I wanted to show how love can come find you even in the rubble of failed plans.

It’s always good to be humbled, as Jessica was in this story.

God knows the secrets of the heart.

He brings light into the darkness.

He fills us with hope.

Visit my BookShop and listen to an audio sample from the beginning of Secrets.


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  • Erin Lush

    Hi! I have been a huge fan of your books since I read the first Christy Miller book and have read all of her adventures as well as Sierra and Katie’s. What I’m wondering is, is if you are going to continue their stories like you did Todd and Christys in adulthood (marriage, etc.)?

    • I don’t have plans to write separate books about Sierra and Katie but I guess it’s always a possibility! I hope you’ve enjoyed catching up with them in the Married Years and reading about Sierra in Love Finds You in Sunset Beach, Hawaii. When I’m able to share details about upcoming writing projects I’ll do so in the Robin’s Nest Newsletter so be sure to sign up to receive it if you don’t already.