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Woodlands Song


Have you been rejected? Overlooked? Not wanted?

That’s how Leah felt in the 7th Glenbrooke novel, Woodlands. She was never quite enough for anyone. Not remarkable enough to stand out from her sisters or be praised by her parents. Not enough to receive attention from the few men she was drawn to.

I found it was all too easy to tap into those feelings as I was writing Woodlands. As some of you Beautiful Readers know, I experienced rejection from a broken engagement and many rejections as a beginning writer. I wrote about those defining experiences in my non-fiction books.

Those hurts made my heart more tender and drew me closer to the One who knows everything about me and loves me unconditionally.

I remember writing Psalm 121:7-8 on a card in my early 20’s and reading it over and over like a Valentine. It was sweetly comforting to know that God was protecting my heart. He was even watching over my “going out” (or lack thereof).

The Lord will keep you from all evil;
    he will keep your life.
The Lord will keep
your going out and your coming in
    from this time forth and forevermore.

As I wrote Woodlands I prayed that the story would be an encouragement to many women who know what it’s like to feel they’re never quite enough and have lived with the deep ache of rejection. It was so enlivening to write about the way Leah took courageous steps that led to a new season – a time of singing.

I pray that same sort of new season will bloom for all you Beautiful Readers who are longing for a time of singing to come on the tangled paths through your own private woodlands.


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  • Kristina

    I love your books so much that after I finished reading the third Christy and Todd book, I ordered all the Christy Miller series for my five month old daughter to have when she’s older. There were so many parts that I related to that I wish I would’ve read all of them when I was younger. I only had the first four or five; however, they meant so much to me that I want my daughter to grow up knowing Christy Miller. I am currently rereading them all again and as I read them I am keeping a journal of things that stood out to me or that I went thru as a teen or young adult for my daughter to read. I want her to know there are still Christian friends out there and Christian guys waiting for her. I want her to know I enjoyed several of the same activities as Christy such as bonfires with my college friends singing worship songs while the guys played their guitars, going on mission trips, and being a camp counselor, erc. And I struggled with friends dating same guys as me, or ended up at parties that weren’t the greatest, and feeling left out by these Christian friends. I am now thirty, but as I am rereading these books, I realized my life was a lot like Christy’s only I was more of a tomboy like Katie. I want my daughter to find friends like I had and know there are good Christian people out there still. Thank you Robin for writing to young girls what life ia really like. I am hoping to start Glenbrooke series or sisterchicks next…reading reviews to see which I will relate to the most. Thanks for bringing out my joy for reading again!