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Spring 2014 Events Schedule


The following events are all open to the public, so please come if you can!

Febraury 28 – March 2
–  Pine Valley Bible Conference Center, San Diego, CA

March 7-9 
–  Pine Valley Bible Conference Center, San Diego, CA

March 14-16 
– Women’s Retreat Camp Mokeleia, Oahu, HI

March 20-22 
Hawaiian Islands Ministry Conference, Oahu, HI

April 4 – 6 
Women’s Retreat Camp Evergreen, Edmonton, Canada  

April 11
– National Day of Prayer, Oahu, HI


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  • Brittney Everett

    Come to Denver!!!!

  • (And oh, I wish you’d come to the Southeast!!)

  • Beth

    I wish you would come to Kansas! (:

  • Lin

    Please let us know if you’re ever in Florida!

  • Lindsey

    Please come to KY

  • Grace

    PLEASE come to Maine!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nicole Peltier

    would love to go don’t live but about six hours from San Diego in Arizona but no funds to be able to go…. maybe sometime you will be able to come speak in Phoenix! Will be praying for your travels that you will be safe! Looking forward to the next Christy and Todd book!!!

  • Julia

    I am so happy for all of your awesome opportunities! You are my absolute favorite author and through your great books, have lead me closer to my God, and I believe my future husband as well! I hope that one day I can meet you, but that would require me to visit Hawaii or you to speak near North Carolina. However, at that time it’s not possibly, but the Lord knows. I wish you well on your trips this year though!

  • Cozette

    I am looking forward to the San Diego retreat starting today.

  • Shirlee

    Wish I was in Pine Valley again this weekend! ALOHA!!

  • Sabrina

    Are you by any chance planning anything in Dallas, TX???