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Thanksgiving ~ Island Style


Our extended Ohana gathered at the table in the backyard and what a joyous, peaceful time we had! Before we brought out the pumpkin pie each person stood, read the verse on the card at their place and then shared something about God’s goodness to them this past year. Uncle Bob shared a poem he’d written. This was a golden moment. When we moved into this house the first time I saw the backyard I pictured this exact image ¬†. . . ¬†twilight on Thanksgiving, candles lit, family and friends gathered at a long table, proclaiming the goodness of the Lord, content.

This was a dream fulfilled.

  • Devanir Alves Lima

    Hello, I want to congratulate you for your work, I’ve read many of his books, I liked especially the collection Cris and Ted. I am Brazilian, I’d love to have the opportunity to meet her one day, and maybe win a signed copy of his books … (but would have to be translated, because I’m not very good at English, told him to send that message to tradutosr help of google. hugs and kisses!

    Devanir Lima