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Sunset Lullaby

I’d like to tell you a story.

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When I was writing Sunset Lullaby, the 3rd book in the Christy & Todd: The Baby Years series, I had serious back issues. I finished the last few chapters lying on my stomach with my arms extended to the laptop keyboard.

One afternoon my husband heard me sobbing. He ran into my office to see me stretched out on the floor. I couldn’t stop crying. He was about to dial 911 when I finally caught my breath and said, “I finished it! The ending of this book . . .” I gave a quivering gasp “I didn’t see it coming until I typed the last three pages. It felt like it really happened.

He sat beside me and asked me to read the end of the book to him. Then he started crying. It was the hee-hee laughing sort of crying he does whenever he sees a God thing happening. We both laughed and cried. Such a journey.

I have been writing about Christy and her Forever Friends for 30 years. Christy was 14 in the first book. She celebrates her 30th birthday in Sunset Lullaby. There are a total of 45 books about these characters. I’ve included the complete list below.

All I can say is what an adventure it is when you trust God step by step. You never know how He will lead you or how He will use the work of your hands to bless others and expand His kingdom.

Complete List of Books

by Robin Jones Gunn

Featuring Christy Miller and her Forever Friends

Including the Main Characters that Appear in Each Book

Christy Miller Collection

Volumes 1,2,3 and 4 – 12 books total

(Christy, Todd, Katie, Sierra)

Sierra Jensen Collection

Volumes 1,2,3 and 4 – 12 books total

(Sierra, Christy, Katie)


(Christy, Sierra)

Christy & Todd: The College Years

Until Tomorrow

As You Wish

I Promise

(Christy, Todd, Katie, Sierra)

Katie Weldon Series

Peculiar Treasures

On a Whim

Coming Attractions

Finally & Forever

(Katie, Eli, Christy, Todd)

Christy Miller’s Diary

(Christy, Todd)

Christy & Todd: The Married Years

Forever With You

Home of Our Hearts

One More Wish

(Christy, Todd, Katie, Sierra)

Christy & Todd: The Baby Years

Sandy Toes

Salty Kisses 

Sunset Lullaby 

Glenbrooke Series


(Teri Moreno’s love story – Terri appeared in Christy Miller Vol 2)


(Alissa Benton’s love story – Alissa appeared in Christy Miller Vol 1, 2 and in One More Wish)

Standalone Novels

Love Finds You in Sunset Beach, Hawaii

(Sierra Jensen’s love story)

Canary Island Song

(Todd’s dad’s love story)

Cottage by the Sea

(More of Sierra’s story)

Forever Friends Journal

(currently out of print)

Please know, dear Peculiar Treasures, that I pray for you each time I write a new book. You can be sure that I’m praying for you now because yes, I’m writing a new book. Page by page, prayer by prayer. I hold you in my heart.