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Snuggle Chairs and Glenbrooke

Some classics just keep on going. All they need is a little freshening up with a new cover or new upholstery and they are ready to go for another couple decades. My publisher came through brilliantly with new covers for the Glenbrooke Series but I need help deciding on the recovering of my snuggle chair.

Twenty years ago I bought this chair for the living room and named it the Snuggle Chair.

This is where my children cuddled up as I read to them. Countless hours were spent here sipping tea, reading my Bible and pouring out my heart to the Lord in my journal. In seasons of sorrow I found my way to this chair with a box of tissues. When I set up a home office this chair was given a place of prominence. I wrote most of the summaries for the Glenbrooke Series in this chair by the window. On days when the afternoon sunshine streamed through the Northwest clouds my daughter would come home from school, curl up in the chair and tell me all about her day.

This well-loved chair holds two decades of memories so of course it had to come with us when we made the move to Hawaii almost two years ago. When I asked a carpet cleaner last month if he could freshen up the well-worn chair he took one look at the tattered upholstery and said, “I think you better have it recovered instead. It’s a classic but it needs a new cover.”

I’ve taken his advice and have been on the hunt for just the right fabric to reupholster this ole’ favorite pal o’ mine. What do you think? Neutrals again? Something splashy? Tropical print? I can’t decide.

While I’ve been busy looking at fabric swatches I’ve also been busy looking at images of the women of Glenbrooke. My publisher had the same advice as the carpet cleaner when we discussed the continuous strong sales of the Glenbrooke series. “It’s become a classic inspirational romance series,” they said. “How about if we freshen them up with new covers?”

Here are the results. Aren’t they lovely? All eight Glenbrooke novels have new covers and are available today. The stories have not been altered, only the covers. What I’m most excited about is that for the first time these novels are available in e-book format for all e-readers! We have copies of the recovered Glenbrooke series in my Online Shop. For each Glenbrooke book you order now through Setpember 5th we’ll tuck in an Irish Breakfast tea bag so you can sip as you read. For the e-reader version you can download those from whatever source you prefer for your e-books.

If you have suggestions for my re-upholstery project please share them on my blog. I’ll post a picture in a future newsletter of the final results. And may I just add that if you are a young mother I truly believe one of the best investments you can make is a snuggle chair. You need a go-to place for yourself and you need a proper place to cuddle those little ones while you can.

Fall Speaking Schedule
The final details are falling into place beautifully for the Sisterchicks Getaway ~ Island Style that will be held on Maui September 20-23. My team and I can’t wait to welcome those of you who are coming from the mainland, Australia as well as from my home church and from the neighboring islands. We know this is going to be an amazing time and we hope to be able to host another Sisterchicks Getaway in the future.

Sandy Cove, Maryland is where I’ll be speaking October 24-25th. Can you come? Please, oh please! Registration is open for this Girl’s Night Out and I hope to see many of you there.

New Books in the Online Shop
Along with the recovered Glenbrooke Series you’ll find another new book in the Online Shop, God’s Mountains, Meadows and More. This is one of the first children’s books I wrote and one of my favorites. I’m so pleased that it has recently been re-released in both hardback and in e-book. I read this book to my own children many times while we were cozied up in the snuggle chair. I hope you get to experience the same joy of hearing your children recite the Bible verses in this book back to you as you read it for the two hundredth time to them. It’s an easy way to get God’s Word into their hearts while they are young.

I’ll have more book news as well as photos from the Sisterchicks Getaway soon. Until then, may the God of all comfort be with you.